Alfa Romeo TZ2 vs. AMG SEL 6.8 - Classic Car Sprint Event – May 30th 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST


Event Overview
A sprint event featuring five races at a nice mix of tracks with two very different but both very beautiful to drive classic racing cars:
the Alfa Romeo TZ2 and the AMG-prepared Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8. Each race will last around 10 to 15 minutes,
with short practice breaks between races, so the whole event will last no longer than 120 minutes start to finish.

Event Date
>Sunday, May 30th 2021<
18:45 CEST / 17:45 UK / 16:45 UTC / 12:45 EST: Race Lobby open
19:00 CEST /… : BoP check & practice session used as qualifying for Race 1
19:15 CEST / 18:15 UK / 17:15 UTC / 13:15 EST: Start Race 1

Race 2 to 5 will start with around 7 min. breaks in between races, the whole event should take around 2 hours.​

Race Settings
tire wear: 2x – fuel consumption: 1x | sport soft tires | tuning not allowed | grid starts with false start check |
light damage | no boost | realistic slip | realistic grip | weak penalties | only abs allowed

Race 1.) Lago Maggiore East – 6 laps – grid order: fastest first
2.) Le Mans – 2 laps – grid order: reversed, based on previous results
3.) Interlagos – 5 laps – grid order: reversed
4.) Spa – 4 laps – grid order: reversed
5.) Nürburgring 24h – 1 lap – grid order: reversed

Alfa Romeo TZ2: 100% power (125 kw) | 100% weight (620 kg)
Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8: 70% power (220 kw) | 88% weight (1438 kg)
FYI: Top speeds with standard gearboxes: Alfa – ca. 243 kph / 151 mph | Mercedes – ca. 233 kph / 145 mph

Car Choice
You can change cars between races as often as you want.​

Points per race will be: 16-15-14-…-1 for 1st to 16th. Overall winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the event.
Your best 3 results will count. If there is a tie, the best 4th (5th) result will be used to determine positions.
The best drivers for each brand (top 3 results count as well) will also be crowned.

No livery rules except the usual regarding decency etc.
As a suggestion tho, I would like to encourage you to either use an actual replica racing livery or a realistic-looking fantasy one,
as it will lead to a much nicer looking replay and race photos, in my opinion at least.

Please leave your PSN and GTP name to signup. As you can switch between cars you don’t need to signup with a specific vehicle already.
However, you are very welcome to share potential liveries or potential car choices/opinions.
Lobby will be friends-only. I’ll make sure to send out friend-requests in the run up to the event.

Alright, looking forward to this event. It is the first one that I am officially hosting on GTPlanet. I’ve been a participant in GTP events in the past and I’ve done a lot of casual lobby racing and planned racing outside of GTP, mostly with the Realistic Racing Club and Racers Adventures. See you on track! =)​
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Signups (car choices are not binding, only preferences, if stated):
1. RufusGoldstryff (GTP: R_Goldstreiff) _ Alfa #1 & Mercedes #33
2. TPC_MaxAttack (GTP: MaxAttack) _ Alfa
3. TPC_Pigems (GTP: Pigems) _ Mercedes
4. Drex125 (GTP: Drex124) _ Alfa...
5. TPC_Guido (GTP: GTP_Guido)_Alfa #28 & Mercedes #28
6. chris050483 (through Realistic Racing Club / Racers Adventures)_ ...
7. M_Nightrider (through Realistic Racing Club / Racers Adventures)_ ...
8. boitcon (GTP: Rods) _ Mercedes
9. Tob-Racer (through Realistic Racing Club / Racers Adventures)_ Mercedes
10. Resident_Knievel (GTP: RacingGrandpa) _ Alfa #112 & Mercedes #104
11. AfraidRacer (GTP: AfraidRacer) _ Mercedes

X. Panoz-38 (GTP: Panoz) _ ...
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Looks like it'll be a busy weekend. And I guess I'll have to see about finally saving up for that Alfa.
PSN: Drex125
It's an investment for sure! The only of the high $ cars I've saved up to until now. And there'll always be the "reasonably"-priced Benz ;)


United States
I could give this a go. I have both cars and I don't have much going on at that time, just a matter of seeing which one suits me best.
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I am so much wanting to run my Alfa that I'll try to squeeze past my family to run at least one of these.
If it doesn't fill up that is...
If so (as a reserve) Resident_Knievel TZ2 with race number 38 (1967 Sebring livery)

Edit: never mind the number, I'll go with 112 and use the Ferrari livery of Ulf Norinder instead.
@MaxAttack would you like to use the Sebring one?


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TPC's Resident Mad Bloke
United Kingdom
Isle of Wight, UK
I couldn't help myself. I went and bought the Sau too.
Bonus points if you can name the driver and codriver and the car and year the tribute livery harks from.

The difference in size are almost ridiculous, the Mercedes dwarfs the Alfa View attachment 1008737
Sir Stirling Moss - MB 300 SLR, Targa Florio 1955 winner!
There seems to be an everlasting fountain of livery ideas, I have made several the last two days, yet when it comes to the Mercedes I can't think of anything contemporary....
There seems to be an everlasting fountain of livery ideas, I have made several the last two days, yet when it comes to the Mercedes I can't think of anything contemporary....
I saw some of the Alfas on the TPC Discord, really nice, keep them coming ^^ I like the bike-themed once especially, the Alfa is so small, it seems very appropiate to go with a livery from motorcycle racing.

About the Benz, good question...I have one or two DTM-themed liveries for the Mercedes in my collection, they work quite well I think, especially the Black #3 Sonax one, but it makes the car look weirdly modern some of the times. Maybe they would look cool if they got backdated to the 60s/70s with the older logos by the same sponsors? ...ah, and I think one of my favourite Mercedes liveries was the blue and white striped Boss Mercedes SL driven in the early 80s Paris-Dakar.


Or maybe commit some heresy and repurpose the SL to one of its direct rivals by giving it a livery from one of the many Steinmetz Opel Commodores ^^: