Comparison between GT6 to GT7 for car PPs

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Negativity aside, just for trivia here, as the PP of the cars in GT7 has been readjusted into a new scale compared to the last time it was used, I'm trying to compare them, within several car categories for the cars that already existed in GT6 before (there were likely small readjustment for GT5 but overall it was similar), there'd be some other lists of the car category here like the GTS/GT7 newcomers (including comparison to a car resembling it previously) or comparable cars (in performance), but the ones that existed in GT6 before takes priority here to compare the scales (of which you can use for newcomers or bonus comparisons). There's also a (quite lengthy) evaluations I get/create between these comparisons, though you can use the conclusion to get through faster points.

Cars that make up the list would be real life cars (other than Ford GT Spec II race cars). And from what I know it seems that PP in Used Cars are the same as the brand new ones.

Japanese "Gentleman's Agreement" Performance

276 "gentleman's agreement" hp level, but cars at least around 230-240 hp can enter too:
BrandModelPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
HondaNSX Type R 1992463522.68
HondaNSX Type R 2002468526.83
HondaS2000 1999428475.45
MazdaRX500 1970474474.31
MazdaRX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) 2002466516.40
MitsubishiLancer Evolution IV 1996442462.95
MitsubishiLancer Evolution V GSR 1998463475.59
MitsubishiLancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition 1999466499.52
NissanFairlady Z 300ZX TwinTurbo 2seater (Z32) 1989440468.28
NissanFairlady Z Version S (Z33) 2007456518.03
NissanFairlady Z (Z34) 2008462511.03
NissanSilvia spec-R Aero (S15) 2002433485.04
NissanSkyline R32 GT-R V-Spec II 1994456502.16
NissanSkyline R33 GT-R V-Spec 1997458504.82
NissanSkyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur 2002472518.89
SubaruImpreza Coupe WRX typeR STi Version VI 1999458458.76
SubaruImpreza Coupe 22B-STi Version 1998456491.28
ToyotaMR2 GT-S 1997435466.86
ToyotaSupra 3.0GT Turbo A 1988429466.13
ToyotaSupra RZ 1997471498.82

HondaCivic Type R (FK2) 2016505.28
HondaCivic Type R Limited Edition (FK8) 2020517.88
MazdaRX-8 Spirit R 2012487.45
MitsubishiGTO Twin Turbo 1991456.59 (GT6's 1995 GTO Twin Turbo PP = 447)
MitsubishiLancer Evolution X Final Edition 2015503.36 (GT6's Premium Package PP = 463)
SubaruBRZ S 2021484.22
SubaruWRX STI Type S 2014495.99
ToyotaCelica GT-Four (ST205) 1994450.55 (GT6's 1998 ST205 PP = 424)
ToyotaCrown Athlete G 2013484.89
ToyotaGR Yaris "High performance" 2020497.94
ToyotaGR86 RZ 2021482.73

Non-JDM cars with similar performance:
BrandModelHPPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
Alfa Romeo4C 2014235-523.79
AlpineA110 Premier Edition 2017248-522.51
AudiTT Coupe 3.2 V6 2003239421462.75
AudiTTS Coupe 2014305-513.97
BMWM3 Sport Evolution 1989234-455.79
BMWM3 (E46)339469 (2004)522.92 (2003)
ChevroletCamaro Z28 1969289450433.01
ChevroletCorvette Stingray Concept 1959314470516.00
ChevroletCorvette Sting Ray Sport Coupe (C2) 1963359 (though in GT6 it had 248hp)429482.69
ChevroletCorvette Stingray Convertible (C3) 1969298455443.72
ChevroletCorvette Stingray (C3) 1969350465488.59
ChevroletCorvette ZR-1 (C4) 1989375475502.60
De TomasoMangusta 1969300-476.08
DodgeSuper Bee 1970335-428.66
Ferrari308 GTB 1976251-471.89
Ferrari512BB 1976354481519.02
FerrariTestarossa 1991382-513.09
FordFocus ST 2015250-491.69
FordFocus RS 2018350-514.34
FordMustang Boss 429 1969374-486.66
FordMustang Mach 1 1971302453430.34
Mercedes-AMGA45 AMG 2013355-518.42
Porsche911 930 Turbo 1981295-494.43
Porsche911 964 Carrera RS 1992250-514.86
Porsche911 993 Carrera RS 1995289-530.44
Porsche911 993 Carrera RS CS 1995295-528.78
RadicalSR3 SL 2011239-521.87
RenaultClio V6 24V 2000229427451.38
RenaultMegane RS Trophy 2011261440482.38
ShelbyGT350 1965306454449.86
VolkswagenScirocco R 2010252438498.07

