A and B-spec Grinding/ Starting Lvl 17-40 / Experience, Credits Gained Per Minute

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  1. Ok so everyone Is doing it......Grinding.....and no not the kind that happens at a strip club or skate park, playing the same races over and over again to gain money and XP. So I want to know what your grinding away on in the Extreme series. But better yet it would be nice to know Time totals, How much money was made from each and how much experience can be gained by doing the race. If we compile a good list it will help others(not us cuz we've already grinded and got through it and man I am low on 1's ;) ). It will help people make better use of there time by being able to multiply how many points they'll be making per minute basically.


    The link below got sent to me, its a list of A and B spec Credits and Experience gained per minute (starting at level 17). It takes you off site.

    American Championship

    Indy Speedway

    Credits: 54,00
    Experience: 1,1697

    Credits per minute: 3,176
    Experience per minute: 688

    Laguna Seca

    Credits: 54,000
    Experience: 12,382

    Credits per minute: 3,522
    experience per minute: 807

    (Provided by rocket99)

    Lvl 24 / Dream Car Championship

    Time: 1:47
    Credits: 319,500
    Experience: 81,394

    Experience per minute: 761
    Credits per minute: 2,986

    Endurance Series

    Lvl 25 / Grand Valley 300KM

    Time: 2:15
    Credits: 27,300
    Experience: 68,580

    Credits Per minute: 204
    Experience Per minute:512

    Lvl 26 / Roadster Four Hour Endurance

    Time: 4 hours
    Credits: 32,200
    Experience: 121,577

    Credits per minute: 134
    Experience per minute: 507

    Lvl 27 / Laguna Seca 200

    Time: 2:32:14
    Credits: 38,000
    Experience: 95,961

    Credits per minute: 250
    Experience per minute: 631

    The rest of these I used GaothMaclachlan's guide with times to multiply it out

    Lvl 28 / Indianapolis 500 miles-200 laps

    Estimated time: 2:30
    Experience: 157,762

    Experience per minute: 1052

    Lvl 30 / Suzuka 1000Km-172 laps

    Estimated Time: 6:30
    Experience: 354,561

    Experience per minute: 909

    Lvl 32 / Nurburgring 4H

    Estimated Time: fixed to 4 Hours
    Experience: 290,919

    Experience per minute: 1213

    Lvl 33 / Tsukuba 9H

    Estimated time: Fixed 9 Hours
    Experience: 661,144

    Experience per minute: 1224

    Lvl 35 / Le mans 24H

    Estimated Time: 24 Hours
    Experience: 2,241,184

    Experience per minute: 1556

    Lvl 40 / Nurburgring 24H

    Estimated Time: 24 Hours
    Experience: ?

    Experience per minute: ?

    So what this means is that it is best to run the Dream Car Championship until you reach level 28, than its best to run the events that match your level.
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  2. Endurance Series / Lvl 25 / Grand Valley 300KM

    So that comes out to 204 Credits and 512 experience per minute.

    Better idea to go back and do Dream Car instead of this race.
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  3. Endurance Series / Lvl 26 / Roadster Four Hour Endurance

    32,200 Credits and 121,577 Experience and It just runs for four hours.

    So that is 134 Credits and 507 Experience per minute.

    Still better to go back and keep running Dream Car Championship.
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  4. Endurance Series / Lvl 27 / Laguna Seca 200


    So that is 250 Credits and 631 Experience per minute.

    Still better to go back and do Dream Car Championship
  5. Endurance Series / Lvl 28 / Indy 500

    2:40:00...44,000(can't remember exactlt)...(195k I think)
  6. fitftw


    ok but what about the people stuck at level 18-20 who have to grind the same Japan and PD championships away 5 or 6 times to gain a level?
  7. please keep in mind though it is much easier to run endurance races at night or at work because 2-4 hours a pop instead of a 30 min race before you HAVE to hit something...

    Edit: i guess what I'm saying with grinding B-spec is many times it is better to look at it as a "per race" exp/min vs a "per event"
  8. Yeah I though about that, and if you work than its best to just run a long 4 hour race or even longer. But if you have the time the most efficient use of your time is to run the other races that require you loading the next race in the series.
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  9. strela

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    One more thing... while doing the endurance races you can train up to 4 pilots at one time.. that also saves you a lot of time. :)
  10. yep... I wasnt stating it for you to change anything... just saying that typically with B-spec people let the PS3 run for a long duration without wanting to touch it...

    i'm just kind of pissed i cant watch a blu-ray while i grind! haha ive gotten like 10 new ones since i got GT5 and haven't got a chance to watch one!

