Certain F1 2019 Customizable Liveries Cost $2 Each

Discussion in 'F1 2019' started by GTPNewsWire, Jun 30, 2019.

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    "Slightly updated" is a bit of an understatement. They've overhauled the night time lighting completely, it likely required several engine changes and a hell of a lot of time from the render department just to get the volumetric lighting working before you even consider the re-balancing by the art team or tech artists or the other improvements that came alongside it.
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    I think there's in inherent difference in skipping content that's accessible to anyone within reason and selling things that aren't obtainable any other way. And it also means we won't get full-fledged editors as long as it impacts the money a developer can make.

    It also sets a precedent for other franchises of the same genre. $2 isn't much at all, but its exactly how EA became infested back in 2009, and now they actively try to create an experience that is subpar for those who don't keep investing after purchase.

    But if Codemasters ever becomes a juggernaut, they wouldn't remove them since it was part of their recipe. DR2 already suffers from questionable DLC.

    I'm not up-in-arms about the whole thing, but in the same vein, I have no problem completely ignoring a franchise or developer when I feel like I'm being nickle-and-dimed to get a complete product. And as I mentioned above, 2 bucks doesn't break my bank, its about what it means to the rest of the game, like automatically eliminating the possibility of custom liveries.