2023 Gran Turismo World Series Starts May 13, With New Nations Cup Teams Format

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Sorry for the dumb question

Are these championship cup races requiring the PSN membership??
How come I was able to do the race two weeks ago
The 2023/24 world series season 1 round 1

But today season 1 round 2 is bouncing me out ?


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I think I am done with GTWS. I'm in GT3 lately because I don't race much anymore so my rating is C/S.
That puts me in a race with some that tanked their rating before the season and now are.A, a few B and then C.
Aggression runs rampant, perhaps because no one dares to run two slots because the second might very well crash.
So I qualified as P6, on lap 0 through CoD people brake and in order to avoid we brake but graze the wall.
From behind comes a Lamborghini flying right into the pack so everyone has damage for lap1.
On lap two I can't go as fast into the hairpin after the harbour because a car ahead is slow and taking the shallow line and that will put him slow in front of me so I lift. And the Mercedes behind me puts his nose up on my left rear quarter as we are in the turn and puts his foot down.
So I spin.
Never mind, it could be an accidental death.
Then a little later I get out of the pit on lap 11 with cold new hards. Behind me coming towards CoD is a Swiss Ferrari that apparently thinks his line is quicker and choose to dive in so we are 2 wide on first turn-in.
Naturally we both crash, and apparently that was my fault in his mind because he actively tries to wreck several times then does every turn in the defensive line and knowing his temper I stay behind.
Get passed by a Cayman on the last lap, he was obviously faster (that's why he got a 1 minute penalty for not reading) but crashed in the final chicane.
Finished P11 or something, done for the day.
Ah the CoD... the destroyer of worlds. I managed to practice over 50 laps this morning without hitting it once. Hit it twice within the race lol. Atleast you can blame someone for it, this one is all on me. Enraging none the less though.

Also for those in GT1 that still have to race: THE AERO REPAIR GLITCH IS STILL PRESENT. Someone said it wasn't a thing in GT1 but after damaging my AMG's wheels and aero, only the wheels were repaired.
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3rd times a charm…sort of!

Went again. Couldn’t leave it with the poor result I was on plus had nothing to lose anyway.


3pm UK, all DR B. Car number 12 (my number) so had a good feeling.
Quali - again 1.47.4 which put me P4!

Race - so this time I went softs at the start. Thought I might as well just see how the opening stint goes and then suffer later on. Up to P3 and then wham 3rd time again, the car behind hits me off. Luckily I stayed on the track and lost a few seconds. Cost me 2 places though. Had a good little battle with a Frenchman and fair play to him too. He lost control in the COD and he was in the middle of the road, I had no were to go and hit them. They let me through at the next corner, so fair play to that driver 👏🏻. So I managed to do 10 laps in the Silvia? Yet in all tests 9 was the max. Had a few close calls in the final few laps with the wall, but just survived

In the end I finished P6 so pretty happy with that and took home 109 points

Definitely done for today now! Onto Nurburgring 24hrs now…(skipping Nations as Im so bad in that Red Bull X19)
Was just watching TheKie's stream.....he ran an RS > RS > RH > RS strategy in his first go.

EDIT: I didn't realize this earlier but did they put different car types in each group? GT1 is Gr3 cars and GT2 is Gr4? I didn't notice that before.
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I glitched out at the qualifying screen in the 11 am CDT lobby. I'm guessing it's because I earned and didn't collect my marathon ticket while practicing. I hopefully will know for sure in about 20 minutes as I did collect that ticket.

@SPL170db - yes they did. GT1 has the Gr.3 cars, while GT2/GT3 have Gr.4 cars this round. That's also the case for at least 1 more round.
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No race for me..error CE 00313 at the start of the race (we were all in the pits, able to drive but no info/data on the screen ..that for 1 mn before crash of the game..)
Quali was erratic..black screen during 5 min..we were only 2 running..but at the end of quali we both had no times set..😂😂 and the 11 other players we didn t see running had..)
With my GT leisure time this week I decided to practice this track rather than do daily races. I wasn't familiar with the reverse layout, I think it's awful compared to the forward variant. Practice resulted in minimal improvements.

My silly choice of Ford didn't help me either. I truly suck and blow at this track.

