2017 IMSA WeatherTech SCC - Round 3: Long BeachSports Cars 

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The Cadillac engine is absolutely perfect for Long Beach. Add in the fact that the WTR boys have won Long Beach the past two years and it's not surprising to see them on top. Different cars will favor different tracks, no matter how much you try to balance them all.

Plus, Cadillac had more testing and development in it than the other two DPi manufactures, it's expected that they'll do very well.
Hey guys, continuing the trend from earlier races, I've just bumped this into its own thread for Long Beach talk. I figured @IforceV8's info post was an appropriate OP, let me know if there's anything I missed! 👍

I was going to use one of those famous GTP multi-quotes but I'll just leave it at this, +20kg/-70HP/-9L fuel/ and still domination by 2 teams that have no experience with P2 cars over teams that have years of running P2 and PC chassis.

GT should be awesome if Ed Brown doesnt hold everybody up.
Taxicabs running on Fox now racing in front of lots of empty aluminum, time to fire up that Opera VPN.

Stream is up.
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Ed Brown have became a hated man among the Ferrari, Ford and Vette fans.
I'm almost peeing myself seeing and hearing how well the Mazdas are running, fastest laps of the race consecutively before the caution makes me happy. :D
There have literally been as many FCCs this race than there have been ad breaks from FOX...

EDIT: Scratch that FOX just went on another break during the FCC
So the AXR car has about 5 pit lane penalties coming, question is will the rules be enforced.


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