A trip down memory lane.

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I dont find any of that at all to actually be true. While the ai isn't as dynamic, they definitely seem lighter when you make contact. When is the last time you played? Today?
I play it frequently along with GT3 and NFSU2 ( and NFSunbound ) because my autistic cousin refuses to play or watch me play anything else. We bought him a PS5 with unbound and he liked it but went right back to underground 2 on his raggedy ass ps2 . I think the last time I played was exactly two weeks ago. I still think the rally physics in GT3 were the best in the entire series too, so kill me.
Same with all these nostalgic threads. I miss the FPV and Holden cars. The all wheels purchasable and usable on each car. Tuning Car Grand Prix(Qualifying, Apricot Hill and trying to beat that dang Opera S2000). The Amuse S2000 R1 Titan. Spoon S2000 Race Car, Spoon Fit, Spoon S2000. Micra race car, Polo and Lupo race cars. All the kei cars. DTM(as much as could be DTM). WTCC 320i. 120D. All the tracks. Practice Mode at the Nordschliefe with AI cars on track. BMW Motorsport manufacturer race at El Capitan. Using my tuned CL7 Accord Euro R at Motegi 8hour endurance race.

GT4 IS something special.