The PP between the cars on Japanese Gentleman's Agreement ("276hp" or around it) performance level on GT6 sits around 440-470 PP (up to lv. 7 in GT5, very rarely for lv. 8 though), though it can stretch down until 420 (seems none of the cars around 250hp reach 440, and most "276hp" cars start at around 440 with few exceptions like Supra A70). While for GT7, it's now sitting around 490-520 PP, though it can stretch down until 450.

Now NSX is the JDM that has the highest PP between others (the only one that reached 520), both the pop up and facelift ones (albeit currently both are Type R version), seems make sense that NSX was the unbeatable one between JDM fight in GT1 (Normal Car Cup), of which standard NSX had quite low PP in GT5/6, sitting at 440-450 range (and Type R would be the only one that is on higher end but not that high).

Supra RZ is usually made as one of the faster JDMs in GT as well as various video games, and it sits at 471 in GT6 scale which is on higher end among the cars here, but now... it's 498.82, so it's lowered to a more average level at GT7 scale compared to the JDM here as Skyline R34 (also usually one of the faster JDMs) which still sits at almost 520.... Supra is now lower than even R32/R33 (of which the latter'd be its main Nissan rival in GT1).

It's odd that here 350Z surprasses 370Z in PP, 370Z is almost universally acknowledged as superior one in performance. 370Z seems to sit in a steady place of it going from a bit above 460 in GT6 scale to a bit above 510 in GT7 scale. It seems that also at 518.03 (close to 520), 350Z is too overrated here or there's a mistake in 1 where it should be 508.03.

Some of the older "276hp" level JDM cars had reeeaally low PP rating here compared to the others, like GTO Twin Turbo, sitting at 450-460 range. Even lower than the 250hp range cars (which is why I put them here too) like S2000 or Silvia spec-R (though dunno if Silvia's also raised here from 433 in GT6 scale before, still not reaching 490, in comparison MR2 is now lower than S2000).... but not Celica GT-Four though which is the absolute lowest here (and it's a newcomer in '94 version, is it even lower than the already low '98 version before?).

And it seems that some of the other older JDM cars had their PP lowered like Evo IV, Impreza Coupe (of which those had 440-450 range in GT6 before, having similar number as that in GT7 like Impreza would mean it's lowered in GT7 scale) but not 22B, and to a lesser extent 300ZX and Evo 5. This even extends to RX500 too, which was higher than most JDMs in GT5/6, but now is below RX-8.

The foreign "276hp" level cars (though some can have up to 380hp) had mostly similar PP range as the JDMs.... but there can be notably impressive ones between them; 4C and A110 had around 240hp (of which the JDM had none of them reaching 440 in GT6/490 in GT7).... yet both beat all "276hp" level JDMs except NSX Type R '02!

For a car that is mainly known as a supercar (albeit later Japan also got GT-R and NSX on supercar territory), Corvette and 911 had quite surprising number of their roster being on "276hp" level here, albeit the classic ones, and Porsche had a really exceptional one with a car that even reached 530 in Carrera RS 1995 (the only one).

The classic cars among the non-JDM ones here had their PP go even lower than the JDMs above, like the muscle cars that actually had average PP on GT6 such as Camaro Z28, of which those had around 430 PP in GT7 scale. Corvette Stingray Concept is a big exception to stay at higher scale at 516 PP. Some other classics also got hit by this like Corvette Z-R1 at 502.60 PP in GT7 scale (not among higher ones too). Testarossa had lower PP than 512BB (which was previously the only one to reach 480 before here), and it being listed here I guess that's the reason why NSX was considered Japanese supercar of matching Testarossa.

Hot hatches that held some of the biggest hp (around 350) in Focus RS and A45 AMG aren't fast among its hp range (well that also answers the question regarding GR Supra not being here), but they're still among the higher one between the cars here.

Scirocco R's PP seems to be raised on "276hp" level cars more, being similar to Evo VI now. Previously it didn't reach 440 like cars such as MR2 GT-S (243hp).

