2008 24 Hours of Le Mans

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    I may be wrong, but isn't the A5 a 4-door sedan? that would render it illegal to race in GT2. As for the other 2, I do see R8 more then I do the TT being developed for GT2. As for Aston Martin going LMP1, I'm not so surprised to hear that happening if its true. I'm thinking the Lola-Aston Martin may have been engine experamentation in the LMP1 class as Acura kind of did the same thing with the Andretti Green Racing and Highcroft Racing developing the ARX-01a chassis while the Fernandez Racing Did engine development in ironically a Lola.
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    The A5 is the 2-door coupe that fits in between the A4 and A6. Audi could possibly use it as a basis for a GT2 racer, but since the R8 is naturally a 911/F430 competitor, it would be much more appropriate.
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    Any sources for this or you just making it up? It sounds to me like you're dreaming that Jaguar will have an LMP1 program.
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    Ive just found the article he got it from:

    Starting from page 2, it basically tells us about the rule change with LMP1's this year, the Charouz car and then mentions how they are testing a prototype. It also mentions that it may be unlikely to happen, as Aston dont feel tied to winning Le Mans historically.

    Jaguar, on the other hand, seems to be a bit more vague. But its there nonetheless. Still a rumour, and just people at Jaguar thinking ahead a bit.
    I think we can leave it at "possible, but unlikely until proven otherwise".

    Oh, and I like the pics of dirty Aston Martins for some reason, lol.
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    The supposed GT2 project was indeed intended for the R8, wich could actually be developed for GT1 aswell, at least with next years NA V10 engine.
    The TT will race in GT4, and as such, it will most likely be seen at the Nürburgring 24 hrs.
    As for the A5, I would assume that Audi would rather wait until the RS5 (wich will probably use the same powerplant as the RS6 - a Twin Turbo V10!) comes along before they make any homologation.
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    The Charouz Aston Martin is designed and run by Aston Martin Racing, it's significantly different from a standard Lola. The new car will be an LMP1 Evo, which are similar to current LMP1's but with roadcar styling. The new car has been designed, Prodrive don't have the capability to build the chassis in-house, so that could be outsourced to someone like Lola, thereby continuing the working relationship. Charouz have apparently also ordered a second Lola so it will be intriguing to see if the factory Aston Martin LMP1 is significantly different from the current Charouz Lola.

    Jaguar personal were at Le Mans, that's were the rumours started, Tata then stated in a report they are looking to return to Le Mans.

    Initially GT2 was mentioned, but it seems LMP1 is what they are looking at after a DSC article and a few other off the record hints.

    Talk of any GT1 programs is premature as current cars are only legal for a further year or two. GT2 is more stable as any proposed changes are only minor, so the likes of the new BMW M3 GTR will have a long shelf life.
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    Actually it's a standard Lola B08/60, which is an improved version of the open-cockpit Lola B06/10. It's also nearly identical to the closed-cockpit LMP2 car, the B08/80, which is run by both Speedy-Sebah and now BK Mazda.

    Future LMP rules haven't been decided on yet, and the "roadcar styling" bit is already on its way out of the drawing boards.

    Prodrive certainly has the ability to build the cars, at most the basic tub will be built by Lola, if even that.

    No confirmation yet on the second car.
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    The entire rear is bespoke and designed by Aston Martin Racing, it has a different gearbox, brakes, and has been in the wind tunnel independent of Lola.

    Manufactuers are directly involved in forming the regulations, including Audi, Peugeot, Aston Martin and GM, Lola have also been involved. The regulations will be published in September (that's the plan at least). The entire reason for these Evo regulations being introduced is to allow manufactuers like Aston Martin and GM to produce an LMP1 with more freedom for road car styling. Gordon Murray is involved in putting the regulations together. There was a rumour before Le Mans LMP1 Evo regulations had been dumped, but this wasn't the case, the only rumoured change was current cars like the Peugeot 908 could continue as is, beyond 2010 in the unlikely event they didn't build an Evo car.

    Thats my point, they'd have to outsource the tub and carbon work, which is possibly why they have continued such a close working relationship with Lola, despite reports of a 100% Aston Martin LMP1 car.

    A new Charouz Lola Aston Martin will race at the Nurburgring this weekend. You have to assume this is a shakedown in preparation for a two car effort next season.
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