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    This is where you can find links and details (including the occasional video) of some of the tracks I have made using the TPE so far. It's called the Circuit Circus mainly due to the fact that the tracks vary quite a bit in style and concept.
    You will find some completely original tracks, some real-life replicas, some novelty tracks and even a track or two based on real-world locations.


    Poddington Park GP/F 80's
    Concept: Original Circuit (set in a fictional universe)
    Theme: Eifel
    Length: 4.60 miles
    Built for: Formula Fun
    Description: Welcome to the much adored Poddington Park, affectionately known as 'Der Schnell Arena', owing to its exhilarating, high-speed nature. Built in the early 1980's and designed by then-circuit-architect-extraordinaire Harry Wilkes and set in a hilly, forested location situated in Southern Germany, this track quickly became a fan favourite, hosting some of the world's biggest racing series, drawing in huge crowds in the process. Eyebrows were raised, however, when news surfaced that a British architect was to design a German track. But it resulted in what was to be just one of many successful partnerships between the two nations who were once deadly adversaries. The British brought their flair and exciting racing ideologies, whilst the Germans provided the lush backdrop in which it could flourish coupled with their inherent ability to get things done right. On time. First time.

    Poddington Park GP/F 90's
    Concept: Original Circuit (set in a fictional universe)
    Theme: Eifel
    Length: 6.21 miles
    Built for: Prolonged, more challenging Formula Fun
    Description: Despite fan protestation, the 90's saw Poddington undergo a major facelift due to growing concerns that the original was too simple. Although the original track had its admirers - of which there were many - the Poddington Board Of Directors' Yield (PBODY), which was made up of several top-tier drivers (both active and retired), decided that the track needed to provide more of a challenge. Once again, Harry Wilkes was drafted in to design the new track, which had to be quintessentially Poddington, only bigger and better. Ironically, the same people who were against the Brit designing the first track were totally adamant that no other was up to the job and so, after months of planning, the redesign went ahead. Wilkes would go to work on the track in quite some style, preserving only a small (but decidedly 'Poddington') part of the original - the downhill back straight (The Descent), the final left hander (Yeeha) and the pit straight were the only parts left untouched. Even the much-loved Esses were adjusted. In the end, though, the final result was - according to drivers and fans alike - a roaring success. The addition of the much-hyped Twin-R complex in the southern section of the track (said to be inspired by an Ancient Greek love story and where the courage of drivers is really put to the test as they attempt to take R2 flat-out) coupled with huge improvements to both the pit facilities and accessibility to the track meant that even the purists were won over by the overhaul.

    Poddington Park GP/F 00's (coming soon...)

    Pista de Vista
    Concept: Original Track
    Theme: Andalusia
    Length: 4.67 miles
    Built for: The views
    Description: A wide & undulating circuit with sweeping corners and decent views of the surrounding landscape. This track is completely kerbless... just cuz. Although there are relatively few trackside objects on this track, some of the views on offer on the east side more than make up for it (imo). Overall, quite a fun track to drive around. Feels shorter than it is.

    Circuito de Perro Extranjero

    Concept: Original Track
    Theme: Andalusia
    Length: 4.69 miles
    Built for: A mild challenge
    Description: 4.7 miles. A decent challenge... rewards rotation. Fun once you learn the line, awkward & frustrating if you don't. The track name roughly translates as 'track of the alien dog', because I think it slightly resembles a dog with an odd looking nose, sitting down. I was gonna call it something like The Dog and Hare, because when I looked at it from another angle, it looked vaguely like a hare or a rabbit running really fast. Perhaps the rabbit soiled itself when it saw the alien dog and made for a quick exit. Anyway, the track itself is a decent drive and requires quite a balanced car to safely negotiate some of the turns, which demand that you brake whilst turning in order to get decent lap times. The crest which the driver arrives at on the pit straight can prove troublesome as it can lead to the car becoming momentarily airborne, which makes taking turn 1 - the left hand kink - very difficult.

    (more to follow...)
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