Assetto Corsa Video Thread

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I cant get FRAPS or shadowplay to work, the game crashes when i have FRAPS running and shadowplay doesnt work at all
They both look great. I like the shadows & lighting more in AC. And it seems to run smoother. I'll bet they're both fantastic.
A lap with BMW Z4 E89 in Magione with the highest quality, is a Real Onboard where you can watch the pilot and the high quality of the interior of the BMW Z4

I love the game so far and liking everything Im seeing so far, but Im starting to get a bit worried about multiplayer and AI. With everything turned off or as low as possible Im getting around 120 or so fps. The game seems to run fine for me at 70 fps, but Im not so sure once other cars are added to the scene Ill be able to maintain enough fps to run triples. For me turning everything on low isn't a big deal, because I barely notice a difference between high and low settings while racing, but if I cant get good fps on triples this game is basically useless. Im I being paranoid or do you think this will be a none issue?