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  1. NorT


    Hello all, My name is NorT

    Im in charge of AMG Racing Leagues. I used to run a league called Nebula Racing Leagues we had 15 Seasons on WTCC on Autosport.

    For those of you who are up for a bit of fun or maybe want something competitive i believe we can offer this.

    We have as it stands TCR-2 Season 16 full.

    and a vast host of other championships to sink your teeth into.

    As it stands we have

    Classic Minis - 10 rounds 10 weeks sheer stupid fun.
    Formula Jedi - For those who like Open Wheelers
    Super Tourers - For those who like a bit of speed.
    Prototypes - For those who want to go nuts.
    Renault R26 - For the F1 lovers.
    Classic Touring - For the players who like the old stuff.

    We also have a 2nd Divison of TCR-2 for those who enjoy touring after all Division 1 filled up to 16 drivers and 3 1 day.

    But yeah if your interested or perhaps want to know more let me know.