Circuit de le Sarthe II help?

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What car should I use for Circuit de le Sathe II? (no chicanes) I used the Formula 1 car for the track without chicanes, but the whole advantages was the cars speeds through the chicanes. Sauber C9 was fine until I put it on B-spec (30 sec lead then one hour of B-spec and I was 4 laps down) Please lemme know! Thanks
The problem with this race is that in B-spec there is a glitch that makes the B-Spec driver spaz out on the Mulsanne, usually in between the two chicanes. Your guy probably went berserk a few times while you where away...You where away of course right, while B-spec was driving?

With the Sauber, a stage 4 turbo or stage 5 turbo should guarantee victory due to outright speed on the straight. Make sure to use super hards on rear to help with stint longevity.

Once again though, this all depends on if that glitch strikes or not, and that is the luck of the draw really.
Thanks, I was away and didn't know if the glitch happened, I'd assume so since I went 4 laps down in one hour, I'll defenintly try the turbo.