5th Annual IRS 4 Hours of Le Mans. Results posted, congrats to all class winners!

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5th Annual 4 Hours of Le Mans
Registration Closes: Saturday August 7th at 6:00pm Eastern
Qualifying Session: Saturday August 7th at 9:00pm Eastern
Race: Saturday August 14th at 8:00pm Eastern

  • Using the stock livery is prohibited.
  • Any livery that contains foul language, pornographic material, and/or political themes is not allowed.
  • Number plates are required on the hood and sides of the cars.
  • Cars must have their numbers visible on the hood and sides of the car.
  • IRS logos/decals are required to be placed near all number plates
  • Class Identifiers are to be placed in proximity to the number plates.
  • LMP1 Cars must have a Hybrid Identifier.
  • Drivers are free to design custom numbers for the number plates.
  • All cars will be running Michelin Tires.
  • Michelin Logos are mandatory near the front wheel wells and optional near the rear wheel wells.
  • Driver names are required.
  • LMPs will run clear headlights and GTEs will run yellow headlights.
  • Every driver is expected to adhere to the gtplanet forums code of conduct.
  • Public verbal attacks against any IRS member, whether thru the forums, in-game lobbies, or voice chats is strictly prohibited.
  • During races, use of the in-game chat for any reason besides communicating with race officials is strictly prohibited.
  • IRS reserves the right to punish any of its members should they exhibit disruptive, offensive behavior that ruins the experience of others.
  • Clean, fair racing is always expected from all drivers.
  • Contact between cars is permitted so long as contact does not result in another car going off track, damage to another car, or any outcome where contact is deemed excessive.
  • When defending track position, drivers are only allowed to make one move in defense. Excessive defending constitutes to illegal blocking.
  • Overtakes are expected to be done fairly and cleanly. Overtaking drivers are expected to use their better judgment to ascertain whether they have gained control of the racing line.
  • If contact is made that results in another car going off-track, the offending car is expected to surrender track position to the other car involved in the incident as soon as possible.
  • A car rejoining the track after going off-track must rejoin the track in a safe manner. Approaching cars will have the right of way over cars that are rejoining.
  • Heavily damaged cars are expected to stay off the racing line until they get back to the pits for repairs (for Heavy damage settings), or until the auto-repair completes (for Light damage settings). Cars coming around heavily damaged cars are expected to safely get around these cars.
  • Lapped cars are expected to give way to faster cars at the soonest possible opportunity and are not allowed to interfere with any on-track battles between faster cars. It is the responsibility of lapped cars to be aware of faster traffic coming through. Lapped cars deemed to have impeded faster traffic will be penalized.
  • Driving backwards on track is always strictly prohibited and results in an immediate disqualification and possible suspension from the series and/or the organization.
  • All cars are expected to be moving forward on track unless recovering from an incident.
  • Bump drafting is permitted on all tracks within reasonable circumstances.
  • Intentional or payback actions will be harshly penalized.
  • At least two tires must always be kept within track limits.
  • Generally, track limits are represented by either the white lines or the kerbs wherever present on track. However, these rules may be adjusted depending on the track and in doing so will be properly specified by the series organizer.
  • A car with two tires on the defined track limits is already considered having two tires off-track.
  • If a car gains an advantage by going over track limits, drivers are expected to reduce speed just enough to negate any potential advantage gained. Repeated instances of gaining an advantage by exceeding track limits results in a penalty.
  • Any overtake done by exceeding track limits is considered an illegal overtake and any offending are cars expected to immediately return the position(s) gained. The only exception to this rule is when the overtake is performed in avoidance of an accident that occurred ahead.
  • Crossing the white lines at pit entry and/or pit exit results in a penalty.
The following is a list of actions, which could incur a penalty. All observed occurrences will be reviewed and penalties will be awarded accordingly. Penalties for similar issues may vary in severity due to the severity of the incident and how it effected the outcome of the race.
  • Causing a collision
  • Illegal blocking
  • Illegal overtake
  • Unsafe rejoin on track
  • Impeding faster traffic
  • Gaining advantage by exceeding track limits
  • Crossing Pit Entry line
  • Crossing Pit Exit line
  • Poor Driving Standards*
  • Unsportsmanlike Behavior*
*Penalties for Poor Driving Standards and Unsportsmanlike Behavior are at the discretion of IRS officials, and can range between several race suspensions or outright ban from the series and/or the organization.
  • Practice (30 min): 7:30pm Eastern Time to 8:00pm Eastern Time
  • Pre-Race Announcements: Immediately after Practice.
    • Race format/procedure.
    • Pitting Rules.
    • Other important announcements.
  • Race (4 Hours): 8:00pm Eastern Time to 12:00am Eastern Time
  • Race will be held in 2 seperate lobbies, the hosts are as follows.
  • The race will begin under a formation lap with a maximum speed of 120mph (193kph) up until the Porsche Curves (Virage Porsche). The field must remain single file before the Ford Chicanes (Virage Ford), with adequate space given to cars in front and behind to avoid any incidents.
  • Once the field reaches the Porsche Curves, the field must slow the pace speed down to a steady 50mph (80kph). The overall leader will pick their preferred start side when coming out of the Ford Chicanes, with the rest of the field doubling up accordingly.
  • Start zone will be from the secondary start/finish line to the gantry right after it. The race starts as soon as the leader accelerates from anywhere within the start zone.
  • Qualifying will be held in a separate lobby before the race for approximately 2 hours.
  • Multiple sessions will be taking place.
  • All qualifying sessions will be a 30 minute practice session.
  • Time Limit: 30 Min.
  • Tire Wear and Fuel Use will be off.
  • After qualifying proceed past turn 1 and stop on track, so I can record lap times.
  • All drivers are allowed 2 attempts at qualifying.
  • Disclaimer: If for some reason you cannot make the qualifying session, please let us know ahead of time, so we can schedule a private session.
  • No drivers will be allowed to qualify after the public qualifying session is complete, unless they have a scheduled private session.
  • Drivers who do not qualify will start from pit lane.
Track Time: 15:00
Lap Counts:
  • Lobby 1: 72 Laps
  • Lobby 2: 68 Laps
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Grid Order: Set by Host
  • Boost: None
  • Slipstream Strength: Real
  • Visible Damage: Off
  • Mechanical Damage: Heavy
  • Tire Wear: x2 (Off for Qualifying)
  • Fuel Consumption: x2 (Off for Qualifying)
  • Initial Fuel: Default
  • Grip Reduction: Real
  • Race Finish Delay: 180 sec
  • Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier: Default
  • Filter by Category: --
  • Balance of Performance: Off
  • Power Limit: No Limit
  • Weight Limit: No Limit
  • Maximum Tire Rating: Racing Medium
  • Minimum Tire Rating: Racing Medium
  • Livery Restrictions: No Limit
  • Racing Number Type: No Limit
  • Assign Car Numbers Automatically: None
  • Tuning: No Limit
  • Kart Usage: Off
  • Ghosting During Race: None
  • Shortcut Penalty: None
  • Wall Collision Penalty: None
  • Side Contact Penalty: Off
  • Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off
  • Replace Car at Course Out: Off
  • Flag Rules: On
  • Ghost-Lapped Cars: Off
  • Countersteering Assist: Prohibited
  • ASM: Prohibited
  • Driving Line: No Limit
  • Traction Control: No Limit
  • ABS: No Limit
  • Auto-Drive: Prohibited
  • You do not have to have a teammate to participate in this race.
  • Just fill out the form and I will update.
  • No more than 3 drivers per team.
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Just signed up. Got some work to do to get ready for qualifying. Definitely gonna be the longest race I’ve ever attempted.
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Just noticed there is now a slot in GTE. Could I switch to GTE from LMP2 please. Car would be Corvette.

