787b Stealth Model

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  1. wigs2009


    Can anybody help me to tune up the suspension of this beast ???
    I entered into the Gran Turismo Allstars and i just cant hold onto this monster in the corners......... Any help would be much appreciated :indiff:
  2. I would also love for anyone to help me tame this beast. On high speed tracks it's no problem, just stay above 1st/2nd gears and we get along fine.

    But for anything that requires precision, low speed cornering, the 787 bites and bites hard.

    Does anyone know how to tune this awesome car? thanks
  3. have you had any luck in adjusting the LSD?
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  4. Well, no tuners? Anyway, as much as I hate to do it, I turned on Traction Control to 5 for the 787B - all problems solved.

    Car is still incredibly quick, and can now be controlled in low speed cornering. Might help anyone trying to get this baby tamed.
  5. vett'e


    In my opinion, driver aids distill the essence of car control. So instead you should feather the throttle as opposed to relying on the computers to do that for you. If you find the 787B as much a monster to drive, then similar cars like the R10 and Courage will give yous similar problems.

  6. freshseth83


    i usually increase downforce or spread the gearing out, if not, use a higher gear in the corner, instead of slowing down and dropping a gear or two, drop one or stay in the higher gear, like 3rd instead of 2nd. I try to 'coast' through turns without having to break much. Momentum is the best thing.
  7. Yes, I've got down-force maxed and a nice wide spread on the gears, maxing out at a top speed of 380km.

    I just don't know that much about tuning to refine the low gear traction and control. Until then, I think I'll run with the TCS on (for this car alone!)
  8. freshseth83


    The 787B has a good amount of power, and it weighs around 700-800kilos, you're going to get a lot of wheelspin! You have to modulate the throttle the best you can!
  9. Dynamite_Dave

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    Other than tuning the car i found that being subtle and gradual when accelerating out of coming corners helped alot :)
  10. cleanme


    I tried some of the tunes and your best bet is to try a tune then play around with toe and camber to help braking and the LSD for acceleration. I find a constant feathering in long sweepers works well and coasting in tight radius works best. I brake late, coast, point straight and then get on the go go juice early.
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