ARL All Stars II - Judgement Day - Gr3 Wins!

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Welcome to the second running of the ARL All Stars!

Just like last time we will have the top drivers from our Gr. 3 series vs our top drivers from the Gr. 4 series battling it out over 3 races to determine which league is the best in the ARL!

There will be two teams consisting of 7 drivers each. One team will be captained by this season's Gr. 4 champion and the other team will be captained by the mid-season Silver division points leader of the Gr. 3 series. Each captain will then take turns drafting drivers to their teams from a pool of drivers that sign up from this event. Since Gr. 4 won the last ARL All Star event, the Gr. 3 captain with choose the first driver. The draft will then continue until each team has 7 drivers (including the captain) plus 2 alternates.

Please post here if you would like to join this event so I can add you to the list.

Gr. 4 Race:
Tire wear X6
Fuel Consumption X2
Light Damage
Racing medium tires
No tuning
No aids except abs

Gr. 3 Race:
Tire wear X10
Fuel consumption X6
Heavy damage
Any tire
No tuning
No aids except abs

Dirty Race:
Boost strong
Slipstream strong
Tire wear off
Fuel consumption off
Damage off
Dirt tires
No tuning
No driving aids except abs

We will be using the 16 driver point system from the GR 4 series
Points will be tallied as a team at the end of the event to determine a winner.
  1. 25 11. 6
  2. 23 12. 5
  3. 20 13. 4
  4. 18 14. 3
  5. 15 15. 2
  6. 12 16. 1
  7. 10 DNF: 0
  8. 9
  9. 8
  10. 7
1 point for pole
1 point for fastest lap (each race)

Qualifying will start @ 9:45 EST and run for 15 minutes followed immediately by the first race.
The following 2 races will be reverse order of finish.
All races will be a standing grid start with false start check

We would like if each team could please have matching liveries for all their drivers.

Here are some examples of the last events liveries:


Also if you could please include this ARL All Star decal in the design it would be appreciated


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Lobby opens at 9:15pm EST. Qualifying starts at 9:45pm EST. Races start at 10:00pm EST.

Race 1:
Lamborghini Huracan Gr.4 - Fuji Short
12 laps - 18:15 clear

Race 2:
Ford GT Gr.3 - Saint Croix - B
9 laps - 20:30 clear

Race 3: Dirty Race
Ford F150 Raptor - Colorado Springs Lake
12 laps - 19:20 clear
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The title "Judgement Day" needs a Terminator in the background. Lol


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So, this is on a Saturday before the Gr.3 race?
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@PApunk924 sorry I have to back out of this event. Next couple of Saturdays (Aug. 17th and 24th), I'll be busy with my family. I won't be able to race the GR3 series those nights either.