Aston Martin Confirms the Valkyrie Will Race at Le Mans

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    I completely forgot about brabham. That would be a good entry and a refresh for that manufacturer.
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    One step closer to this :drool: Great time for racing fans :tup:


    My wishlist of other manufacturers who could join in addition to above, and their base cars:
    Pagani - Zonda R or Huayra BC
    Lamborghini - Veneno or Aventador SVJ
    Bugatti - Chiron VGT or Divo
    Apollo - Intensa Emozione
    Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus - 003
    Brabham - BT62
    Gordon Murray Design - the F1 replacement
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    I wouldn't say lemans is dead, it just, like F1, lost some of it's glitter throughout the years in preference of other races (IMO, Nurburgring it's the current 24h king since it allows more cars, it's more democratic and it's "x" times harder than LeMans) and because it became more predictable as well.

    The new rules can change that since it's basically a modernized GT1 format, homologated cars with cutting-edge tech and aero, more freedom with less money and doesn't have a mandatory who-comes-first order... Now we have already road-going hypercars and we are getting now the road-based race-going hypercars, how long will it take to finally see another race-based road-going hypercar??. Only time will say, but it wouldn't be too long, besides, in these times, exporting the race tech to the road car would be so easily the only difference between both would be the body kits, the rules help in that too.

    Now with the racing part, that goes depending on how the rules BOP the cars but that part is where creativity comes apart for the engineers. Honestly, thanks to these rules, things like these are not that far off IMO (And the VGTs are not far off from become real too).

    1412877181-screenshot06.png 1454244278-avtlasrr2.jpg fBki0DJ.jpg
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    Just to be clear, the hypercars will be racing in the 2020 Le Mans, or will it be 2021 before they're at Le Mans?
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    They won't be competing at Le Mans until 2021. I'm sure next year's edition will be a popular time to unveil the final version of entries though.
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    Le Mans is now the end of the season, so the hypercars for the 2020-2021 season will first race in August-ish 2020 at probably the Silverstone 6hr, then their first Le Mans will be in June 2021 to end the season.
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