Any so bad it's good shows?TV 

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Has anyone here ever been into a show because you enjoy how bad it is, like the animation/filmography is abysmal in an appealing. The storyline(s) are a bundled mess that makes you want to see how far it goes? The characters are all so awful watching them interact is a weird satisfaction?

Kung Fu Dino Posse has to be one for me that got me interested in these kind of shows. A poor TMNT ripoff with nonsensical plots like talking alligators that never talked until then because "they had nothing to say" and performed Dentistry while on stage. Characters are just the most obvious stereotypes and the best/worst thing about it is the horrid animation that runs at 5 FPS at times constantly off model characters and especially the Pteranadon character. I don't think there's a single scene where there isn't anything wrong with the way he is animated (doesn't help this character with the most complicated design gets the most complicated and loose clothing).

What are some other shows that a good because they are really bad (I know this'll be massively subjective as something so bad its good for one person could just be plain old bad for someone else)

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