PP range:
  • GT6: 440-470, can expand lower to 420.
  • GT7: 490-520, can expand lower to 450 (430 for several muscle cars).
Cars with increased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • Honda NSX Type R 1992: 463 → 522.68.
  • Honda NSX Type R 2002: 468 → 526.83.
  • Nissan Fairlady Z Version S (Z33) 2007: 456 → 518.08.
  • (slight) Nissan Silvia spec-R Aero (S15) 2002: 433 → 485.04.
  • Volkswagen Scirocco R 2010: 438 → 498.07.
Cars with decreased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1969: 450 → 433.01.
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3) 1969: 455 → 443.72.
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C3) 1969: 465 → 488.59.
  • Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 (C4) 1989: 475 → 502.60.
  • (slight) Ferrari 512BB 1976: 481 → 519.02.
  • Ford Mustang Mach 1 1971: 453 → 430.34.
  • Mazda RX500 1970: 474 → 474.31.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV 1996: 442 → 462.95.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR 1998: 463 → 475.59.
  • Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX TwinTurbo 2seater (Z32) 1989: 440 → 468.28.
  • Shelby GT350 1965: 454 → 449.86.
  • Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX typeR STi Version VI 1999: 458 → 458.76.
  • Toyota MR2 GT-S 1997: 435 → 466.86.
  • Toyota Supra RZ 1997: 471 → 498.82.

Other sport JDMs

BrandModelPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
HondaCivic Type R (EK9) 1997390413.38
HondaCivic Type R (EK9) 1998391414.35
HondaIntegra Type R (DC2) 1995407431.35
HondaIntegra Type R (DC2) 1998408436.24
MazdaEunos Roadster NA 1989358364.32
MazdaRX-7 GT-X (FC) 1990406437.14
Nissan180SX Type X 1996409442.77
NissanFairlady 240ZG (HS30) 1971378385.17
NissanSileighty 1998411449.80
NissanSilvia Qs (S13) 1988359365.20
NissanSilvia Ks Dia Selection (S13) 1990392399.89
NissanSkyline KPGC10 GT-R 1971370376.56
SubaruBRZ S 2015406428.31
SuzukiSwift Sport 2007350386.73
Toyota2000GT 1967373386.73
ToyotaCorolla Levin GT-APEX (AE86) 1983360356.96
ToyotaSprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) 1983359356.77
ToyotaSprinter Trueno Shuichi Shigeno Edition434506.29

MazdaRoadster (ND) S 2015403.09
NissanFairlady Z (S30) Z432 1970392.23
SubaruBRZ STI Sport 2018451.55
SuzukiSwift Sport 2017410.46
Toyota86 GT 2015428.68
Toyota86 GRMN 2016463.69
Toyota86 GT "Limited" 2016431.21
ToyotaSF-R 2015399.83

Doing this one only to fiil on the blanks (regarding JDMs, and only some of them). The PP between other JDM sport cars on GT6 sits around 350-370 PP for lower level performances, while the higher performance ones sit mostly around 390-410 PP. While for GT7, the higher performance ones sit mostly around 400-430 PP (more on the lower level performances below).

Classic JDMs here make up a good bulk of the lower level performance cars here (like AE86 and NA Eunos), and in GT7, their PP rating for pretty much all of them are still similarly big (small) as GT6 ones or even lower (like Silvia Qs S13 going from 359 to 365.20).... that'd mean the classic JDMs had all of their PP lowered in GT7, now they're even lower than Swift Sport '07! The range for the lower performances here in GT7 is still similar to GT6's numbers of 350-380 PP.... but if the number is similar to GT6 here, it'd mean those are even lower in the entire scale overall.

Though some of the classic "276hp" level cars above had really low PP at 450 range, mostly cars that has a bit more than 200hp didn't reach 450 range, like RX-7 FC and 2015 86/BRZ which sits at 430, among the higher one for cars here, and for non-JDM example, Golf GTI '14 had 442.87). BRZ STI Sport is one of the exceptions though, reaching 451 which'd mean it's higher than Celica GT-Four ST205's and is close to GTO Twin Turbo '91. 180SX and Sileighty also had really high one here to reach 442 and 449 respectively.