    Damn Game... haha

    the post above is true also... this could help in the other events (a lvl 30 driver should be much better than a lvl 25)... actually the first endurance race is all ive done so far but the furai smashs the other cars (even with some low level drivers)
  11. If you need more credits than XP keep doing the Polyphony Digital Cup 20-22 mins = 196,010 Credits 12306 XP

  12. See I just sit here and have a timer going on my comp. I know how long the races are that I'm repeating and I'll just start a race set a time and leave, until the timer goes off and rinse and repeat.

    I use my Minolta and its a dream I put a level zero driver in the Dream Car Championship level 24 and he won no problem immediately ranked up to an 11 I think.
  13. Its best to run Dream Car Championship until you get to level 28 than its best to run the events that go with your level.
  14. strela

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    hmm.... I wonder how is your lv4 Bob driving a furai when totaly blind for 10 laps :p
  15. lvl 4?

    i have a lvl 26 lvl 24 lvl 20 and lvl 17 now...
  16. after reading this, I suppose every night I could leave Bob on tsukuba endurance before I sleep and save/switch off when I go off to work. Seems like a good idea...lol :D
  17. You are better off doing the American Championship, INDY 98000 credits and 4440 XP for 3-4 mins
  18. Stotty

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    The problem with the US Indy event is you need to be there to keep re-starting... much better to have an event you can start before you go to bed and then re-start again before you go to work (or school)... I've managing to run 4 MX5 enduros over the last 24 hours and I wouldn't have been able to run 28 Indy races during the same time.

    And the calculation for Le Mans is wrong... it's 1556 points per minute, not 15563 - 2,241,184/(24*60) = 1556
  19. Rossticles

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    Not for B-Spec
  20. I need to go back and do that one and see what is worth a minute for B-Spec, I was just already past that when I got the idea for this. If someone can keep track of there time and XP and Credits and post it here for that race that would help. (I did mine in the 2J maxed out turbo I think thats the fastest car for the race and would give the most accurate points per minute)
  21. rocket99


    I also ran that race with a 2J. These were my numbers.

    American Championship
    Indy speedway
    54,000 11697 17:14 2J Race car (3176c/min : 688x/min)
    Laguna Seca
    54,000 12382 15:21 2J Race car (3522c/min : 807x/min)

    Pretty decent but not as good as Dream Car. The money may look attractive but running American Championship in A-Spec can bag 1 million in 45 minutes, in B-spec that would take at least 6 hours.
  22. So these are the B spec numbers?
  23. rocket99


    Yes they are.
  24. Thank you
  25. Yes sorry havent got to it in B spec yet and got confused, brilliant in A spec though
  26. Hmm from level 35-36 takes 2.8M exp. The 24HR Le Mans race gave me 2.3M exp (with X1). Obviously to get to level 40 with the least interaction would be to throw Bob into Le Mans for a week straight, but that totally blows. If the power even glitches or spikes, the ps3 will turn off (happened on my first go at the 24HR race about 14HR into it). There's more to lose when something unpredictable happens. You also can't give the ps3 a break in this process or even play on it. I just looked at the exp charts and noticed the exp per min calculation for the Le Mans race is wrong. Also looking at the chart, I thought to myself that maybe the Indy 500 with the X1 will be better (since it will do it in less than 2.5 hours). It will probably net the same amount (or close to) with the benefit of being able to save progress every 2hrs and even getting to play the ps3 if wanted.

  27. Yes Indy would be faster with an X1 but I did all the races with same car (where it was allowed) so the stats would be equal yes you would get a better average per minute than I did but the average through all the races would be the same even if the numbers dont match exactly.

    Your right on the Le Mans bein wrong I left a Decimal point number in there without the decimal point, woops will fix nice eye.

    With choosing between doing a Chamionship and an Endurance race I think it all comes down wether or not you want to sit and push the buttons in between races or not. Like if your going to be sittin around doin nothing the regular races are much more beneficial because you make loads more Credits, the endurance races are nice because you can make alot of XP without really doing much even though the Credit rewards are much lower.
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  28. Sidstyler


    Not doing the endurance races requires baby sitting for menus, and loading times. The enduros should equalise the difference, at least enough for it not to be a huge difference.

    Preference I suppose. work/wait for great results, barely work/don't wait for decent results.
  29. doctorandrew

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    What's faster a minolta or 2j? Which is better to grind b-spec with?
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