Assetto Corsa Update Adds Mysterious BMW M2 CS Folder, Ferrari 488 Esports Liveries

I'm not at home. Do we even have the Challenge car on console?

Nope, the 488 Challenge EVO is a PC exclusive car that's only available to those that signed up for the Ferrari Esports Series. (A lot of people including me just signed up to download the car and nothing else).

That's actually a good question. Did this most recent update activate the car for those that hadn't received it in the past?
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I think it's safe to say that this will not come to consoles. AC on consoles was finished as a project a couple of years ago. Probably no contract anymore with the outsourced company for AC currently.

Nice for the PC players though.
^ with those mods AC takes the crown for best weather effects. @Scaff Does it also affect the physics?
While it's still being worked on (as weather as a whole is in development), yes it does. A toolset adds in extended physics that gets the wet track working, as well as extending and adding to the base physics of AC as a whole.

This video covers what its capable of outside of weather

And I've just had another update, for a whole 1.2 mb!

AC Update 2.png

edited to add, it's only updated the acs.exe and acs_x86.exe, and show no change that I can see in-game.

edited again to add: and it also removed the BMW M2 folder :odd:
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