There's also 86 GRMN that had it reaching 463 and 434 PP respectively, though those cars are quite outlier here, the professionally tuned ones which'd have their performance on 240hp range despite that they had around 200hp. It's even better for AE86 Shuichi Shigeno, already had 434 PP (MR2 GT-S level) on GT6 scale, and unlike other classics, it got even higher here at 506 PP, now surpassing even Supra RZ. It always had "276hp" level performance on both games, just that technically its hp is 207.

Swift Sport '17 performs quite decently here, significantly higher than the 2007 version and is close to the likes of Civic Type R EK.

PP range:
  • GT6:
    • Lower performance: 350-370.
    • Higher performance: 390-410, highest is 434.
  • GT7:
    • Lower performance: 350-380.
    • Higher performance: 400-430, highest is 463.69.
Cars with increased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • (slight) Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC) 1990: 406 → 437.14.
  • Nissan 180SX Type X 1996: 409 → 442.77.
  • Nissan Sileighty 1998: 411 → 449.80.
  • Toyota Sprinter Trueno Shuichi Shigeno Edition: 434 → 506.29.
Cars with decreased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • Mazda Eunos Roadster NA 1989: 358 → 364.32.
  • Nissan Fairlady 240ZG (HS30) 1971: 378 → 385.17.
  • Nissan Silvia Qs (S13) 1988: 359 → 365.20.
  • Nissan Silvia Ks Dia Selection (S13) 1990: 392 → 399.89.
  • Nissan Skyline KPGC10 GT-R 1971: 370 → 376.56.
  • Toyota 2000GT 1967: 373 → 386.73.
  • Toyota Corolla Levin GT-APEX (AE86) 1983: 360 → 356.96.
  • Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) 1983: 359 → 356.77.


BrandModelPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
Aston MartinOne-77 2011580626.05
AmuseS2000 GT1 Turbo 2005594662.80
BugattiVeyron 16.4 2013639664.38
ChevroletCorvette ZR1 (C6) 2009574603.81
ChevroletCorvette C7 2014526571.92
CitroenGT by Citroen Road Car560589.03
DodgeViper SRT10 Coupe 2006534571.63
DodgeViper GTS 2013566592.16
Ferrari458 Italia 2009559609.35
FerrariEnzo 2002584662.80
FerrariF40 1992528603.13
FerrariF430 2006540591.70
FordGT 2006567597.47
LamborghiniAventador LP700-4 2011583628.15
LamborghiniDiablo GT 1999556593.28
LamborghiniMurcielago LP640 2009552608.79
McLarenF1 1994608642.02
McLarenMP4-12C 2011581620.56
Mercedes-AMGSLS AMG 2011560587.86
Mercedes-BenzSLR McLaren 2009576595.32
PaganiHuayra 2013623675.03
ShelbyCobra 427 1966536558.18

Entry level/the close calls:
BrandModelPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
Alfa Romeo8C Competizione 2008500555.72
AmuseNISMO 380RS SuperLeggera 2008502552.80
AudiR8 4.2 2007516558.54
BMWM3 2007488533.76
BMWZ8 2001485535.74
DodgeChallenger R/T 1970490463.78
DodgeViper GTS 2002516554.20
FordGT40 Mk1 1966521549.94
LamborghiniCountach LP400 1974510543.95
LamborghiniCountach 25th Anniversary 1988511521.93
LamborghiniMiura P400 Bertone Prototype CN.0706 1967512547.93
MaseratiGranTurismo S 2008489539.40
TeslaModel S Performance 2012492519.49
TVRTuscan Speed 6 2000496565.98