EDIT. Thanks

EDIT 2: Withdrawn as per discord message. Sorry if I have wasted anyone’s time.
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Hey everyone, sorry in the delay in posting this info. Been busy with work the last couple of days.

So Qualifying will be held this Saturday evening (Tomorrow). Have a schedule planned out that way everyone should be able to get at least 1, max 2 attempts in the allotted 2 hour time slot. The schedule for Saturday will go as follows. All times are Evening Eastern Standard Time.

8:45 - Lobby opens (no cars on track at this time but can be in pit lane)
9:00 - Green Flag - Q1 Session - LMP1/LMP2
9:30 - Checkered Flag - Q1 Session - LMP1/LMP2
9:40 - Green Flag - Q2 Session - GTE
10:10 - Checkered Flag - Q2 Session - GTE
10:20 - Green Flag - Q3 Session - LMP1/LMP2
10:50 - Checkered Flag - Q3 Session - LMP1/LMP2
11:00 - Green Flag - Q4 Session - GTE
11:30 - Checkered Flag - Q4 Session - GTE
11:40 - Lobby Closes

All Q sessions will be held at 11:00 Track Time in game. If you cant make the the official sessions and have signed up to race before the Saturday 6:00pm EST deadline for registration, you can message me to schedule a 15 minute "Hardship" Qualifying session to set a time for the event. Hardship sessions will be held at the same track time of 11:00 in game.

See everyone tomorrow night.
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Qualifying Results have been added Post 2, congrats to @StigsTC, @Eh Team and @GTP_Bambi on Pole Position in you respective classes. Tonight's Lobby assignments are posted below. @Herimopp89 will host Lobby A, I will host Lobby B. Look forward to racing with ya'll tonight.



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Attached is my onboard video from the race this past weekend. Thank you @damonc84 and @aceboy127 for getting this event to happen this year despite everything else going on in your lives. After having to miss out last year due to my own time constraints I was very happy to be able to compete this time around.