Car of the Week 228: COTY GTS Finale

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Sorry I couldn't make it last night...


Just thought I'd let everyone know the Mazda Demio has the best brakes and the most stopping power in the game.
I love the Silvia. It's just so d*** much fun to drive, even without any tuning. Plus it's just fine on SH tires. Great night of racing with some close battles. I thought to try the Honda Integra in the last race at Dragon Trail. That wasn't a good idea. While it turns better than the Silvia, the transmission is geared so poorly I was losing seconds on the long straight and up the esses. The votes for car of the year will be interesting, the Silvia ranks right up there!

Verdict: Sleeper

I was working on that problem but ran out of time before the race. It's still a work-in-progress.

On this American holiday, I am thankful for the international blend of terrific players and drivers that I’ve met through this amazing game and community. We are truly blessed, friends.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! This forum has been amazing and I'm sure will continue to get better as more cars and tracks are released.
I should be up and running soon, internet issues, but I'll be in the lobby sometime soon.

Cheers All :cheers:
Oh yes that's the one I drove from last to first. :cool: Your two humongous arguments as livery could not falter my attention after all.

I should have won the one on the Red Bull Ring in the rain too. But Mustanglover was rather careless (not done on purpose I reckon) and pushed me off track. Grrr. :grumpy:

Anyone uploading this one still? If not, shall I upload it? It's the only one I saved.

Anyway, the T-GT was absolutely worth an upgrade. Weirdly enough I like more how the T300RS feels to this day, but there is no denying the T-GT is MUCH more precise and thus simply a much better wheel.

I was even able to beat Hamiltons time with it on Dragon Trail without TCS. I know now I couldn't do the same with the T300RS.
How do you guys feel about the 1.50 update? It features these cars as you know:

BMW M3 Coupé '03
Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé
RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7
RUF CTR3 '07
TOYOTA 86 GT "Limited" '16

I love that they put in the E46 M3, but at $90,000 it's not a great buy (bought it anyways lol). By far the best addition.
I don't know much about the Jaguar Vision Coupe, way out of my price range.
I don't think we need RE Amemiya as a company, it seems to take up space. I'd rather get an N300/N400 car any day that wasn't modded but Factory Stock than a tuner car - we already have so many Gr.1-Gr.4 cars. I get the tuning part, which leads us too...
The RUF CTR3 looks beautiful and I only have to grind a little to get it. I was unimpressed with Porsche's last EV sedan. I'll be picking it up for sure.

Which leaves us with the 2016 Toyota 86 "Limited" which irritates me. As much as i like the Toyota 86, we already have the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86, why another??? It seems to have some extra grunt which is nice, but it's overall useless.
Selfishly, this could have been an open spot for a Lotus Esprit (or ANY Lotus) or 1994-2001 Mitsubishi GTO MR. I may purchase the Toyota 86 Limited just to see if its worth the difference.

What would you guys like to see more of?

Cheers, and thanks for the uploads! :cheers:
Talking about repeat cars, I'd have preferred to see a later model GTO with that ginormous wing rather than another 86. The Jag Vision is OK if you like wooshy sounds. Since the settings are fixed, except the F/R torque split, it doesn't handle too good. I always wonder why PD puts so much effort into the VGT program yet most all of them handle like a forklift. Actually, I've driven a forklift, and it handles way better than the Honda VGT.
Talking about repeat cars, I'd have preferred to see a later model GTO with that ginormous wing rather than another 86. The Jag Vision is OK if you like wooshy sounds. Since the settings are fixed, except the F/R torque split, it doesn't handle too good. I always wonder why PD puts so much effort into the VGT program yet most all of them handle like a forklift. Actually, I've driven a forklift, and it handles way better than the Honda VGT.

My man! I try so hard to emulate the second gen ones but you can only go so far.

The Bimmer is a great addition though, that one I'm happy about!
Cheers! :cheers:
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Haha, i believe you! Vision cars aren't really my thing. I like cars I can actually own one day off the computer, which is my usual M. O.

I want Lotus badly. For ****s sake, why can't they get a deal with Lotus now when they've had one for years already, including a 2004 Lotus Esprit V-8 Premium which already showed the interior!!!

The Bimmer is a great addition though, that one I'm happy about!
Cheers! :cheers:
I thought everyone might like the Silvia K's Dia Selection (S13).
What's not to like about this car? It might not do anything over the top that makes it stand out over all the N-Class cars but it doesn't need to.
It's just so well balanced in all areas that it makes the Silvia a complete joy to drive. It really surprised me when I tested it out after the update that gave us the Silvia because I was expecting it to drive like the GT6 version and we got something far better.
The 1989 Silvia K's Dia Selection (S13) is a Sleeper for me and it will more than likely exceed ones expectations.


The std. s13 usually is the ugliest in the s13 family... I do like the sil80 or the one-via but that standard S13 slammed in big rims looks pretty decent.
Here's a useless little bit I just realized, this club's been active for 306 weeks so far!!! (And that's just on GT6 and GT Sport, I know there was a COTW on GT5 in some way shape or form so that number's surely higher!)

