Automobilista 2 Video Thread

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Haven't fired up AMS2 for quite a while, I've just been leaving it to mature (and mainly waiting for Nurburgring Historic, with a side order of hope for the Sudschleife!). A video thread for it deserves some love though, so I've just revisited an old favourite of mine - truck racing at Donington in VR. This was heaps of fun even though I'm very rusty! VR vid, using Oculus Quest 2 and a 360 controller.

This really needs to come to console, I would run these trucks online so much.

Do they have snow tyres? :)
Lol, only one tyre ("Truck Scrubbed" if memory serves), however given that they will go sideways at the drop of a hat even on a nice warm, dry track I'd say a slippery surface is not required. 1300+ hp will do that I guess :lol:
The Madness engine just works so well in VR, I did this comparison last year, and AMS2 just won out then. Over the last ten months they've further developed it to the point it's, in view, easily the best VR implementation in a racing title.

AMS2 gets my vote as one of the most immersive titles around.

Agree! And I'm on a single screen, no VR. I've found a custom FFB file that I love, and I can't get enough of AMS2. The graphics has always been excellent, and now I've got the driving feel to go along with it. Now Reiza needs to add depth to the car classes. (cough historic DTM cough)
Automobilista 2 | 2022 Stock Car Pro Series | Toyota Corolla Stock Car #6 Tony Kanaan @ Interlagos

Automobilista 2 | Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 @ Virginia International Raceway

Automobilista 2 | Brabham BT62 @ Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Automobilista 2 | Nissan R390 GT1 @ Silverstone 2001

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Not sure how I missed this AMS2 video thread.
Encounterected one strange A.I. crash on Autodromo today. Using Thunderflash mods. A.I lost it on lower portion of track ended up going thru the dirt and flying across the upper portion track as I was going thru in the Audi R8 LMS. My video reply is full. Must of shook the A.I. driver up pretty good as he was in the dirty against guard rail for a good 15 to 20 seconds before getting back on tarmac.