Newcomers (both supercars and the entry level ones):
Aston MartinDB11 Coupe 2016578.52
Aston MartinV8 Vantage S 2015552.73
BMWM4 Coupe 2014562.15
ChevroletCamaro SS 2016553.13
ChevroletCamaro ZL1 1LE 2018621.24
ChevroletCorvette C7 ZR1 2019641.08
DodgeCharger SRT Hellcat 2015591.34
FerrariF50 1995609.28
FerrariF8 Tributo 2020687.89
FerrariF12berlinetta 2013634.16
FerrariGTO 1984547.17
FerrariLaFerrari 2013738.46
FordGT 2017621.11
FordMustang GT 2015536.26
FordMustang Shelby GT350R 2016574.53
GReddyFugu Z 2015542.20
HondaNSX 2017577.49 (GT6's 2013 NSX Concept PP = 552)
JaguarF-Type Coupe 2014566.18
LamborghiniAventador LP750-4 SV 2015665.71
LamborghiniHuracan LP610-4 2015624.44
LamborghiniVeneno 2013692.07
LexusLC500 2017544.80
LexusRC F 2014543.64
McLaren650S 2014629.52
Mercedes-AMGAMG GT S 2015577.06
Mercedes-AMGAMG GT R 2017595.02
Mercedes-AMGAMG GT Black Series 2020663.11
Mercedes-AMGC63S 2015571.90
NissanGT-R 2017587.02 (GT6's 2012 Black Edition PP = 546)
NissanGT-R Nismo 2017619.07 (GT6's 2014 GT-R Nismo PP = 574)
NissanZ Performance 2023536.87
Porsche911 GT3 (996) 2001551.66
Porsche911 GT1 Strassenversion 1997635.18
Porsche911 GT3 RS (997) 2009579.76
Porsche911 GT3 RS (991) 2016633.12
PorscheCarrera GT 2003621.72
PorscheTaycan Turbo S 2019601.73
RUFCTR3 2007661.05
ToyotaGR Supra RZ 2019535.74
ToyotaGR Supra RZ 2020545.61

Track-based cars:
BrandModelPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
Aston MartinVulcan 2015-756.36
FerrariFXX K 2014-812.30
McLarenP1 GTR 2016-797.00
PaganiZonda R 2019630781.64
Porsche917 Living Legend 2013-818.03

BrandModelPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
BACMono 2011-641.37
HondaProject 2&4 powered by RC213V 2015-555.12
KTMX-Bow R 2012555600.17

The PP between the supercars on GT6 sits around near 530 (like F40's 528) to 630 PP, though the majority are between around near 530-580 PP (cars ranging from lv. 11-15 in GT5), as the ones that had more than 600 are few ones which outclass regular supercars like Huayra. While for GT7, it's now sitting around 570-690 PP, with the exception of LaFerrari that outclasses everything (not the track-based cars) at 738.46.

While the cars on the entry level here (I put those there as cars like Viper GTS '02, Countach, and R8 4.2 also can be viewed as supercars by some, and there are several cars around those performance level even if those aren't viewed as supercars) here had PP ranging from around near 490-520. And in GT7, the PP for those cars are between around 530-560 (I'd get below for certain classic cars here).

In general, there are more cars that surpassed 630 PP in this game compared to cars that surpassed 590 PP in GT5/6 before, with more cars above 700hp coming like Aventador SV, AMG GT Black Series, or F12berlinetta. Though GT7 for now still doesn't have cars in previous games such as Cerbera Speed 12 (618 PP) or even Cien (589 PP, lv. 16).

With cars like One-77, Aventador, and MP4-12C sitting in around 580 PP for GT6 scale and around 620 PP for GT7 scale, it seems that around 620 would be the equivalent in GT7 for lv. 15 supercars in GT5. The PP of cars like Murcielago LP640 and 458 Italia are more average (nearing 560) in GT6 and in GT7 they didn't reach 620 though passing 600, so that'd mean those 2 likely had similar PP scale in both GT6 and GT7 as well (with LP640 being raised a bit perhaps), with F430 sitting in 591.7 for a car with 540 PP in GT6 scale.

Which'd mean some previously higher end PP cars (lv. 14-15) like Ford GT '06, SLR McLaren, C6 ZR1, Viper GTS '13, and GT by Citroen have their PP rating lowered for GT7, to be around 540-550 range for GT6 scale. There are other lowered cars in SLS and FT-1 as well. In the past I asked about Lamborghini's PP being low (as well as Mercedes being really high), I guess this is addressed in GT7 for the Mercs. NSX 2017's PP here is also really on the lower end compared to NSX Concept 2013 in GT6 before.

Despite the lowered PP for C6 ZR1, the C7 version of ZR1 still had really high PP, higher than C6 ZR1 was in GT5/GT6 (on par with McLaren F1's). Though dunno about ZL1 Camaro having PP on the higher end here. Modern muscle cars here in general are rated higher than I expected like Charger Hellcat too.

