32" curved screen with PS4/5 and GTS/7?

I am rebuilding my sim rig to go back to PS4+GTS (and PS5+GT7 when it is released) from the PC setup I have at the moment. Next thing to change to is the screen. I currently use 3x27" and I know that is not an option.

So, Im currently looking at what to buy.

The monitor will be placed right behind my wheelbase, about 30-35" from my face. At the moment Im looking at at 32" curved monitor like the Samsung LU32R590CWUXEN https://www.samsung.com/se/monitors/ur59c/LU32R590CWUXEN/

Does anyone here have some simple thoughts about this? I would be very greatful for some feedback from people here that knows more about this stuff than I do.
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United Kingdom
I think that 32" is going to feel very small after having triples previously. Have you thought about a large TV instead - perhaps 50 or 55"
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There is much info on GT Planet threads. Please have a look at my response here. Ok, it’s the flip side of your question but there is still much to glean from it.
One person’s specific comments will be met with skepticism but when you see the same comment repeatedly, you can begin to accept the idea. Good luck!
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