Can I use my GT6 save game data on older install?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by MadDogDean, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. MadDogDean


    Hey all,

    Kind of a convoluted title, but there it is!

    Anyhow, we've been having a problem with 2 cars freezing our system. The Nissan Skyline (the one you win as a First Prize) and the Nissan GT-R Black Edition.

    The trouble is that the GT-R Black is the one used for one of the International A or B driving tests.

    Our internet here is served by a crappy WISP, with blazing downloads of 150 kb/s (when the power doesn't go out!). It will take several days to download all the updates if we do a reinstall (doing a step by step, download, install, restart, etc, etc). The game data is saved, but can we use this game data in-game while doing the updates? Right now we have the 1.22 update, but will the game data work on the, for example, 1.15 update? Or do we have to do ALL the updates before using the game again?

    Hope this wasn't too confusing, but looking for any advice before we hit the big ole' DELETE button!

  2. JakeMR2


    Sounds like your disc might be scratched to the point where it’s affecting the data on the disc. Now some VGT cars and some cars that were new probably won’t work.
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