Car-specific controller mapping.

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First-off, transmission would not be an option in the menu. It would be on a car-by-car basis. This would serve a couple purposes:

-Add character to each car. Some cars may have MT, AT, MT /w/ clutch, or CVT.

-It can show how much MT or AT may be better than the other. IIRC, it used to be that MTs were better because of their better potential timing, and therefore were better for fuel economy and for performance. (Hence why many EU cars are MT, as I believe it's something to do with the costs of fuel.) Meanwhile, modern ATs are said to be better than MTs in some cases, as the computers involved have improved a lot over the years.

(Also to note: instead of selecting metric vs. imperial for unit readouts, I'd add another option that says "real," which would have the readout depend on the car itself. So the USDM GT-R Premium would use mph, while something like a Peugeot would use kmph.

So the main thing I want to talk about is car-specific controller mapping, and how I think it'd be superior to the "one size fits all" controller mapping typically done from the options. Perhaps only the very basic stuff could be from the options menu - such as acceleration, brake, and steering. But I think a car-by-car controller mapping would be better as it would likely make a superior use of the controller's buttons, and would avoid situations where a car may not have a feature, and therefore the button where it is mapped will not do anything. These features may include the following:

-Clutch (see: Forza's use of a shoulder button)
-Looking (I think using the right stick to look around, including to the back, is enough, versus having a separate "look back" function that's usually mapped to L1.)
-Lights on
-Low-beam vs. high-beam toggle
-Windshield wipers
-Left and right turn signals
-Hazard lights
-Flashing your lights
-DRS/ERS/Super Formula overtake

You could likely imagine a car that does not have one or more of these features. On the other hand, there are not enough buttons to map every function at once to the controller. Which is why I think a car-by-car basis for controller mapping would be a lot better, both for better functionality of the DS4 controller and to add personality to each car.

EDIT: Some things could be automated, too, like windshield wipers. I don't see much being lost with them being automated like in GTS. Similarly, I could see whether the headlights are on/off being automated, being on/off depending on the track's time and weather conditions.

EDIT2: In addition to my thoughts on transmission/TCS/ABS/BB/FM and how they shouldn't be options in stock-spec cars if don't have them stock, I also think there should be additional MFD features. Namely, for cars that can adjust their downforce and/or AWD bias from the cockpit. An example of the latter would be how in NFS Payback, the new BMW M5 can change its bias to either being AWD, or moving it towards the rear on-the-go.
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