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Here's my latest. . .

Local speed test (NJ):

Across the country speed test (CA)

@ExoSphere64 @fzappa . . .Now that my PS3 is wired I would have no issues to be listed as backup host for D2 👍 Hopefully the latest round of GT6 disconnects will sort themselves out in a timely manner.

Very good! I have added you to the roster!

I would also like to welcome @Rockhound18 to the Team as the D6 data specialist!!

Thank you guys for being a part of the Team!! 👍
The new F1 2014

F1 14.jpg
The F14 T is the sixtieth car built by Ferrari specifically to take part in the Formula 1 World Championship. The name comes from the combination of the current year and the introduction of the turbo-compressor in the Power Unit. Although the traditional gestation period for a new Formula 1 design is little over twelve months, this project, which goes by the internal code name 665, began life more than two years ago.
2014 is an exceptional year in the history of the sport, with a raft of rule changes that commanded an early start to allow the ground up revision of every aspect of the car’s design. To cope with the unprecedented challenge of running three car projects simultaneously during 2012, the Scuderia was fortunate to be able to call on the talents of experienced engineers to guide the project in its early stages.
Followers of the Scuderia will be able to see some of the heritage of earlier Ferrari designs in the F14 T – the obvious areas of continuity are the pull-rod front and rear suspension. However, beyond this superficial similarity there is little to connect the 2014 car to its predecessors. Externally, the car is very different to the cars of recent years: changes to the regulations to lower the chassis and nose in the interests of driver safety give the F14 T a very different appearance to the F138 and presented the designers with a real challenge to repackage the front suspension into a much lower monocoque.
The 2014 rear wing family shares nothing with the previous year owing to three rule changes requiring a much larger stroke DRS, a much smaller overall rear wing depth and removal of the beam wing, thereby requiring the main plane to be supported by central pillars. The front wing is regulated to be 75mm narrower per side in order to make it less vulnerable to collisions with other cars and with the barriers. This change, perhaps one of the less noticeable visual differences to the 2013 cars, has a profound effect on the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The front wings used since 2009 have all featured elaborate measures to encourage the wake of the front wing endplates to pass around the outside of the front tyres in order to maximize the downforce on the car. An innocent change of just 75mm to the position of the wing tip has required us to reinvent completely the front wing aerodynamics for 2014.
Although the external differences are striking, the largest areas of difference occur beneath the skin of the car. The new car has completely different cooling requirements from any of its predecessors. Engine oil and water radiators shrink in size to match the relatively smaller V6 internal combustion part of the Power Unit. However, new homes had to be found to accommodate an intercooler for the turbo-compressor system and to manage heat rejection from ERS components that are many times greater than their KERS antecedents.
Given that more cooling allows more horsepower, but more cooling also damages downforce generation it was necessary to decide very carefully on the correct level of overall cooling for the car to render the best lap time compromise between horsepower and downforce. This is one of the key areas where having both Power Unit and Chassis under one roof has been strongly to the benefit of the Scuderia. Having chosen the correct overall level of cooling to supply, packaging the resultant cooler elements and managing the correct airflow to them is something which has absorbed a very large investment of design time to ensure that the F14 T is able to retain the sharply tapered bodywork that allows efficient extraction of downforce from the design.
The braking system has been completely redesigned to adapt the car to the change in the regulations: This has involved ensuring greater capacity on the front axle, while working with Brembo to reduce the size of the hydraulic caliper at the rear to compensate for the greater braking effort that is supplied by the ERS motor. In addition, as permitted by the regulation, the F14 T will have a brake-by-wire system for the first time to allow us to optimize pedal consistency and brake balance control as the ERS braking contribution changes during the braking manoeuvre.
The 2014 Power Units produce greater peak power than their 2013 counterparts and do so at lower RPM with higher torque. Furthermore, the regulations require us to fix a choice of just 8 ratios for the season. This places very different requirements on the transmission than any of the previous generation of Formula 1 cars. The F14 T transmission has been designed with the aim of ensuring that we continue to enjoy highly efficient delivery of power through the drivetrain while producing class leading starts and high levels of reliability.
Weight and tyres
The sheer complexity of the 2014 regulations produces a layout that is significantly harder to deliver beneath the weight limit (691 kg) than in previous years. Weight control has been an important part of the project from the outset in order to deliver a car with a workable amount of ballast that will permit us to operate and develop the car through the season. Equally important will be the car’s integration with the new tyres that Pirelli is introducing this year. The ability of the F14 T to get the most out of their characteristics will be one of the cornerstones in terms of seeing if our overall efforts will deliver the hoped for results.