GT2 DRB. qualified an embarrasing 14th, finished 12th. I will take what I can get.

I was lucky enough not to get a freezing lobby.
I entered the noon slot in the Americas GT2 and had Papa's House of Game in my lobby so that was neat. I had no problems with the race starting so off we go. I qualified terrible and start in P12. My strategy of fuel saving did not work at all as everyone looked like they were going full throttle all race, and I was left in the dust. I finish P11 after a crash on the front straight got me a freebie.

Is everyone just running flat out until you need fuel and then changing tires and refueling? I might have to run it again if that is the case, but I'm not a fan of doing that as this isn't a track I like to race at.

EDIT: I skimmed Papa's YouTube race and he was running flat out so that answers my question.
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That's a long old haul in GT1, and I found Dragon Trail Seaside Reverse is not my strongest track by a loooong way. I've had some very good races going the normal way, but my pace in reverse is comparatively very poor from what I saw today. I'd done a lot of practice with @Stoobert and felt relatively confident going in, but yeah, big wake up call.

I qualified P14 with a 1:38.713 in my McLaren and started on the Hards, simply hoping to survive lap 1 and then decide between two strategies on the fly depending on what happened in front of me with the goal of getting free air. If a lot of people in front were doing 1 lap on Hards, I'd take the gap they would have created and go 8H/13S/13S. If not, I'd pit for a 1H/20M/13S strategy.

The lap played out safely, although the Porsche starting P16 had begun on Softs and rocketed past me and the Renault in P15 through turn 1 and the tunnels which was a bit concerning heading up to the chicane. Thankfully, he got in front enough to slip in before it. Another McLaren who had qualified quite near the front had binned it and was a little bit of an obstacle trying to recover but nothing too serious.

It ended up being the latter strategy and it turned out that I was the only person to pit on lap 1. Give me that free air!

I stayed on my own until lap 7 where I caught up the McLaren who'd binned it who was fighting with a Supra. I'd passed some people in the pits and was running P14 again. On lap 8 they both went deep at turn 1 and I got a good run, passing the McLaren and getting slightly ahead alongside the Supra after sweeping between the two of them to go right for the racing line. Thankfully, the Supra played it smart and conceded rather than attempting to go into it 2-wide. Up to P12, then P11 at the start of lap 9 passing the pits.

Lap 10 didn't go to plan. The Porsche had just come out the pits and I ended up following him into the chicane. I didn't bleed enough speed off and slammed the left wall for some suspension and aero damage. :ouch: I was in two minds at this point - do I see how bad things are and carry on my stint as intended or jump into the pits immediately for a couple of soft stints. I ended up sticking it out and carrying the damage for another 11 laps. 🥴

Between pit strategies and some major incidents from others along the way, I was in P8 when I finally pit to get rid of the dying Mediums and beg the pit crew to hammer my car back to normal. Add me to the list of people with frustrations about the damage not repairing correctly as I came out with my front bumper still damaged. I'm quite enjoying the heavy damage threat due to how it's making a lot of people calm down and race smart, but that really needs fixing.

I emerged in P10 and then just pushed to the end. On the way I lost a position to a Genesis but then gained it back a bit later after he binned it through sector 2. I gained a position passing a BMW who went into the pits and took another from another McLaren I'd been slowly gaining on after I got a much better run out of the last chicane down towards turn 1.

End result, P8 and 178 points. I'm not going to go again because I doubt I'll get much more even if it all goes perfect. The winner did a 56:56. My absolute best full race time practicing on my own or in a 2-player lobby with Stoobert was 57:40. That would have barely been good enough for P4 in this lobby, but there's no way I'd manage that starting in the middle or back of the pack and potentially fighting the whole way.

Question. If you only race against 4 other cars I would guess the points awarded reflects this?
The points awarded are calculated when the lobby is matched, not from the start of the race. If 12 people leave or disconnect before it starts, the worst you can come away with is the points that P4 would have given if the lobby stayed full. I've had it happen to me before where the game glitched for a full 40 minutes between warm-up and quali, and when it eventually came back there were only 3 people left. I finished P3 and got all the points for it.
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EMEA GT1, Slot 1:
Jumped into this first slot with no race run practice, and just a dozen time trial laps, of which only a handful didn't contain a death at the chicane 😅.

