“Defending” your driver rating if you’re not top split — pointless or not?

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    Depends what you want out of the game.

    Personally, on my main account I defend my DR(37K). I want to race against the best matched lobby for me. I only race FIA Manufacturer on my main account since that's all I'm really interested in, so I only gain DR from good finishes in those races. Right now I feel my FIA lobbies are extremely competitive for me. I typically do enough practice to know my optimal qualifying time and it typically sits somewhere in the top 6 of my FIA lobbies. So if I get a good qualifying lap I should be in the top 10. So if I keep qualifying and racing well I will "naturally" increase my DR and get in better and better lobbies until I can no longer compete and will naturally get sent back down again. So, If my best practice qualy time is in the bottom 10 of my first FIA attempt I typically only do that one race since finishing in the bottom 10 will lose me DR. Thus, I defend my DR by not continuing to attempt it since it's clear I don't have the pace for that combo.

    Since the point system doesn't really mean jack for me and doesn't at all accurately rank where I sit overall, by the end of the night I just want a good finish and increase my DR . It doesn't always happen, like last night.

    If I were to farm DR on a good daily combo, when it comes to FIA I would be put in a higher split that I "belong" and end up struggling to get in the top 10 and just wind up losing DR to end up back where I am now.

    Same goes if I just messed about and lost a bunch of DR. It's happened before, like when I switched to Renault and couldn't finish a race without spinning the GR3 off into the sunset. I lost like 10k DR that season then switched manufacturers and just kept getting podiums all season only to end up back around 35-37K DR and sort of plateau around the mid pack.

    I have a second account where I could care less about DR and I do dailies from the back and jump in with 0 practice etc.
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