2019 Toyota Yaris Road Test Review: The End of an Era

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    Here in Estonia you can get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. And a 6-speed manual, Multidrive S automatic or CVT for Hybrid versions are available.

    Speaking of Hybrid versions... I never thought that I'll get a hybrid car... and here I am waiting for my Yaris Hybrid GR SPORT to arrive in December. <_<
    I know that a new generation will be presented soon, but I liked how the GR looks, has some similarities to the Aygo I have, and kinda want a tribute to the WRC car that Tänak is driving. ^_^'


    One thing I didn't like so far is the screen in the centre. It's smaller and lower than the one in the Aygo. It really shows the age of the generation.
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    It's always fascinating the slight differences across markets. That little slot in the dash on the passenger side, for instance: it's bisected here for who knows what reason. So not only is there decent tech over there, but you get a six-speed?!

    I noticed the Hybrid was seemingly the most common option of the Yaris when I was in Salzburg and Stuttgart last month. It's interesting that it isn't sold here, but I guess the relative cheapness of fuel is the reason. And, as the article mentioned, the small car market has utterly cratered here. Though I wonder if that's a self-fulfilling prophecy: if the Yaris lineup were as well-equipped and diverse here as there, would more people consider it?
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    Huh... just noticed that the slot is bisected.. weird 0_o
    And another difference is the infotainment system- we get the CD-player with a monochrome screen in the cheapest trim level.
    Also noticed that some countries didn't get the Y-shaped LED daytime running lights.
    And we don't get a 3-door version.


    The 5-speed manual gearbox comes with the 1.0l 68 hp engine.
    The 6-speed manual gearbox comes with the 1.5l 111 hp engine.
    The Multidrive S automatic gearbox comes with 1.5l 111 hp engine.
    The e-CVT gearbox comes with the 1.5l 100 hp hybrid engine.

    Right now we have these trim levels and prices:

    1.0l 5-speed Yaris Standard -.11 990 Eur

    1.5l 6-speed Yaris Standard -.13 730 Eur
    1.5l 6-speed Yaris Active 1.5l -.14 290 Eur
    1.5l 6-speed Yaris Active Plus Y20 -.16 050 Eur

    1.5l Multidrive S Yaris Active -.15 580 Eur
    1.5l Multidrive S Yaris Active Plus Y20 -.17 400 Eur
    1.5l Multidrive S Yaris Luxury -.19 470 Eur

    1.5l e-CVT Yaris Standard -.16 760 Eur
    1.5l e-CVT Yaris Active -.17 690 Eur
    1.5l e-CVT Yaris Active Plus Y20 -.19 210 Eur
    1.5l e-CVT Yaris GR SPORT -.20 350 Eur
    1.5l e-CVT Yaris Luxury -.20 980 Eur

    Just checked the Canadian website. Interesting that even the color names are different.
    And some colors look unique.

    Super White = Pure White
    Crushed Ice = Glacier Pearl
    Absolute Red = Fire Red
    Ruby Flare = Tokyo Red
    Cement Grey = Manhattan Grey
    ? = Platinum Bronze
    Magnetic Grey Metallic = Ash Grey
    Classic Silver Metallic = Ultra Silver
    Black Sand Pearl = Night Sky Black
    Blue Eclipse Metallic = Hydro Blue

    Also we have a lot more extra options for customisation, like different alloy wheels, stickers and interior colors.
    You can get some crazy combinations xD

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    French vehicles aficionados across North America will be weeping into their champagne, at least until Peugeot’s supposed return in a few years.

    The Yaris is Toyota at their most Toyota. Outdated, unchanging, but completely reliable and designed to stand the tests of time. Ancient transmissions which will probably outlive their CVT and DCT competitors by many years and a basic platform and mechanicals pretty much unchanged since 2005(!). They did a fairly good job on the interior but the exterior still just looks like a quick facelift of the ‘05 model. And once you get behind the wheel of the new one it still has the same ummm...unique driving position and feels exactly the same as the old one and feels ancient even compared to a Fiesta or Spark (of course I haven’t driven a Micra which I imagine feels similarly outdated).

    My first car was an ‘08 Yaris, followed by my beloved Scion xD which was basically a Yaris with a boxy body and a Corolla engine. I really wanted one of those original Echo hatchbacks, because they looked just like the Vitz I did the license tests with in GT2 and because they were Canadian-exclusive, but I ended up getting my first car too late.

    The main change the new Yaris made over the old one is the movement of the gauge cluster from the centre of the dash to the normal place. I actually preferred them in the centre, but then again I’m one of the rare fans of the “ipad glued to the dash” infotainment screens as well.

    The Echo hatch wasn’t so much a trailblazer because it was a subcompact hatch, it was because it was the first of the higher-effort Euro-style subcompacts sold here. We had the Metro/Firefly/Swift triplets for the decade before this which was most people’s definition of “little car”, and it evolved into the Aveo/Wave/Swift+. The Accent and Rio technically had “hatchback” body styles but the Accent was more of a liftback/notchback coupe and the Rio was a small wagon before they became true hatchbacks in 2006. Really 2006 was the year the other manufacturers joined the fold since both the Yaris’ biggest rival, the Versa and the Fit joined the scene that year.
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    The only thing I like about this car is the two tone paint, it looks nice on the Camry too.

    Since Toyota Canada seems to like you guys, try and get a 4runner trd pro next time, I am on the fence about buying one of those :)