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    Daniel Bugler

    The Australasian KZ Cup is a Racing series using the Racing Kart 125 shifter. this event is open to both Australiaian and New Zealanders. This series is run by a Kart Racer and a Former Karter soon to be race car driver.

    Track - Round 1: Kart Space I
    Round 2: Gran Turismo Arena Reverse
    Round 3: Kart Space II
    Round 4: Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
    Round 5: Gran Turismo Arena

    For all tracks we will be running a format of.
    One 8 minute time trail
    2 heats of 8 laps
    Pre-Final of 12 laps
    Final 16. except the final round will be a 25 lap Final

    Time-We will be looking to be starting the time trail at 8:00pm (NZ) 6:00pm (AEST) On a Friday or Saturday night, Note that we are trying to race on a night that everyone can make it!
    For each round the room will be open 30 minutes before the Time Trail begins for last final testing/Warmup

    Now for the rules/ room settings
    - Damage -
    - Slipstream - Strong
    - Grip Reduct - Real
    - Tyre/fuel dep - Normal
    - Boost - High

    Any rule breaches of the GTPlanet OLR Rules & Guidelines. They are set and everyone can access them and understand them.


    Check out our FaceBook page to guys!



    1: Daniel Bugler (Host) (ArrowRacer6)
    2: Haydo Berns (BERNSY001)
    3: Zach Thompson (Zattack43)
    4: Connor Westbury (Blurred_lights)
    5: Connor Adam (Connoradam49)
    6: Jarred Cleghorn (JCleg07)
    7: Jaden Ransley (Ransley123)
    8: Connor Wilson (Connornz19)
    9: Jamie Smith (jamiekart66)
    10: Corey Green (KARTING_COREY_55)
    11: Dion Pitt (racers-paradise)
    12: Kristian Souvaliotis (KristianS_88)
    13: Brayden Cooley (KaRt_RaCeR_48)
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