American Le Mans Series (ALMS) - Season IV [COMPLETED]

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  1. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    American Le Mans Series (ALMS)
    Season IV
    Season V Open


    Previous Seasons:
    Season I
    Season II
    Season III


    The American Le Mans Series is a pure racing series based on the US and Canada, inspired by the notorious 24hr Le Mans. The series itself welcomes drivers from all types, and competition is always around the corner!

    The goal of this series is to be as close to the real-world counterpart as much as possible, while also being fair, competitive, and easy on all types of drivers. So, similar to real-world ALMS, the series is comprised of 2 classes (actually, they are three but we combined P1 and P2 as one class). LMP class is the elite driving category, where focus and ability is a constant taming aspect. Cars like the Peugeot HDi or the Audi R10 are chaotic beasts, and not anyone can drive them to the finest. The GT class consists of production cars like the Corvette. In this class, it is just as competitive as LMPs, only that they are slower. Luckily, they can be tuned as serious racing machines, both LMP & GT alike.

    This series is a "no-sweat" kind of type: You don't have to be a total pro to have fun! Unless you're a dirty driver and prefer dirty NASCAR rooms, you are more than welcome in this series :)

    Time and Place

    Initially, the lobby will open at 8 PM EST every Friday for short practice. Qualifying and the actual race will begin at 8:30 PM EST. Qualifying for all three classes will begin at 8:30 - or 8:45 depending on conditions, then the actual race at 9 sharp. The room will be a public type so no need to FR any Race Stewards. The lobby host can be any competitor who knows how to host a large room and has a decent connection.


    At 8:30 or 8:45, the host of the lobby will call for everyone to leave the track to reset the times. Once instruction is called, everyone will enter back onto the track and submit their hot laps. You have a limited amount of time to submit your best times, so drive quickly and carefully. Any drivers who have finished their session may exit the track. Do not execute any action that will infuriate other drivers like slow chatting via Chat Box.

    The Flying Lap
    At 9, the Automated Race Timer will commence the countdown for the race. At that time, any and all hot lap times are submitted. When the race loads and begins, DO NOT drive off! Stay within your slots until the Race Steward will call out each driver's placement for the flying lap. Once everyone's accounted for, construct a single or X2 file line that incorporates your correct placement, with LMP in front, GT behind. If your slot is incorrect, you will be penalized on accident or not, so pay attention at all times. Drivers must maintain a speed of 60 mph, and may perform the "zig-zag" movement to heat up the tires. LMP should also be close to GT class, leaving a large gap between each class. Flying Lap will end once the driver in front passes the finish line (in some cases, the track may be too long where the Flying Lap's ending will change).

    The Race
    Once Flying Lap ends, go ahead and put on your Game Face! Make sure you watch your time, and have two tires on the road at all times! Rumble strips are part of the track; green zones or "overshoot" areas are not (unless your speed is too hectic)!

    There will be a time where LMPs will obviously lap the GT class, so the GT class must give the LMP drivers some space to prevent intrusions. It is common sense on what route to take to leave valuable space, but don't try too extreme where you'll risk your own position.

    Pit Etiquette
    Make sure you pit properly, from entry to exit. This means entering at a cruising speed, and exiting in a manner that will not damage the fluency of the oncoming traffic. We recommend you to enter and exit within the boundary lines. All drivers must also make one mandatory pit stop throughout each race.

    Room Settings & Restrictions
    The following layout will be employed for the race lobby. It also includes Driving Aids all drivers must negotiate to.

    Driving Aids
    TCS: Allowed
    ASM: Banned
    Skid Recovery: Banned
    Active Steering: Banned
    Driving Line: Allowed

    Room Settings
    Tire Restriction: Racing Soft, Mediums, or Hard
    Grip Reduction: Real
    Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption: On
    Damage: Light
    Penalties: Off
    Distance: No specified distance (1 hour per round)
    Draft: Weak
    Boost: Off
    Weather Changeability (Where Applicable): 5
    Surface Water (Where Applicable): 0
    Weather (Where Applicable): 0

    Points System
    The following rubric will be utilized to interpret championship points for the series. The position is based on class arrival, not overall arrival.

