BMW M4 Coupe 7:24.07 around the Nurburgring Nordschleife

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  1. Filip_Ovik


    I took a lap with the new BMW M4 to see how well it could perform around the Nurburgring. And it did well, 7:24.07 is a very good time for a car like this, but it is too heavy in my opinion.

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  2. Alienware_10


    You seem to have a similar driving style as I do. You are taking the exact same lines. Anyway, great lap and a sick time for this car, you just missed it a bit on the karussell.
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  3. Alex p.

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    Everything stock? If so, then post your time in the Nordschleife times thread please. Quite impressive btw.
  4. Filip_Ovik


    Thanks! Yeah, it was my 2nd lap with the car and I didn't had the time to do another lap, and 7:24 is almost too unrealisticly fast for this car I belive.
  5. Filip_Ovik


    Yes, everything stock. I could have pushed harder but I want it to make it as real as possible. I did this lap when I was drunk in the middle of the night some time:

    Do you have a link to thread you are talking about?
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    Maybe you can beat Mikes time since he's only 5 seconds faster, and this was your second lap, not to mention you were drunk. ;)

    EDIT: Just wanted to make sure you noticed my smiley, and that I was'nt trying to start an argument or something. :tup:
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    thats fast my fastest is 8.14 :(