Other than Diablo GT or Countach 25th Anniversary, other classics here have really high PP, unlike most of the other classic cars. F40 had its PP significantly raised, from what's originally lower end (like C7 Corvette here) PP in GT6 scaling to above 600 in GT7 scaling (likely in 550-560 range in GT6 scale), with F50 being no slouch too for its specs. Then 911 GT1 had higher PP than Carrera GT. Enzo's already been on the higher end in GT6, but now, it's raised even further, surprassing even McLaren F1 (a lv. 17 car in GT5.... tbh I think Enzo's probably overrated here).

While Zonda R had a bit higher PP than Huayra in GT6, seems that the track-based cars had their PP remarkably raised, now even far higher than the supercars here, sitting at around 780-810 range (other than Vulcan at 750, still far higher). I guess this applies a bit too to road cars like S2000 GT1, 911 GT1 above, or cars like 911 GT3 (991), really high for 491hp car.

Likely for opposite reason too Veyron's PP is lowered in this game (Huayra rose from 623 to 675, but Veyron had higher than Huayra before in GT6 at 639) with its really heavy weight and cornering. Though still higher than most supercars, now even several supercars around 700hp range match/beat Veyron like AMG GT Black Series, Veneno, or F8 Tributo.

The ones that didn't reach 500 PP in GT6 had them mostly sitting at 530 range, while those that reach 500 PP had them sitting at 550 range, and would mean 8C and 380RS are raised to Viper GTS '02 and R8 4.2 level more. But the one that has biggest increase so far is Tuscan Speed 6, now it's at 565.98 which'd mean it's higher than the aformentioned R8 too.

Tesla Model S was firmly on the entry level category before while now it's lowered that it's not even above 520... now it being on "276hp" level cars instead. Apparently it applies to Countach too, similar to the other classics above, the GT7 PP number only increases slightly from the GT6 one.. that'd mean Countach's PP is lowered in GT7 (and only applies on 25th Anniversary, not LP400 one). Challenger R/T is even worse, just like the muscle cars in "276hp" level cars above, now its PP is on lower scale of "276hp" level in GT7. Cobra 427 is still on supercar level but is downgraded into entry level among cars here.

Putting ultralight cars here just for a reminder that those cars are way more than their hp number and that X-Bow being OP in GTS was purely due to the N-Class division only taking hp when PP wise X-Bow is on par with supercars, and it applies to Mono and to a lesser extent Project 2&4 as well, with Radical SR3 SL as the exception for now.

PP range:
  • GT6:
    • Supercars: near 530-580, can expand higher to 630.
    • Entry level: near 490-520.
  • GT7:
    • Supercars: 570-690, 620 seems to be the equivalent of 580 in GT6, more cars surpassing 630 here.
    • Entry level: 530-560.
Cars with increased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione 2008: 500 → 555.72.
  • Amuse NISMO 380RS SuperLeggera 2008: 502 → 552.80.
  • Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo 2005: 594 → 662.80.
  • Ferrari Enzo 2002: 584 → 655.89.
  • Ferrari F40 1992: 528 → 603.13.
  • (slight) Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 2009: 552 → 608.79.
  • Pagani Zonda R 2019: 630 → 781.64.
  • TVR Tuscan Speed 6 2000: 496 → 565.98.
Cars with decreased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 2013: 639 → 664.38.
  • Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) 2009: 574 → 603.81.
  • Dodge Challenger R/T 1970: 490 → 463.78.
  • Dodge Viper GTS 2013: 566 → 592.16.
  • Ford GT 2006: 567 → 597.47.
  • (slight) Ford GT40 Mk1 1966: 521 → 549.94.
  • Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary 1988: 521 → 521.93.
  • (slight) Lamborghini Diablo GT 1999: 556 → 593.28.
  • Mercedes SLS AMG 2011: 560 → 587.86.
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2009: 576 → 595.32.
  • Shelby Cobra 427 1966: 536 → 558.18.
  • Tesla Model S Performance 2012: 492 → 519.49.
  • Toyota FT-1: 544 → 581.46.