Chassis in carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Ferrari longitudinal gearbox
Servo controlled hydraulic limited-slip differential
Semiautomatic sequential and electronically controlled gearbox with quick shift
Number of gears 8 +Reverse
Brembo ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes (front and rear) and brake by wire rear brakes
Independent suspension, pull-rod activated torsion springs front and rear
Weight with water, lubricant and driver 691 kg
OZ Wheels (front and rear) 13”
1600 cc
Max revs
Turbo charging
Single turbo
Fuel flow
100 kg/hr max
Fuel capacity
100 kg
V6 90°
80 mm
53 mm
4 per cylinder
500 bar - direct
Units per driver
Ers System
Battery Energy (per lap)4 Mj
MGU-K power120 kW
MGU-K max revs50'000 rpm
MGU-H max revs
125'000 rpm


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We have schlong-noses (Caterham's looks like it will look an actual one), and whatever the hell Lotus has. Now we have the prolapsed anus.

I had to look that up.... thanks for the image I won't be getting out of my head anytime soon.

Don't expect to get a pass tomorrow night! ;)
If I'm not mistaken, @JLBowler, that sure looks like GT6 and triple screens.... that or I'm way past seein' double, and it is far too early in the day for that to be likely.
Caterham Seven Fireblade '02 567PP/165HP (w/oil change)
Looks like this combo will go 6 laps. D1 may knock it out in less than 10 if they all run 1:40s though.

Looks like this combo will be in Round 3 @zer05ive
Thanks for the stats! The lineup has been updated and Round 2 and Round 3 have been swapped. 👍

It was tough picking images this week. Keep the great images coming guys.


Thanks for the banners and Congrats to @Jakedog23 and @KTR5 for your featured photos. :)
Funny this break balance issue... Me, the only way I was able to fly through those chicanes and end up with a 2.14.30 was bringing it all the way down to 0 in front and 3 at the rear. It's incredible how personal driving can be and whatever suits me can be disastrous for you. I just wished I had a man cave to spend ours testing solutions to be as faster as possible, but unfortunately I have to share the living room with a wife and 2 kids. I haven't tested the Caterham yet!
The triple screen thing.... yeah schmiggy... dream on.
Looks like my schedule for tomorrow night is uncertain.
Highly unlikely for me to join the regular event, but I should be able to join the west coast group if they have a spot open.
I should be able to return to regular Sunday night action next weekend.
Sweet! An update with triple support can't be too far away!.. can it?

But for the debut of triples for GT6, you'd figure they'd use screens with thinner bezels.. :confused:

Ain't that the truth. My Mitsubishi 65" rear projection has thinner bezels that those things.
I'm using Samsungs. As I was searching for monitors The size I wanted the Samsungs had the smallest bezels which ar right at 3/8".

Race Date - Sun Jan 19 2014
Penalty Rate 64%
Banner by dabneyd
The following drivers may consider themselves winners in the current Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo 6 Replay Lottery
"Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go."
Johnny Horton, The Battle of New Orleans
The stewards beat on these replays until they went where the aforementioned rabbit wouldn't go. While not everyone was successful with every replay, enough tried and were successful that we managed to get them all viewed.​

Below are the results of the 14 incidents filed this week.

Division 2 - 2 incidents on file
  • Round 2 - Race 2 - Level 3 - 10 points halved to 5 for on-track concession. 3 weeks Probation
  • Round 2 - Race 2 - Level 2 - 6 points. 2 weeks probation

Division 5 - 6 incidents on file
  • Round 1 - Race 1 - Level 5 - 17 points. 5 weeks probation.
  • Round 1 - Race 1 - Level 2 - 6 points.
  • Round 1 - Race 1 - Level 1 - 3 points.
  • 9 points total and 3 weeks probation

Division 6 - 5 incidents on file
  • Round 1 - Race 1 - Level 2 - 6 points halved to 3 for on-track concession.
  • Round 1 - Race 1 - Level 3 - 9 points.
  • Round 3 - Race 2 - Level 3- 9 points.
  • 21 points total and 6 weeks probation

Division 7 - 1 incident on file
  • Round 1 - Race 1 - Level 1 - 2 points. 1 week probation

These results can be viewed on the SNAIL Steward Review Sheet.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thanks to Handlebar-Man, JLBowler and tezgm99 for going where the rabbits wouldn't go this week.

Don't forget to claim your $hells for completing reviews.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *​
These changes affect the final standings.
Full final results can be found here.
***If you were penalized and would like further explanation regarding the incident, PM your Division Steward and they will let you know what the stewards saw and our opinions on it.***​
I might go for the DFGT it is $131.63 and the G27 on Amazon is about double that.

I upgraded from the DFGT to the G27 about a month ago and while the DFGT is a nice wheel, the G27 is much better. It is much smoother, not as loud, the pedals are great and it also comes with a nice shifter. The value you are getting is amazing.

If you can afford a G27 then I'd say go for it. You will never need another wheel again. If not, the DFGT should be fine.
G27! G27! G27! Logitech customer support is second to none.

If that one is outside your budget, go with a DFGT.

I will echo this sentiment. I had my G27 for 18 months and it started to calibrate in the middle of races. I called Logitech and explained the problem, they asked a few questions and determined it was a hardware issue (most likely power supply) and sent out a brand new replacement wheel. I got an email with a printable pre-paid shipping label to send my wheel back to them and as soon as I dropped it off at the UPS store, they finalized my claim and sent out the replacement. I could not have asked for a better experience from any company.