Assetto Corsa Video Thread

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Kimi Raikkonen / McLaren in my 2002 championship season.

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Deciding 1982 world championship track at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

Keke Rosberg / TAG Williams Cosworth. Not a great lap but shows the AC track nicely.

Not sure if it's 100% accurate in the F1 1982 form as the version year is 1988.

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Phoenix 1989-1991 street circuit is one of my favorite tracks to drive. Very satisfying. I'm not a great sim racer but even I can do this track at 1:22-1:23 but ai at 100 can only make it around 1:30 (at best). In race trim ai drives around 1:37 which is ridiculous. The track is not finished very well as the tire walls aren't properly mapped, etc. But still heck of a nice track to hotlap.

Amazing that no one ever made this properly. Detroit 1988 is utterly amazingly done. But this is much nicer track to drive, imho.

And doesn't the RSS Ferrari 1990 sound glorious, huh?

My Spa race didn't go that well. :D Hotheads Mansell and Senna collided on Eau Rouge. Too bad AC doesn't have proper damage model, it would have been a huge one.

Yeah I should have taken Berger from the left but it took that second to realize what actually happened when you come uphill. This was that race and I keep the season going. I don't take restarts. Hopefully Ayrton and Nigel are still alive. Monza next. :)

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