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Just put me in last place for every race I enter. I’m way worse at this than I thought. It’s going to get real interesting in the next few weeks when I get my cockpit and wheel setup finished. I can’t keep it on the track with a controller.
D1 photos
2023-01-22 Race 1.jpg
2023-01-22 Race 2.jpg

Combo 1 in a nutshell for most of us except @Timlour and @dem0n25. You guys were fast AND consistent. Well done. Fun combo but very hard to drive.
2023-01-22 Race 2 (2).jpg

Well the Stratos is a rally car right ?
2023-01-22 Race 2 (3).jpg

2023-01-22 Race 2 (4).jpg
2023-01-22 Race 3.jpg

2023-01-22 Race 4.jpg
2023-01-22 Race 4 (2).jpg

Trial Mountain makes for some great shots. Favorite track of mine...until Grand Valley shows up.
2023-01-22 Race 4 (3).jpg

Close finish for first place between Tim and me. One more lap and I would have been second for sure haha.
2023-01-22 Race 5.jpg

This track was so much better with the A45 than the Daihatsu. I was getting the hang of it at the end. Surprisingly, the A45 rotates very well which helps a lot going around those long corners.


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I have read the first post and would like to join. I heard about SNAIL doing searches for GT7 leagues.

Here's your official SNAIL Welcome Post!

Thanks for your interest!
Here's what you need to know (and do) in order to join SNAIL Racing League:

We run a clean league by enforcing a strict penalty system based on the SNAIL OLR (which is a modified version of the GTP OLR). We also expect all of our drivers to know and follow The Good Racecraft Guide. Please become versed in both if you aren't already. Once that is complete, please follow the steps below to complete your entry into the league:

1. You start a conversation and add zer05ive, JLBowler, nmcp1, SAMHAIN85, llNovall & Akzl298
as participants.

The conversation title should be "Request To Join".

2. SNAIL Administrators will respond with specific instructions on what you need to accomplish to join the SNAIL [Spec] Racing.

3. Place the following links (URLs) in the favorites (or bookmarks) in your web browser for quick reference. Please make every effort to read and understand the following links. Over the years a great deal of time and effort has gone into creating this league and we would like nothing more than to have you but we ask that you take the time and effort to do your homework. 99.9% of any question you may have about SNAIL can be found in the posts below.
4. You drive fast and clean on Sunday 👍

Again, the original post has everything you need to know about what to expect on Sunday night and what you will need to have completed in order to be competitive. If you have any questions, please feel free to post your question on the thread.

During the week we run a number of different events, we encourage all SNAILs to join as many as possible.
Welcome to SNAIL


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Here are the unofficial results from our league night on January 22, 2023

Click here for this season's points standings and click a tab at the bottom for more detail.

Click here if the data linked above has already been archived and you would like to view it.

Division 1
  1. Timlour ----------- voted to eliminate Round 3 - 94 (109.25 for Prize A) SEE NOTE BELOW
  2. GTP_Worstdriver --- voted to eliminate Round 3 - 92 (102.27 for Prize C)
  3. ATX610UD13 -------- voted to eliminate Round 3
  4. RacingChamp30 ----- voted to eliminate Round 1
  5. Xrad-11 ----------- did not submit a vote
  6. Kgffty ------------ voted to eliminate Round 1
  7. Canoworms1 -------- voted to eliminate Round 1
  8. L-L-B_1993 -------- voted to eliminate Round 1
  9. Nic-KL ------------ did not submit a vote
Division 2
  1. JamCar0ne --------- voted to eliminate Round 2 - 95 (79.59 for Prize B)
  2. Flyingdisc315 ----- voted to eliminate Round 3
  3. Dragonwhisky ------ voted to eliminate Round 1
  4. Skills_19657 ------ voted to eliminate Round 1
  5. cesarr64 ---------- voted to eliminate Round 1
  6. AlabamaMayhem ----- did not submit a vote
The round that received the most elimination votes was:
Round 1 - Lancia Stratos '73 (SH) at Goodwood Full Course - C02 Early Morning (10 laps)
Therefore the entire combo has been dropped from next week's line-up. Since @Timlour wins Prize A, he gets to choose an entirely new car and track combo to replace it.
PLEASE NOTE: Since @Timlour has already won Prize A this season, he is ineligible to win it again until next season. This means that unless he loses Prize A due to incident reviews, any driver who competed in Division 1 on Sunday night will have the opportunity to suggest an entirely new car and track combo. I recommend that all D1 drivers from Sunday night start TESTING combos they would like to suggest. That way, you will be ready to post a good combo when @JLBowler gives the "all clear". It's important to mention that a good combo will not have a car that hits its rev limiter at any point during a race (even in a draft). Also, please be sure to only suggest one combo. Any driver who suggests more than one combo will automatically be ineligible to suggest any combos at all. Please don't let that happen to you. Only suggest ONE combo (but not until @Timlour is confirmed as the Prize A winner).

The round that received the second most elimination votes was:
Round 3 - AMG A 45 AMG '13 (SS) at Tokyo Expressway - South Counterclockwise - C05 Midnight (6 laps)
This means either the car or the track will be replaced for next week's line-up. Since @JamCar0ne gets Prize B, he has the option to freeze the car or the track, or he can give that option to the Prize C winner. If he gives the freeze away, then he gets to decide what car or track replaces the part of the combo that is left unfrozen by the Prize C winner.

Prize C goes to @Worst_Driver so he gets whichever option the Prize B winner does not select.

Preliminary prize winners, please don't announce your prize selection until all incident reports have been filed and it has been confirmed that you don't have any penalties. It's also recommended that you review the SNAIL combo history and other data on our car and track history so that you can get an idea how many times we've raced each car and track. Please remember that originality is always appreciated, so picking cars and tracks that we've never raced is a plus (but not required). What's more important is that you thoroughly test any combo that you are considering before making it your official selection. For example, any car you select should not hit its rev limiter at any point during a race (even in the draft).

IMPORTANT: When posting your Prize A or Prize B selection, please list the complete in-game name of the car and/or track you are selecting. For example, if you want to choose the Integra Type R as your car selection, post "Honda Integra Type R (DC2) '98". If you want to select Monza for your track, post "Autodromo Nazionale Monza". Being specific helps us to update the lineup accurately and also helps avoid any confusion among the drivers. Also, please be sure to list the HP and Weight (LBS) of any car you select. For track selections, include the time of day (e.g: 09:00 Clear) or else it will be left to default.

Car Selection Guidelines
See Section 3 of the SNAIL OLR, Policies and Guidelines.

Track Selection Guidelines
See Section 3.1 of the SNAIL OLR, Policies and Guidelines


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This week's prize winners are clear to make their selections. Good racing!

The IR Submission Form is now closed.

We have no incidents on file.

Banner by @GamingPete

@Timlour is a repeat prize A winner as mentioned so that prize will go over to a suggestion and selection process.
@JamCar0ne is a repeat prize B and C winner.
@Worst_Driver has already used prize C this season.

If @JamCar0ne chooses to pass the freeze, the drivers of D1 will vote to freeze the car or the track. If he chooses to use the freeze, the drivers of D2 will vote to freeze the car or the track.