    1st: 20 Pts
    2nd: 16 Pts
    3rd: 13 Pts
    4th: 10 Pts
    5th: 8 Pts
    6th: 6 Pts
    7th: 4 Pts
    8th: 3 Pts
    9th: 2 Pts
    10th: 1 Pt
    11th-16th: 0 Pts

    Disconnection Forgiveness: There will be a time where Disconnections are inevitable during racing. If you are victim and have finished at least 75% of the race, the points will be half of your final position.

    Performance Forgiveness: If you performed miserably on some races, the first 2 races that you did worst will be dropped. However this will not be ruled in until season ends.

    Manufacturer Challenge: Drivers with common manufacturers will be placed under a Manufacturer Challenge, in which each driver's points will be combined to form the Manufacturer Score. This style is a minority, and isn't primary in the series. Drivers may wish to not be included in the Challenge.

    Crews/Teams: Drivers may wish to create a team of two to battle against other teams or solo drivers. The "crew" must have a representative name and share the same manufacturer. Persons who are in a crew will not be able to join the Manufacturer Challenge. Additionally, the crew will rely on each other in order to win. Basically, each member will earn half of the points from the Rubric, until it is combined. Then I add 2 points, and that's your team's final points. Sometimes, I do get decimals, so I just leave it there. In this method, each member would have to really contribute.

    Use the following format to register for series participation:


    If you arrive in incidents that either your PSN or GTP User has changed, please report it to Race Stewards. The modification will be finalized next to your previous name.

    The Rides
    The following contains all homologated vehicles for the season. It is split into classes, and consists of specifications that must be set for fair racing. There can only be two drivers sharing the same car.

    LMP1 Class
    Note: We will utilize BermudaKid's spec data for the LMP class.

    Audi R8 Race Car (Audi PlayStation Team ORECA) '05 - 550 HP/950 KG ** No "additional" aerodynamic parts

    Audi R10 TDI Race Car '06 - 580 HP/Stock KG

    Bentley Speed 8 Race Car '03 - 550 HP/920 KG

    BMW V12 LMR Race Car '99 - 570 HP/Stock KG

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Team Peugeot Total/Team Oreca Matmut '10 - 560 HP/Stock KG

    Toyota GT-ONE - 550 HP/Stock KG

    Pescarolo Courage C60 - Peugeot Race Car '03 - 570 HP/Stock KG

    Pescarolo C60 Hybride - Judd Race car '05 - 570 HP/Stock KG

    Pescarolo-Courage - Judd GV5 Race Car '04 - 580 HP/Stock KG

    GT Class

    BMW M3 Coupe '07 - 590 HP/1342 KG

    Ford GT '06 - 440 HP/1300 KG

    Ferrari 458 Italia '09 - 480 HP/1300 KG

    RUF RGT '00 - 500 HP/1300 KG

    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) '09 - 480 HP/1300 KG

    Lotus Evora '09 - Highest specs possible*/1280 KG

    * Includes all tuning parts, which encompass engine upgrades and associated parts.

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage '10 - ??/??

    Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR- 480 HP/1300 KG

    Tunable Assets
    As mentioned in the Intro, you can tune your cars as much as you want, such as attaching aerodynamic parts, to modifying gear ratios. You may also share your tunes here. The only restriction is to not attach any aftermarket components other than cars that are strictly specified to install such components.

    Registered Drivers List
    This section includes all drivers that have registered and/or currently racing in the series. The section is divided into branches: The Registry & Active list is drivers who have registered and is going strong in the series. The Registry & Inactive list is drivers who have registered but hasn't been attending much of the races. Finally, the Reserve list is drivers who have registered during season. At times, drivers under this branch are able to earn points that will follow them when they become Active drivers in the season. Drivers under the 2nd branch are in danger of being replaced by reserve drivers due to inadequate presence in the series. There is also the allowance of Guests, which can race in the series but are not accounted for the championship. That will also be recorded here. Drivers who are in teams will be placed next to each other. Note: Some spots are organized by PSN Name/GTP Name.

