A Drifter, looking for active team (my drifting VDO attached)

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Due to the fact that i'm bored drifting with random mates, and I'd like to find some good active group of people who dedicated to drifting, like to share things about cars and socialize, I don't care much about skill as long as we can be drifting together and share some stuffs together. So here I am, making a first thread here, looking for active good drifting team or group or it could be even a lone drifter. I find myself drifting well alone, but there's something missing, Yes, community, I don't usually tandem with anyone, only drift around the track with random dudes, and I realized that doesn't improve my skill as much as i drift with someone, or do some train drift without mistake. And I'd like to find the last jigsaw if my drifting online life:D

As for people who questioned about my skill, I suggest you to take a look at my VDO first, and judge yourself whether to invite me or not, and i will accept invitation according to the timezone

First take a look at my draft profile
PSN: PeArc_Da_Bangkok
Timezone: +7 GMT Bangkok
Gear: Logitech G25 H pattern shift
Cars: Silvia s15 435HP, Genki hyper's s15 574HP, Run with Comfort Hard to Comfort Medium
Language: Thai/English
Time playing: 7.00PM - 0.00 AM +7 GMT

And then take a look at my drifting VDO

Not only on PSN you can contact me, but also on BlackBerry and iPhone Whatsapp :tup:that you can call me out for drifting as well

BB Pin: 21A49098
Whatsapp: Please add EXACTLY like this, +66815837037

Thank you and looking forward to be drifting with you guys :P :crazy:


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Xbox?? Ewwwwwwww......
We have the >free agent thread< for a reason, next time read the FAQ or use the search button before posting something like this. 👍 Good luck with your search.
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Come check out the evergreen drift chat on xat.com. most team leaders and members come chill and chat there before joining going into a room to drift. So its a good idea to come join the chat and get to know a few people and get noticed.

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