Best (Off-Line) Alternative To Gran Turismo Sport ?

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If you want good racing, the clubs and leagues on gtplanet are all great. I dont know any alternative that is as accessible and as supported. Many leagues have multiple divisions and are divided into different lobbies to keep players matched with comparable pace. Pcars and AC are great if you have a wheel but there aren't a ton of players (I dont have a PC so I am basing this off ps4 participation). Gran Turismo leagues are just the best way to go.
Nope. There are great leagues in PCars 2 andNascar Heat 4 . Nascar Heat 4 is actually a good game. I know its turn left BS,but it is really good when you do Trucks and Dirt cars. There are dirt road tracks.
... Hardcore Racers with their own Wheel set-ups, etc. Which I can't have, due to Family Restrictions (Partner/Kids/Grand kids/Dog etc):grumpy:

Maybe consider a wheel with a nice and neat looking folding stand so that it can look nice in a corner of the room when not in use or be folded up and put out of sight in a cupboard.

I'm similar to you in that a dedicated rig is out of the question - at least if I want to stay married! So it has to be a wheelstand. I've been racing online and offline with a Wheelstand Pro and various wheels for 10 years or so. I find family members both young and ancient enjoy trying the wheel at Christmas time and other family gatherings.

I had to switch from a hand controller because I have large hands and was so clumsy with it.

Try talking to your partner about a wheel and stand - my hobby does seem bizarre to my wife and kids, but they have come to accept that racing is something that Dad does from time to time to unwind from work. Your partner might be more understanding than you think - especially if you trade off the value of your toys for treats for her!

I'm careful not to spend too long gaming and reward myself with the odd hour in return for getting my share of domestic and family chores completed.

Game wise I enjoy Project Cars 2 - unlike most people I don't bother with any adjustments and just find cars and tracks that work well on default settings. I never alter my wheel or game settings from one year to the next. (I play this game online and offline)

Asetto Corsa - I love this game for the Maserati 250F historic Formula One cars and the very lifelike feel of the tracks. There are a few other cars that I love, but not as many as in PC2. (I only play this game offline)

Wreckfest - great fun - if you want a bit of escapism then add this to your list. I find it gets my heart pumping, but the loading times are very long - they feel as long as the races, but that helps me to calm down! (I only play this game offline)

Whatever you decide - have fun!
PC has tons of options, particularly if you're open to older retro arcade racing games:

Pole Position
Bump 'N Jump
Virtua Racer
Super Monaco GP
Indy 500
Daytona USA
Daytona 2
Daytona 3
Scud Race
Outrun 2 C2C
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally 2
F-Zero GX
Ridge Racer 1-7
Night Driver for the Atari 2600
Grand Prix for the Atari 2600
Enduro for the Atari 2600
Hard Drivin(complete with force feedback support)!!
San Francisco Rush series
Cruisn USA
CruisN Exotica
California Speed

.....the list is endless!
I'm a long-time lover of all things "Gran Turismo" since the very first incarnation. 👍:cool:
But have been disappointed by the on-line Racing aspect of GT Sport, due to cheats & dive bombers.🤬:grumpy:
As a fan of Motorsports in general, I'm interested in finding another (decent) Racing Game (for the PC or PlayStation) that has Real Tracks / Circuits. :gtpflag:

Was thinking of i-Racing, but it appears to be 100% on-line Racing, plus the monthly subs seem quite expensive if you want everything. Plus all of the videos on YouTube seem to show Hardcore Racers with their own Wheel set-ups, etc. Which I can't have, due to Family Restrictions (Partner/Kids/Grand kids/Dog etc):grumpy:

[HELP WANTED]:bowdown:
So are there any PC / PlayStation 4 Games out there, that you can play off-line, with a Controller, Real tracks & decent A.I. ?

Alternatively, anybody got some room for my Partner, Kids, and Grand-kids ? (I'll keep the Dog). :D

Assetto corsa, Project cars 2,Dirt Rally 2.0, Codemasters F1 games

Assetto Corsa competizione, assetto corsa,raceroom,autombilista, Rfactor2, Project cars 2,Dirt Rally 2.0, Richard Burns rally

And your partner,kids, grand can keep them,the dog can get some room of course...:D
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PC1 is great, with one caveat- the season progression is a howling PITA, with all sorts of extra events. I ran out of patience after my GT4 season- I want to get on w/ GT3, not do 4 rounds of Escort vs. AMG and the like. To be fair, my waning interest in GTS may send me back. (Should I just shell out for PC2?)