Beater or Sleeper? GT6 Car of the Week Thread

Start up the COTW thread for GTS you keep picking the COTW & location then do your awesome write up that I always enjoyed reading at the beginning for that car each week.
The only problem I see here is, because I don't have the game I won't be able to do a write up or test, especially on the numerous brand new models introduced in the game. A completely new console and new physics means even cars we've previously raced could feel totally different, but I do see where you're coming from. :D

The main reason I suggested @bjl23's challenge hub is simply because we all have one thing in common. We have GT6 (Unless you've already sold it off or something, I believe @McClarenDesign sold a lot of his collection to come to NZ for Lemons...) It'll be the closest we can get to actually battling eachother until everyone upgrades, even if it is more time attacking than actual racing. Plus I've done a few rounds and it does get competitive, even for offline! Good people, good competition, good times... It's an enjoyable experience until the rest of us can get GTS (And it'll never go offline too!) :sly:

Another option to consider is of course you could just send me all your money :lol:

I kid of course... unless you really want to!

I'd be happy to start up the GTS COTW, but what I'd wind up doing is starting it out in a similar fashion to the FM7 thread where it's just a time trial. Lobbies will take me a while to figure out.

I'd be fine with that, if that's an option people want to go with 👍

I could possibly host as well if Rinsky can't make it or do it.

It also does the heart good seeing everyone wanting to help out with this... Just proves this group here really is more of a family than a mere group!