Buttkicker amp / Lessons learned

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by cjr3559, Jul 15, 2019.

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    Recently like many others my Buttkicker 130C amp no longer turned on after nearly 2 years of use. After repeated and fruitless troubleshooting I caved and purchased a replacement (another 130C).

    After finding some newer directions on line I discovered a couple things (maybe 3) that I may have missed and thought others may want to know.

    1. On PS4 use an optical audio out with an applicable optical converter. Newer directions say don’t connect via HDMI.
    2. Turn the master power off when finished, don’t leave in stand by mode. I never (or extremely rarely) powered mine off.
    3. And the third is maybe not turning up the volume so high it continually reached max output and clips. Maybe I burned out something, but going forward I will try to keep the volume so the signal stays in the green.

    The reason for the original amp failure could be a number of other things entirely, but after reading about the first two points I realized I may have been inadvertently killing the amp prematurely.