Anyways, there's another wee thing I'd like to chuck here. I've made it into the finals of the GT4 NZ series, which is a national championship focused on, you guessed it. Gr.4 cars! The action's going down 7pm tomorrow night (Pretty much 24 hours from when I post this message,) so if you're not up to much, why not watch me try to claim the crown against the best of the best? Even SiDawg's going to be there, that should give you an idea of the caliber of driver I'm up against!

This will be the channel it'll be streamed on!

Street livery by jelec22
Gr4 livery by MMXtreme
The Aston Martin V8 Vantage. How elegant. How stylish. How sporty. It'll take you in luxury and comfort over hundreds of miles of highway, yet feels just as at home when your destination is a track day. It's a car that wants you to enjoy its performance while also assuring that it will forgive you for a minor mistake. You may be able to find cars faster than the Aston Martin, or ones that offer more luxury. But you'll be hard pressed to find one that marries the two together so well. Neither Beater nor Sleeper. Iconic.

As for the S13 Nissan Silvia, I always thought it was a very good bang-for-buck car in previous versions of Gran Turismo. And here, it's no different. The Silvia is fun, forgiving, and easy to take around a track. An easy Sleeper verdict for me.
Some say this manufacture has a trident as it's emblem and it was named after this game but all we know is that it's the Maserati Gran Turismo S. This weeks car is chosen by @TonyJZX.

Also as the year starts winding down, begin thinking about Car of the Year and Beater of the Year for 2019.


A Grand Touring car, my favorite type of car!!!

I like JDM cars but can appreciate more exotic machines. My uncle got interested in a 2001 Maserati 3200GT coupe, white, gorgeous. It was too small for him lol!

Looking back I can see the evolution in style they went with way back from those days of 3200GTs to 2020 models. Gorgeous, and IMO, one of the best sounding Italian motors. Ciao!
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Did a 07.45.214 with it on the Nordschleife.

I absolutely love how it looks. Both the end and the front. It also sounds really nice. Its high weight helps it to produce great stability and thus handling. I really, really liked driving it, very easy to drive at the limit. Also it was faster than I imagined. Slightly faster than the V8 Vantage and even the M3 from 2007. Its top speed is the lowest of all the N400 cars probably though (except the Challenger). Well yeah I mean two seconds on the Nordschleife aren't the big difference and my M3 lap could possibly be faster, but still, this car here did really impress me.

Gets a sleeper from me.
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Italy's GT Car!

So last week we had the beautiful Aston Martin, and now we have the smaller yet higher revving Maser Gran Turismo to sample back to back.
My kind of comparison!
The Aston doesn't pull on the Maserati until well over 130mph, but it does, and swiftly. GT cars usually have longer gearing and the Brit has that long end that goes on seamlessly.
The Maserati has a nicer off the line punch. And a better sound. I would also say it handles on par, if not better than the Aston Martin.
Track/mod wise this GT car is one I'd mess with for better gearing, maybe more top end - this car is more of a track car, the Brit, all GT.

Overall I prefer the Aston Martin, especially for its looks, but the Maserati has the sound to make up for a lot.
Solid neutral for me, it does what it's supposed to and is easily adjusted for tracks. The Big Brit isn't as easily throwable, and I enjoy the stability more.

Great picks for these last two COTW.

EDIT: So after driving the Maserati more, I have been in love with it's sound and the way it can be driven at the limit. It's also competitive bone stock and it's tuneability is great.
I still like the Aston better for it's old school GT vibes, but it's not as track ready or as fast through corners.
For these reasons I award the 2009 Maserati Gran Turismo S a Sleeper status!
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Okay lads, ladies, and everything in between.. the lobby is now open! Be warned, she's a heavy old vessel, so nice and gentle on the steering, and watch that rear end!
I love this car. I kind of like it more given that its not that great on paper but it is what it is.

One of my other favourite cars in the C63/CLK63 AMG which is the same type of car to the Maserati but its better in every respect... ie. its lighter, has the incomparable M156 V8 and its way less money to buy and maintain.

However the Granturismo just has something the Mercedes lacks... something a lot of non italian cars lack.

To me this car goes back to GT5/6 where you ran the car in intermediate seasonals... 500pp class.

You didnt need power but you needed to reduce the weight from ~1,750kg to down to something like ~1,425kg.

With the long wheelbase its very stable... you can drive it with a bit of abandon... unlike much lighter cars. It drifts a little but you need to provoke it.

I also feel sad that the next generation Granturismo will go with a 4.0 turbo v8... which defeats the purpose since we're all about those big N/A V8s.

Also as much as I like American and German V8's there's something special about this 4.7 v8. Check out youtube. The sound is unparralleled. Too bad you only get a taster when you choose the car from your garage.


There's also a GT4 series car which would be great to come to Gran Turismo. It also looks the business.

Buy the car. Its worth it. I never got it in the DWG but it doesnt matter its so cheap.

If I had the money I'd rather have this than the AMG c63 we have in the family.

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