Cheap PVC wheelstand/cockpit

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  1. Krue


    The story goes like this, when GT4 launched, I build a wood wheelstand for my Driving Force wheel... the stand was sturdy and made my lap times a loooot faster... link:

    Now, with the launch of GT5 I decided to upgrade my DIY wheelstand (sadly, no enough money to upgrade my DF wheel yet...). My needs for the new wheelstand where:

    1. easy to build
    2. cheap
    3. easy to carry (the wood one has HEAVY, and I need to move everytime I finish playing)

    My decision was then to made it using PVC pipes...

    Here is the construction process and the result:










    The result? cheap! (I think less than 40U$), easy to build, sturdy enough and a lot, lot lighter than my wood one...

    Any thoughts?
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  2. alexleighton

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    It looks pretty good man, I'm not so sure from the pictures about stability but if it works for you then it's fine.

    I will say though that it's worth attaching a chair to it, if you don't have a seat to devote to GT5 make something to be able to attach and detach it.
  3. Krue


    It is very stable... It woobles a little bit when you shake it, but when you're playing, it feels just right, the force feedback and the steering wheel turning is not enought to make it wooble, not even when you're turning agresively.

    I have a chair for it, not a car chair, but a "radar chair" ... gotta take some more pictures to show the chair plus the stand... the geometry, at least for me, is perfect, and as a plus, I can take the chair and use it/store it in any other place.
  4. Gunstar

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    Nice, keeping it old school with the Driving Force!
  5. RSection8


    I also built a full cockpit out of pvc. It is very very stable, I haven't even bothered with taking it apart and glueing it togethor. someday maybe. :)
  6. Krue


    I glued the PVC tubes as soon as I finished the wheel stand... big mistake! had to cut and fix the steering wheel portion of the stand as the geometry was all wrong... it felt awkward and needed lot height and width adjustments... I spent almost the same time fixing it as building it.

    Afterwards, when I tested the stand and found the geometry to be ok and comfortable, I glued it again. :p
  7. Hi

    I just bought the DF Pro, and is amazing.

    Now i made a stand (very cheap stand) of PVC pipes.

    Here is my homemade stand , just to share my work.

    I can disassemble the stand in order to save some room space, and i can push forward the steering wheel base to easily get in/out from the chair

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  8. Guys there is any chance that you can share:

    Kind of tubes you used, Diamenter it looks like 1 1/2 inches but not shure
    Number of tubes and sizes
    number of conectors and kind

    Your stands look great and I want to build one too!
  9. Wow this looks really great man!
    Especially for that budget I cannot argue with that, something Im inspired to do when I get my wheel... which I should start making this right now...

    But the only change is Im going to include the seat that I have in which I found at the wreck from a Honda CRX, sitting at my garage right now. hmmmmmm
  10. Francis Cruz


    I know this is just under 3 yrs in replying but do you have plans and diamentions and parts list needed to make this rig coz I really like it and the fact that it folds is awesome. I hope you can help...many thanks F
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  11. Megalodon

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    The best wheel stand ..... For me as even I am on a budget :p
    As mentioned by someone else what are the parts etc thanks:cheers:
  12. Trimaz

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    I too would be interested in the plans (if possible) for this. It looks awesome. I want build my daughter a racing rig but nothing too serious so I can fold it away when not in use.
  13. Trimaz

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