    Registry & Active
    1) LMP | GTPlaneUsername: James6653/James6653 - Toyota GT-ONE

    2) GT | Cowboys965/Cowboys965 - Ferrari 458 Italia '09

    3) GT | Mitch_Z06/?? - Ferrari 458 Italia '09

    4) LMP | Freshseth83/Freshseth83 - Toyota GT-ONE

    6) LMP | PipiR6/Pipi_r6 - Audi R8 Race Car

    7) GT | Kevin01SH/Kevin01SH - Chevrolet Corvette

    8) GT | Gogatrs/Gogatrs - RUF RGT

    9+10) LMP | Unknown Crew/Team Name | TT13/Mockingbird00000000000 & JoeTruckV8 - Peugeot 908 HDi FAP (Matmut Livery)

    11) GT | User: THAT_GUY_2/THAT_GUY_2 - RUF RGT

    12) GT | GTPlanetUsername: Yeratel84/Yeratel84 - Ford GT

    13+14) GT | Unknown Crew/Team Name | gtamann123/Technicolors & PepsiMaxCrew/Phil Bell - Lotus Evora '09

    15) GT | GTP: MrMelancholy15/MrMelancholy15 - BMW M3

    16) GT | FlyinHawaiian77/FlyinHawaiian77 - Chevrolet Corvette

    Registry & Inactive

    5) LMP | Nitrorocks/Nitrorocks - Bentley Speed 8

    17) LMP | Pawel17/PAWEL17 - Audi R8 Race Car
    Obtained Points:
    Round I, Daytona - 16 points (2nd)

    18) GT | Sinlader/Kakaraot - Dodge Viper
    Obtained Points:
    Round I, Daytona - 6 points (6th)

    19) GT | GTPlaneUsername: StormPacer
    PSN: Tez_SP17
    Car: BMW M3 Coupe '07

    20) GT | datboitrey23/Mercedesc300
    Car: ??

    21) LMP | GTPlaneUsername:stvbdkd
    Car:Team Oreca Matmut '10

    The Actual Season will be comprised of 12 rounds, each race having a different style and demand to it. The Endurance Listing is an optional inclusion into the Season.

    Pre-Season Listing
    The tracks utilized for Pre-Season will depend solely on the competitors. The maximum allowed length is 5 rounds, and must originate from the Season Listing. Each Season round will last approximately an hour.

    Tracks Used: Indy Road Course, Nurburgring GP/F, Fuji Speedway F

    Season Listing
    This is the Season Listing for the series. Each round will accompany both pics (if individuals contribute to do so) and the finishing positions.

    Daytona Road Course - Florida, USA

    Results (Courtesy of Kevin01SH):

    - LMP Class -

    1. freshseth83
    2. PAWEL17
    3. JoeTruckV8
    4. mockingbird00000
    5. james6653 (dnf)
    6. PipiR6 (dnf)

    - GT Class -

    1. Kevin01SH
    2. THAT_GUY_2
    3. Yeratel84
    4. Cowboys965
    5. MrMelancholy15
    6. Sinladar
    7. FlyinHawaiian77 (dnf)
    8. Mitch_Z06 (dnf)
    9. gtaman123 (dnf)
    10. gogatrs (dnf)


    Indy Road Course - Indiana, USA

    Suzuka Circuit - Japan

    Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Italy


    Cote D' Azur (AKA Monaco) - Monaco

    Laguna Seca Raceway - California, USA

    Date - 5/25/12

    Spa-Francorchamps - Belgium (Only possible if drivers have the respective DLC)

    Nurburgring GP/F - Germany

    Circuito de Madrid - Spain

    Fuji Speedway F - Shizuoka, Japan NEW!

    Circuit De La Sarthe '09 With Weather and Time Change - France

    Endurance Listing
    This one-match race will award drivers who participated 1.5 times the normal points from the Points Rubric, therefore making it an optional inclusion in the series. Drivers who suffer from "Disconnection Forgiveness", he/she will receive normal points from the rubric.

    Nurburgring Nordschleife Type V - Germany

    Courtesy of Kevin01SH, we'll be using an updated video re-cap that will base our current Standings on.

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  2. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    I'm in P1 :)
  3. FlyinHawaiian77

    Philippines VA

    Nice and clean Techni.

    Of course I'm in for season 4. Still no idea on class or car. Sounds like everyone is making the jump to P2/P2. How do we go about picking cars? Last seasons standings or Lottery?
  4. pipi_r6

    Portugal Lisbon

    I'm in, i don't no the class!!!
  5. james6653

    United States MI

    Car:Ford Gt '06
  6. Cowboys965

    United States Connecticut

    I thought we ditched Madrid. :grumpy:
    Why Ugly Jaguar picture? :grumpy:
    Why an I grumpy? :grumpy:

    For now, I'll use the 458 again.
  7. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    Dunno. I would base if off season's standings but attendance on Season 3 was all over the place..

