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The back and forth scenarios and position changes is making my heart beat out of my chest. How is the 67 dropping like an anchor

Wonder if they went a little too light on fuel for that last stop and are just trying to make it or something?


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Wonder if they went a little too light on fuel for that last stop and are just trying to make it or something?

Has to be said the BMWs have been very strong in the final stint in the last few races, that might just be the case once again.


As much as I've been wanting to see the Mazdas do well, I'd hate for them to ruin things for the 54 at this point.

edit: Maybe nevermind since 54 had to get fuel anyway.
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Even if they don’t win, kudos to the 54 to be in contention with a serious Pro/Am style lineup and a seemingly inferior P2 car
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That was awesome. Massive respect to Core. Become a fan of them. Just wish IMSA would reverse that class classification.
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Well I just got back to my hotel. All of the technical difficulties you guys had with the streams, was happening at the track also. The big screen on the hill above turn 10 was a mess for the first part of the race and again occasionally throughout the race. It would be a blue screen, a half black half green screen, the picture would lock on a fixed camera position for several minutes at a time, there was one stretch we looked at a driver's in car looking back at him for close to 10 minutes. So the technical issues were coming from the track and not the various streams. They could only show what they were being fed which was crap. It will be interesting to see what the replay looks like in a few days. Hindaugh made reference at one point that they couldn't see anything either.

The Ford GT's sound a little better this year. For a little bit both Porsche RSR's were running nose to tail for several laps so it was double screams.

I had some questions but you guys answered a lot of them. I was up on top of the hill getting lunch when I heard the #55 Mazda was coming back in on 3 wheels. Wheel not properly attached on pit stop then?

What happened to the #14 Lexus? I know it went behind the wall for a bit then came back out then I no longer saw it going past.

Helluva job by the Corvette team to get the #3 back out that fast. When it came past me it looked a complete mess.

I was pulling for Katherine and the #86 but at around the 3 hour mark left you could see the #48 just reeling it in. Each time they came past the #48 was noticeably closer.

When I get home tomorrow I'll download my pictures and post a few.


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So long Continental and Fox! I won't be missing Fox at all since they really never brought much positive to IMSA once they took control of SPEED. Continental on the other hand has undeniably gone above and beyond when it comes to promotion even if their tires were never great. Hopefully Michelin can beat them in both categories.

I also think this off-season will be rather interesting for every class since it seems each one could gain or lose teams.