Nevertheless I went in with my eye on a 2 stop, as I suck at tyre conservation. But also felt track position at DTS was key. Ultimately it didn't matter as what followed was probably one of my worst race performing a long time.

My one clean qualifying lap was sloppy with a 1:39.9 putting me 15th. So I started on Hards, but any strategy calls were irrelevant. As I ended up crashing at least 5 times, and was at times 3s+ off the pace. Finished 11th out of 12 finishers 1 lap down, with 4 people quitting. Was quite disheartening to be honest :confused:.

Slot 2:
Nearly didn't bother again after the torrid performance in slot 1, but I thought it could only get better.

Qualifying was a little better, with a 38.8 putting me 11th. Again started on Hards, and this time managed to keep my nose relatively clean for the whole race. Went for a 2 stop with 13H/11S/11S, couldn't make the Softs last any longer.

Made a couple of smaller errors, the biggest of which costing me 9th with 2 laps to go, so 10th I was come the finish. Realistically the best I could do.

Roll on Nurburgring. Wouldn't usually enjoy a normal Nurb race, but given its a proper endurance, weather changeability is bound to be a factor 🤞.
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Question. If you only race against 4 other cars I would guess the points awarded reflects this?
If you had a full lobby and then drivers dropped out due to the server glitch then you should win the points of that server. I saw on twitter or X or whatever it is, one person in GT1 stayed the course of the glitch and was the only driver left. They won 150+ points.
GT2 10:00am PST slot.

Great race minus one big mistake. #9 car in the AMG. Qualified on pole with the top 3 within a couple hundredths. Got clear of the field on softs by about 2 seconds by lap 9 and pit for fuel. The fuel burn isn’t great in the Merc, but the whole field of soft runners pitted behind me, which surprised me a bit based on some of the practice lobbies I’d done.

Leaving the pits the 2nd place Cayman clearly needed less gas as he was right on my bumper into T1, passing me after the CoD. I was really struggling on the hards, so I decided to settle into 2nd and see if he’d make a mistake, having a 10 second gap to 3rd. Unfortunately that only works if you don’t screw up yourself, which I of course did in the CoD. Big spin but landed facing the right way and held second but with 3rd and 4th right there.

The last 4 laps were a fantastic battle between the 3 of us, clean all the way, swapping spots, all the way back to 4th before finally finishing in 3rd.

Unfortunate to blow it in the Chicane, but great race nonetheless (likely only lost one place anyway) and I’ll take 85 points on the podium with a pole as a good result for me.
I had 2 runs already, first 13th place, second, had to pit twice since I clicked on the soft tires when I should have clicked hard tires... 🤦‍♂️ went from 5th to 10th... thought I would try again now, with right tire change, but now my screen is black instead of quali...


Got picture now! But just the camera showing the track... :lol:


20:16 Still showing off the track, I'm not leaving until the game get it's s... together or I'm kicked out..
(20:19 Punishment for not being happy about the 10h place I reckon... 😂 now I'm going from 26 points to 0 points... 😥)
20:32 still no progress... :banghead:


20:51 I gave up and are 😡
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My full noon slot went off without any glitches. Of course, a pair of drivers on RS sandbagged their qualifiers, which didn't help my RH-first strategy. Fortunately, a pair of drivers also forgot to put RH tires on, another couple didn't realize they could use tires other than RH, and one went with RM as his alternate. Long story short, I qualified 13th, finished 8th on-track, and 6th after the post-race penalties.
Well I did manage to get home in time for the final 7pm slot and thankfully, as with the earlier slot this morning, I had no server issues or problems getting into qualifying.

I didn't take into account that the slots will get faster overall through the day but saying that I still managed 4th on the grid despite losing a second attempt to the CoD.

Put in exactly the race I wanted which was 15 solid laps with no mistakes, pitting when the fuel was empty and not trying to be too clever with that part of it. It gave me a solid run in space in 2nd for the whole race once it had settled down but alas 1st was 3-5 seconds ahead of me for the whole thing. Slight wobbles but never anything serious enough to get me on his back and that's fair enough, congratulations in the chat afterwards, a very good drive from him.

