Best 4K TV with GT Sport (and other PS4 Pro-enhanced games)

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    There is a better version according to
    Same maker but this set is the same size but has high ratings in the places that matter most for folks who use their sets for gaming 90% of the time. Take a gander at the page and also browse for other sets they tested. For me this set is impressive for entry into 4K as it hits all the right points low lag of 14.2ms even with HDR 4K@60fps, that's impressive compared to anything in the same bracket and more expensive sets as well and it's gaming response is always top class for the price.

    There are two versions of this Roku TV, Best Buy has it's own version which is literally identical to the previous only difference noted was the Roku remote didn't support voice search. Best Buy price is $599 USD TCL P605. The P607 which is the variant seen everywhere else in the US is $650, so you have options. For me this is the best budget big screen 4K UHD HDR enabled TV I have yet to see. Will probably nab this assuming nothing else better appears before Christmas. Didn't think I'd be going 4K so soon, but hey opportunities arise when you least expect them to. What a time to be alive and still have vision, lol. TV's will be in higher resolution than real life.
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    I'm telling you, we picked up one to replace the living room TV and loved it so much we sold our other old TV on offerup for $200 and picked up another TCL for the game room. Plus Amazon offers trade ins on consoles and games, so I'm sending in my old PS4 and some games for credit. Meaning that I'll have a ps4 pro this weekend for $200 and using it on a 4K TV that only cost me $170. Total cost of my 4K setup $370, lol what a time to be alive indeed.
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