Can you play FH1 on an Xbox One?

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Oregon, USA
I started playing Forza Horizon too late to experience FH1. I've heard so much good about this game and I want to purchase it soon. I haven't bought the game yet and I want to know if it works on Xbox One, somehow.

All the physical copies I've found are for 360 and it seems the game is built for an Xbox 360.

Is there any way to play it on an Xbox One?

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Don't think you can play any Xbox OG/360 Forza titles on Xbox One and up due to "licensing", or some vague term that know one really knows the real answer to.
I've been playing FH2 (XB1 version) on disc for the last few months because I originally played it on the 360 and really enjoying it despite the grind. Inspired by this thread I found my FH1 disc and put it in my XSX. I didn't have a cloud save so it's back to the start and OMG, it's awesome. I also now have a wheel (G923) to use. Won the Mustang in the first Show then got my yellow wristband. Downloaded the Rally Expansion and I'm well chuffed. Still have a few achievements to complete (the online ones are no longer possible) but this and FH2 will see me over the next few months 👍
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