Weirdly enough, 3rd, 4th AND 5th all got 1 minute penalties which did explain how they were closing on me in the second part of the race even though I'd been gently pulling away from them in the first. Even illegally on softs though none of them were able to put me under any pressure.

Sad for those who had a shockingly bad experience with this, total joke from PD's side. If ever a company did not deserve the loyalty of the audience it has, it's this shower of shenanigans for sure. Chin up all :cheers:


I ran the first GT2 slot of the Americas this morning at 11EDT, driving for Peugeot. No server issues.

Qualified at Q1, almost a full second better than the next closest racer. All I had to do, I told myself, was run my race and it would be mine.

So what did I do? Slammed it into the wall at the Chicane of Death on the first time through, of course. I lost a couple positions right away and sustained more damage in some scuffles in the turn that starts section 2.

I held on to P3 as the race went on. My strategy was 11s/4h, with light short shifting while on the softs to stretch them out that long. I stuck to the plan and was able to keep pace with the P1 and P2 cars despite the short shifting.

The P2 car mysteriously drove off the track in the straight in section 2 before the esses, letting me move into P2. But it didn't last long. The car behind me caught up and made a clean pass, leaving me again in P3.

At the end of lap 8, P2 went for a pit. One lap later, P1 did, leaving me in the lead with clean air and two more laps of fuel to run on the soft tires. Sadly, they weren't my best laps. I didn't crash, but I was flubbing a lot of corners.

I pitted at the end of lap 11, as planned. Didn't know what to expect when I came out.

Turns out I'd built up a 6s lead while running the soft tires. Still in P1.

The rest was just driving out the laps. I ended up extending the lead to 10s by the end.

It was a fun clean race. Glad I ran it.
I decided to run one more time and joined the 3pm (EST) lobby and thanks to my terrible qualifying I was dead last, shotgun on the field in P16. I started on the soft tires and thanks to a quick test beforehand, I could go 9 laps before pitting. Lap 1 has some chaos in the CoD and I make some contact but not enough to slow me down. I saw a driver dump another in the left hand turn after the esses. Lap 2 has more chaos in the CoD and again, some contact, but I keep going. Eventually I find myself in P6, 5 seconds behind P5 and 5 seconds ahead of P7. So, I ran most of the race alone. I do catch up to P5, but I'm not making a pass in the lead up to the CoD, that's just stupid.

I make my pit and I was all over the palce as cold hard tires don't work too well at speed. I almost spin a few times as I "dirt tracked" a few corners but kept my momentum going. On the final lap I'm in P5, I have an 8 second gap to P6 and just need to bring it home. I almost blow it in the final corner, but I get goint to secure P5 and 91 points.

I don't know why I thought I had to fuel save like I did in the first race. I misread something at some point and went with it. I'm obviously very pleased with my result and I'm not doing any more of this race. Twice is enough.
Question. If you only race against 4 other cars I would guess the points awarded reflects this?
If somehow your lobby only has 5 cars to begin with (highly unlikely), then I guess it would. But if it originally had the normal amount of cars and they quit/got kicked, then, you'll get the benefit of finishing "high up".
I ran two races yesterday, I came logged in this morning and I didn’t get any points totalled. I’m in Australia. Has this happened to anyone else?
Sorry for the dumb question.

I completed two races yesterday, finished 11th and 2nd . I logged in this morning and noticed that for round 2 it’s telling me I got no points. Has this happened to anyone? I’m in Australia for reference.
Sorry for the dumb question.

I completed two races yesterday, finished 11th and 2nd . I logged in this morning and noticed that for round 2 it’s telling me I got no points. Has this happened to anyone? I’m in Australia for reference.
Points will be tallied when all the slots are finished - check back later on.
NA 1st slot GT1 it counted down to start qualifying and then is just showing the rotating track pictures.
Have friends in 4 other lobbies right now and all of us are dead in the water with no qualifying and no race so far.

Will wait a couple of hours and see if I chance the same thing happens again.

Update: my race started with 8 people left 38 minutes after it froze up before qualifying.
Don’t jump out if it hangs.
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