Best Sounding Motorcycles

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-> Somehow I can't still shake my goosebumps of hearing that "VTEC Bike" from either the VFR 800 Interceptor or the CB400!

^ That kick 'yo! :D
Ahem the Norton Rotary NRS588 race bike

Brian Crighton's CR700P rotary race bike at Festival of a thousand bikes

Trevor Nation rides the Norton Rotary race bike around Donington Park GP circuit

Gotta love a triple, the intoxicating, enveloping induction howl is just glorious.

Yamaha's crossplane engines get my vote, too - no need to mention that quick-shifters are fun.

The 270° firing interval is golden in general.

To finish, a pair of Guzzi V8s; one flatplane, the other crossplane.

It has to be 15 years ago, but I saw [if I'm not mistaken] a Confederate in Tupelo, Miss. that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Even though I'm pretty sure it was basically a Harley, it didn't sound like any Harley I'd ever heard.
The Confederat P120?
I really don't know. You can probably figure it was '98 or '99.
Then it was probably a First Gen. Hellcat.

Also, DERP'd. Read "15 years ago" as "a couple years ago"
Oh, just responding after seven years.


Not a Hellcat. I think I'd have been able to say with confidence that it was a Hellcat if it had been. They definitely have a...look.

Looking at Confederates, toying with the idea of buying a used one, I remembered this exchange and I'm fairly certain (provided my memory can be trusted) that it was an America GT.


I've heard Harleys with SuperTrapps and it wasn't the same. Maybe it was the combination of the bigger displacement and plate tuning.
Oh, just responding after seven years.
A literal blast from the past 😂😂😂

Looking at Confederates, toying with the idea of buying a used one,

Ooh those honestly are good bikes for the money. Servicing them shouldn't be too much of an issue.

I'm also thinking of buying two bikes; Moto Guzzi Audace:


Basically a sleeker, baggles, deflector-less California 1300.

And a Moto Guzzi V7 Racer Gen III:

Also I'm obsessed with that helmet 🙈

I'm also looking into maybe getting a BMW R18 instead of the Audace.


The only Moto Guzzi Audace in the country is all the way in Saskatchewan. They're kind of rare here :/
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