Assetto Corsa Competizione Early Access v0.3 Adds BMW M6 GT3, Paul Ricard, and Multiplayer

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    Nicee! can't wait to pick this up during the steam winter sale
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    Small correction for the article; the price has been raised, but only to $34.99 not $39.99. Glad I picked it up 2 days ago for $24.99! :p
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    Finally got about 4 hours in tonight with the M6, my opinion is it's very good.
    Took a good amount of tuning to get where I like it, but out of the box it's what you would expect and lines up nicely with the Bentley.
    I've never been a fan of Paul Ricard honestly, blue apexes make my face twitch and cause temporary blindness out of anger from constantly missing them. Also they need to add the back chikane the straight goes on for MILES.

    Current ACC WR there 1:34xxx seriously? I'm scratching 1:59xxx

    They had multiplayer issues that will be resolved on Monday, but this sim is really starting to take shape. I had a few great races tonight the AI are quite fast. I look forward to doing the 3hr or 6hr endurance this weekend.

    Here is a complete list for v0.3

    • New BMW M6 GT3
    • New Circuit Paul Ricard
    • Introduced Practice Session Multiplayer Mode
    • Introduced 3 Hours and 6 Hours Endurance race weekend
    • New online Special Events with new content and online leaderboard
    • Old offline Special Events (quick races) made available
    • Setup Alignment Caster modification is now possible
    • Setup bumpstop UP range is now in stable offset with wheel rate.
    • Adjustments to the dry tyre model rolling resistance
    • Adjustments to the rain tyre mode rolling resistance
    • Wet and water surface rolling resistance and aero drag adjustments
    • Brake ducts preparation on setup screen. Not yet available
    • Fixed steering ratio right selector issue
    • Fixed values on setup screen
    • Improved trasmission and engine wobble and vibration simulation
    • Improved start assist
    • Improved TC logic
    • TC logic simulation now takes into account engine and drivetrain vibration and tries to protect system malfunction.
    • Improved pitlane limiter function.
    • Pitlane limiter only available in 1st gear, disengages if 2nd gear selected.
    • Ram-Air simulation for normal aspirated engines.
    • Improvements on Lamborghini Huracán steering geometry
    • Improvements and adjustments on all preset setups
    • Introducing dirt buildup on cars (step 1)
    • Fixed Bentley ABS same value 2
    • Fixed Bentley Continental display issues with speed limiter
    • Fixed gamepad deadzone forced in UE4
    • Fixed z-fighting problem in replays
    • Added Pixel Density setting in Video options for VR:
    • pixel Density requires Resolution Scale to be set to 100
    • removing external workarounds (e.g. modified engine.ini) recommended
    • Nameplates with text scaling in screen space, and settings in nameplateSettings.json:
    • textMinSizePerc: to make the text size bigger/smaller
    • minVisibleSizePerc: to make it disappear sooner/later
    • Added Replay tyre compounds, track lights and car dirt status
    • New audio device selector in audio options
    • Improved spatialization for tyres sound and all related effects
    • Reworked logic for skid and scrub sound effects
    • Tweaked dirtiness volume related to its level
    • Tweaked distance attenuation for exterior sounds
    • Radio comms resource usage optimization (loading audio on demand)
    • Events poliphony optimization
    • Fix missing exterior engine in some rare cases with chase camera
    • Minor audio fixes
    • Performance optimizations in the game thread
    • Mouse not interfering with D-Pad \ Keyboard menu navigation anymore
    • Added new menu page Driver Profile (only Rating section available at the moment)
    • Fixed drivers without helmet in VR
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