Cars are NOT given randomly in GT1 !!!

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    Jesus Luvs U

    Hi everyone,

    First I would like to demystify at least some part of this matter, which concerns "car awarding" mechanism in GT1 and after that I will ask for some help from you guys...

    This thread is slightly related to question posted in this one ( but I will give a take at it from another angle.


    I started GT1 [PAL] on my PS2 console (not on emulator!) recently. And just like the guy from that other thread, I came to "UK vs. US" championship and at win I was ONLY winning *Purple* Concept Car and *Green* RX-7 A spec LM Edition. I saw that same list and the pictures in this forum, that there really are other available colors (*Yellow* Concept Car and *Purple* RX-7 A spec LM Edition) that can be won in that championship!
    For three (3) days I was repeatedly winning that championship, at one (just once!) occasion I won *Yellow* Concept Car (, but for all other times I was just wining *Purple* Concept Car and *Green* RX-7 A spec LM Edition. And there is no way in the world for me to get that *Purple* RX-7 A spec LM Edition ( !!
    At that point I decided to transfer my save game from my MemoryCard to computer. So that I can continue testing the "car awarding" mechanism in emulator (since I can use "save state" option in the emulator which would save my time, because I would not need to drive though the whole championship to see which car I will get and to demystify this system...). But for transferring my MemoryCard data I would need a device to connect my MC with my PC. So I decided to make that from PS1 console and the parallel cable. In the process of making, while measuring pin voltage on PS1 board I've accidentally short-circuited two pins and fried the circuitry that supplies MemopryCard and GamePad ports with power! So it become useless. I got myself another PS console and finished the project, but for some reason the device was not recognized by my PC (it was an old PC which I found next to a garbage container (P4 CPU and 256MB RAM) which still had parallel port, maybe the port was dead :() so I couldn't transfer my MC data in this way!
    But there is this thing called "uLaunchELF" (CD version) which has file browser and you can run it on your PS2 console and transfer your MC data to USB stick connected to your PS2. So, I used this method successfully for MC data transfer! :)


    Once I got my save game in my emulator, I've made "save state" point at the end of the "UK vs. US" championship, right before game decides which car are you going to get.
    IMPORTANT: The point where game decides which car are you going to get is; after you finish the last race in your championship, and before you get to see your championship trophy on the screen, the decision happens when you see your race car spinning for the last time and you have to press "Continue" (after this "Continue" you get your championship prize money and than you see the trophy). So, you make your "save state" in your emulator before you press that "Continue"!

    Now you can repeatedly reload the game form that "save state" point and see which car the game will decide to give to you (if you make your "save state" at any point after you press that "Continue", since the game has already decided on the car after that "Continue", you will always get the same car no matter how much time you reload your "save state", you get the point...).
    I have tested the game repeatedly for about 4 hours (I've watched Jackie Chan movies on my other monitor in the meanwhile ;), this results in hundreds (100's) car awards, and the ONLY two car what I got continuously where *Purple* Concept Car and *Green* RX-7 A spec LM Edition !!! I didn't get the *Yellow* Concept Car even once, although I got it just once before. And *Purple* RX-7 A spec LM Edition was absolutely nowhere in sight!

    Since, I was doing this on my [PAL] (SCES_009.84) GT1, I thought to myself, maybe the [NTSC] (SCUS_941.94) GT1 will act differently. So I loaded in someones NTSC MC save data that I've found on the net (this save data has all championship trophies from "Simulation mode" and bunch of cars, but also no *Purple* RX-7 A spec LM Edition) and booted NTSC game in the emulator. I did the same procedure as described above with my PAL game, and results were the same, EXACTLY the same, just the same two cars (*Purple* Concept Car and *Green* RX-7 A spec LM Edition) were continually rewarded and as in the PAL version, there was NO *Yellow* Concept Car and *Purple* RX-7 A spec LM Edition!

    I've even tried to change the type of the car for use in winning the championship, and even tried to use non race modified car "[R]", and results were THE SAME!


    CONCLUSION 1: Cars in GT1 are definitely NOT just randomly awarded! There are other parameters involved.
    CONCLUSION 2: Car that you drive in the championship will not effect the result of the car that the game will award to you when you win.
    CONCLUSION 3: This system of "non-randomness" is present in both PAL & NTSC versions of the game and it is also present both on the console and in emulator.
    CONCLUSION 4: Since only two cars were only awarded and that was in a random fashion, some randomness, at least in this fashion, is present.
    CONCLUSION 5 (IMPORTANT): Because of the nature of "save state" method used, it only shows the cars which are won it that same exact DAY in the game. Since no mater how many times you reload your game from "save state" and which car you get, once when you reload you go back to that same day in the game, just like in MC reload.
    Now when we take in to the account that I once won the *Yellow* Concept Car, which never appeared in hundreds of my "save state" reloads, it can be safely concluded that "game days" play important role in game's decision making mechanism for win reward car picking! So, in this "UK vs. US" championship case, only one of two possible cars can be awarded in that one "game day". From this it can be concluded, that on most "game days", *Purple* Concept Car and *Green* RX-7 A spec LM Edition, are available as potential reward cars and game makes random decision on which one of those two will be your reward car. But on particular rare periods (something similar or just like used cars change interval) game allows for *Yellow* Concept Car and *Purple* RX-7 A spec LM Edition to be potential reward cars. And If you don't play that particular championship in that particular period of "game days" you will never get the cars in that "rare period colors"! :(
    That's why it seems normal to some people, since they just get it by coincidence (because they hit the right moment) and they are not even aware of rarity of their prize, but others who wont to do it on purpose, can try sequentially for thirty times in a row and still wont be able to get it.


    Since I'm sick and tired of this chase for that *Purple* RX-7 A spec LM Edition, if any one of you guys have it in your [PAL] (SCES_009.84) GT1 garage (as a regular car, not some hybrid), PLEASE, attach that save game data here on this thread so that I can transfer it to my garage! I would be very grateful for that!

    Best regards

    May God bless you (and He will) on your journey to Him, in Jesus's name!
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    I have purple RX-7 A spec LM Edition and also my ConceptCar is neither purple or yellow, it's red.

    How do I get the save file to share? I am playing on ePSXe. No cheats or "hybrid", just normal playing.
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    I know this is YEARS old but I started getting different colors when I changed my game from Spanish to English. Every prize car was different colored from the ones I had. So... Try playing a little EN ESPAÑOL, señores! xD

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