1.06 update coming april 7th!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by danielc, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. PIP_36


    United Kingdom
    In that case, the GT series will serve you well.

    May the downforce be with you...
  2. Bo

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    I like downforce very much, hence why I like the custom wing feature.
  3. ironman44321


    Nope, I just reverted back to 1.00 and took a shelby to willow springs. TCS is forced on when you go off the track. I would have posted the replay but I don't have a capture card and exporting the replay file still won't let it play on a computer.
  4. TokoTurismo


    I hope you're right, that'll be awesome. :D

    Well yeah. :) That's why PD really needs to communicate, wish they could. :\
  5. azeeza


    Spec 2.0 includes most of the VGT cars, GT6 Vision edition, that will be awesome
  6. Grinsomat


    Hmm, what to say about this update?
    Well, first of all it is good that PD releases updates and is looking after GT6. That is a positive response.
    Is it a usefull update? Well, I think everybody has his own opinion on that. I think it would have been a nice update if there were pervious updates beforehand which solved the bugs of the game we all know, and I wont write them down now.

    So for me, this update is, well let`s say it kindly not so usefull.
    The GPS Visualizer, well I won`t use it ever in my life!

    I was looking forward to the Data Logger, but it is just so unhandy implemented into the game, I`ll never use it.
    Why, well I explain.
    I want to go to the garage, choose a car, then go to free run, do some laps. then I want to review the telemetry of those laps. Adjust the car setting, save it in the setup screen, but not overwrite the setup I got. Do some more laps, have a look at the telemetry, save another setup. Comparing the data and setups.
    But this is just not possible in GT6. You need to leave the track, you need to go to the data logger, load 1 single lap, you can only save 3 setups per car. That is just utter crap! Just a unfinished toy IMO!

    Custom rear wings? what for?
    now I can put a wing on each car which looks slighty different to the default ones, but I still can not just put a door number on each of the cars, no decals, but a custom rearwing, which I bet, but I did not test it yet, does not change anything downforce wise if I install a big one or a small one.
    Custom cars is nice, but starting with the wing? I normally don`t use the GT style wings on a street car, specially under 600PP. So pretty much useless to me!

    TC in the gravel/sand!!!! Oh come on. I am 39 years old, when I turn off TC I want it to be turned off!
    If there are people who use this for cutting, welll, let them do so, but I get totally annoyed if you do a mistake while racing on the edge and you land in the gravel pit and loos so much of time and control. Make it sticky in the gravel but turn the TC off.

    All the other features are just even more useless to me as far as I can tell.

    Still loving GT6, but I think I am more on the way back to PC SimRacing instead of this.

    GT6 The Real Driving Simulator! Where ?
    GT6 made a step forward but just not arrived in the year 2014 to me for obvious reasons!
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