◆ SNAIL - The Buttkicker Challenge VII starts this Sunday! AWESOME PRIZES!!

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    Are you looking for ways to increase the immersion in your sim racing experience? If so, check out SNAIL's ButtKicker Challenge VII for a chance to win your choice of a ButtKicker Gamer2 or a ButtKicker Simulation Kit!! This is NOT a contest of wins, losses, or podium finished. Instead, it's a contest of participation. :tup:

    Simply put, the more Sunday nights you race with us over the next three months, the better chance you have at winning the grand prize. If you compete in all twelve league nights from now through January (no races between Christmas and New Years), you are guaranteed to have as high of a probability of winning the grand prize as anyone - even if you finish last in every race.

    If you've never tried SNAIL, now is the perfect time to join! Check out the videos below to learn more about our league, or simply visit us at gtplanet.net/snail

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