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    From the simulator into the real cockpit!

    The dream of becoming a real racing driver: Sitting behind the wheel of a race car, fighting for positions, wins and championships and feeling the adrenaline. Man versus man, car versus car. But because of the high costs and hurdles in motorsports, it remains a dream for most racing fans and simracers.
    But now, it will become true for two simracers. We are looking for the Super Racers 2018/2019 - one driver with an international C license, who will participate in the full VLN season for Teichmann Racing, and one motorsport rookie, who will drive a KTM in the X-BOW BATTLE Rookies Challenge.

    To reach this goal, you can qualify both online and offline for the big bootcamp 2019. The upracer simulators of the upgraded Automotive Group are represented at several events, where visitors have the chance to prove their racing skills. A total of six drivers will secure a place in the bootcamp and move one step closer to becoming a real racing driver.


    RaceRoom is hosting the online qualifier for the bootcamp in the beginning of 2019. The best driver with an international C-license and the best driver of the open category will move on to the bootcamp in early 2019, where they will compete against the 6 fastest drivers from the upracer events, which are held at different events throughout Germany.

    Second, third and fourth place of each ranking in the RaceRoom competition will move up to a semifinal, where they will have a second chance to secure a ticket for the bootcamp.


    Do you have what it takes? Join the online competition now and turn your dream of becoming a racing driver into reality!
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