AI Driver Names


I hadn't really noticed them before, but I just got out Qualified by some guy names "Paddy Shovlin". I'm not kidding, either. Now, I've got to see if all the AI drivers have such groan inducing names
Paddy Shovlin is a real person, as are all the 'AI' drivers in this game. They represent real people who have participated in the Ferrari Challenge series.
Shovlin is a surname I've heard before, most notably Andrew Shovlin - race engineer to Jenson Button last year and Michael Schumacher last year.

As for Paddy, I guess you haven't met many Irishmen :P. Its another name for Patrick by the way. Oh and to continue the F1 theme, the Engineering Director for the McLaren F1 team is Paddy Lowe.

Perfectly normal name to me. I think you need to visit Ireland.
*shrug* I guess it could be worse. It could be Patty Shovlin. :P Anyways, my apologies to Patrick, then. (I still refuse to call him Paddy 'cause it doesn't sound right with his last name)