    Also, I would like to add two more tracks in the Season Schedule, just to fulfill the sharp 10 number. The courses are up to you guys :)
  8. Kevin01SH

    United States Atlanta, GA

    *reserved for standings

    Looks like i couldnt get in fast enough, i wanted this post to be higher
  9. freshseth83


    Still think we should combine the prototype classes. No 680hp either. 550hp at most. I think 500hp would be great actually.
  10. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    Car:peugeot 908 FAP

    What track & date is pre-season going to be?
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2012
  11. kk20


    What time are the races?
  12. FlyinHawaiian77

    Philippines VA

    Make sure you and Techni get together when the official thread opens. Unless this thread is the one that carries over with just a name change.

    We should see if there is enough interest to fill out P1/P2 first. If no interest, combine the two?
  13. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    We're not sure when Pre-Season will kick off. I guess when there's enough interest, we'll begin.

    I guess you can't really find it, hm? It starts at 9, and 8:45 is Qualifying.

    We could do that, to make sure combining the two classes wasn't a waste of effort.

    > Also, were you guys able to spec the Evora? If you haven't seen it, it's under possible homologation.. Additionally, I've added a track into the schedule :)
  14. pipi_r6

    Portugal Lisbon

    Combine the two now, its not funny just have two or three guys to discuss the race :tup:
  15. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    How would I combine it? Drop the Pescarolos and only have LMP1s?
  16. kk20


    Time Zone?
  17. pipi_r6

    Portugal Lisbon

    I think we can use the bermuda car spec to be more fun :tup:

    2005 Audi R8 - 550 HP - 950 KGs ** No Additional Wing is allowed on the Car
    2010 Audi R10 - 580 HP - Stock Weight
    2008 Peugoet 908 - 560 HP - Stock Weight
    2003 Bentley Speed 8 - 550 HP - 920 KGs
    1999 BMW VMR V12 - 570 HP - Stock Weight
    1991 Mazda 787b - 560 HP - Stock Weight
    1999 Toyota GT-One - 550 HP - Stock Weight
    2005 Pescarolo C60 Hybride - 570 HP - Stock Weight
    2003 Pescarolo Courage C60 - 570 HP - Stock Weight
    2004 Pescarolo-Courage Judd GV5 - 580 HP - Stock Weight
  18. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    Ah, thanks for the data. I'll make the changes shortly.

    Eastern Standard Time, GMT -4. You probably have to make some conversions.
  19. FlyinHawaiian77

    Philippines VA

    I trust Bermuda's specs. Havent raced with him, but from what I've seen, he's one of the people on here who have been messing with the prototypes the longest.
  20. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    [/QUOTE]We should see if there is enough interest to fill out P1/P2 first. If no interest, combine the two?[/QUOTE]

    I agreed with this,. There are no Prototype leagues out there except for maybe one. I would fill up P1|P2 first and then move on to the GT's, or fill up P1's & GT1's (8 Grid Positions for each catgory). Second I was wondering how come we don't just use GT1 & GT2 race cars to keep up the racing livery as well? :tup:
  21. james6653

    United States MI

    Car:Ford Gt '06
    This is my teammates info for this season
  22. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Didn't you already sign up? :lol: and can you guys put me down under LMP1? I just havent decided on a car yet.
  23. james6653

    United States MI

    Yes I did my teammate told me to sign him up
  24. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    Both of you guys are in separate classes, so I don't think I can officially form a crew between you two. Luckily, you guys can bear a crew name and work together :tup:

    > Also, I have added Grand Valley and Indy Road Course in the Season Listing, making the season a total of 10 rounds, plus 1 optional "Endurance" round. Additionally, I have combined P1 and P2 and replaced regulations from Pipi. Anyone contradicts, please let me know :)
  25. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Just noticed that. :lol: :dunce:
  26. james6653

    United States MI

    How are we in 2 different classes
  27. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    Oh wait, I have mistaken you for someone else. Apologize :p
  28. freshseth83


    I'll be using the Bentley.
  29. pipi_r6

    Portugal Lisbon

    i'm going to Audi R8 Race Car :sly:
  30. polarbear345

    United States Pittsburgh

    I'll sign myself up now I guess :p I'm with James.
    Gtplanet: polarbear345
    Psn: polarbear345
    Class: gt
    Car: ford gt (color tbd)
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