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Also missed opportunity to reply with the FB RX-7 @Populuxe :nervous:
True, I could have gone that direction, but when I see the FD, I always associate it with all the other great Japanese sports cars of the 1990s. In this case, the Z32 300ZX (which really should have been called the 300Z, both to give it a unique model name (like every Z car before and after), and to show that it was once again a serious sports car after the more grand touring 280 and 300ZXs.) Also, I just didn’t want to get caught in a “let’s post pics of nothing but Mazdas” loop (not that I don’t love Mazdas, but you get my point. This thread’s been a little dull, lately.)

I meant my Porsche pic. Cars are basically twins :D
The FB is a valid choice, but I’ve always considered the FC to be a stylistic hybrid of 924 and third-gen Camaro, which is why I went with it.