BMW M8 GTE Race Car to Make Gaming Debut in rFactor 2

Happy bcs of rF2 - even i don't have any PC!

Bcs "big players" would make wonders of it
And pull huge money from people.
Now they can cry...

rFactor, same as GTR, is simple at words, but top sim at play...
I wonder how long it will take to get this race version or road version of the M8 into GT Sport or Forza?

I am confused, I have never heard of rFactor game before but somehow they manage to get this car way before most popular titles like GT Sport, Project Cars 2 and Forza 7.
Rfactor2 doesn’t have great attention here in GTPlanet as other pc sim like AC and pcars. Maybe because it doesn’t have a brilliant next gen graphics, but in terms of physics and ffb has has by far the best and advanced physics/tire model/ FFB in the market and the AI is simply in another league.
It has fantastic DX11 graphics, in my opinion. Also has weather, brilliant night racing and driver swaps.

It is my favorite sim.

I've just bought the endurance pack all are very impressive but the BMW stands out.
The Porsche RSR has monstrous audio and is quite possibly the best recreation to date.
If you have a PC, I highly recommend any of these cars around the free Le Mans 2017 mod at night.

You can also purchase the cars individually if you don't want the pack.
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