Race cars (multiple types)

Racecar typeBrandModelPP (GT6)PP (GT7)
Super GT500HondaNSX GT500 2008564804.29
Super GT500LexusSC430 GT500 2008571803.08
Super GT500NissanGT-R GT500 1999571727.55
Super GT500NissanGT-R GT500 2008577804.22
Super GT500ToyotaSupra GT500 1997582729.42
GT3BMWZ4 GT3 2011592723.46
GT3Mercedes-AMGSLS AMG GT3 2011610735.91
GT3NissanGT-R Nismo GT3 2013609725.06
GT2BMWM3 GT 2011569725.22
Group CJaguarXJR-9 1988680894.72
Group CMazda787B 1991678877.38
Group CMercedes-BenzSauber C9 1989691878.35
Group CNissanR92CP 1992688880.60
GT1BMWMcLaren F1 GTR Race Car 1997630840.76
GT1Mercedes-AMGCLK LM 1998655830.82
LMFordGT LM Race Car Spec II626752.71
LMFordGT LM Spec II Test Car614760.06
LMMcLarenF1 GTR - BMW 1995618772.10
LMPAudiR18 TDI 2011626898.75
LMPNissanGT-R LM NISMO 2015655904.53
LMPPeugeot908 HDI FAP 2010676926.87
LMPToyotaTS030 Hybrid 2012615917.65
Sports PrototypeChaparral2J 1970663874.74
Sports PrototypeFerrari330 P4 1967591732.33
Sports PrototypeFordMark IV Race Car 1967588708.53
Sports PrototypeJaguarXJ13 1966582704.53
Sports PrototypeShelbyCobra Daytona 1964535539.64
DTMAlfa Romeo155 2.5 V6 TI 1993524673.89
Pikes PeakAudiSport quattro S1 Pikes Peak 1987633688.06
Group BPeugeot205 T16 Evolution II Rally Car 1986540678.44

Racecar typeBrandModelPP
Super GT500HondaNSX CONCEPT-GT 2016855.95
Super GT500LexusRC F GT500 2016852.48
Super GT500NissanGT-R Nismo GT500 2016853.38
Super GT300SubaruBRZ GT300 2021735.94
GT3AudiR8 LMS 2015754.99
GT3AudiR8 LMS Evo 2019752.84
GT3BMWM6 GT3 Endurance Model 2016732.16
GT3BMWM6 GT3 Sprint Model 2016732.15
GT3DodgeViper SRT GT3-R 2015756.21
GT3Ferrari458 Italia GT3 2013747.12
GT3LamborghiniHuracan GT3 2015754.41
GT3LexusRC F GT3 2016721.38
GT3McLaren650S GT3 2015728.23
GT3Mercedes-AMGAMG GT3 2016740.97
GT3RenaultR.S.01 GT3 2016739.61
LM-GTEPorsche911 RSR (991) 2017726.54
LM-GTEToyotaGR Supra Racing Concept 2018726.04
IMSAFordGT Race Car 2018734.82
GT4PorscheCayman GT4 Clubsport 2016649.43
GT4ToyotaGR Supra Race Car 2019640.47
Group CPorsche962 C 1988877.36
LMPAudiR18 2016924.12
LMPPorsche919 Hybrid 2016936.52
LMPToyotaTS050 Hybrid 2016927.85
Sports PrototypeAlpineA220 1968605.00
Sports PrototypePorsche917K 1970755.51
DTMAudiTT Cup 2016638.80
Open WheelGran TurismoF1500T-A909.02 (GT6's Formula GT PP = 880)
Open WheelSuper FormulaSF19 Dallara/Honda 2019976.09
Open WheelSuper FormulaSF19 Dallara/Toyota 2019976.09

As it's clearly seen, the race cars have their PP drastically increased in this game. Many race cars in GT6 before had their PP around supercar levels (520-580) like Group B in 540 and Super GT500 (except Z GT500 '06) sitting around 560-580. Or a bit higher than that (but lower than supercars like Huayra) such as GT3 in 590-610 range. Though their lv. to unlock in GT5 was higher than those supercars despite similar PP range (like Super GT cars are unlocked in lv. 18-20). The exceptions are the race cars that are blatantly superior to supercars or just pretty much most other car type, like Group C (around 670-690).

But now.... hoo boy. GT3 (and other touring divisions except GT4 and GT1) sits around 720-750, old Super GT cars are in around 720, newer Super GT cars are around 800, turbocharged Super GT cars (the 2016 ones) are around 850, the "3 unicorn" cars are around 700, other touring cars like GT4 (CMIIW regarding this division) and DTM are around 640 or 670, Group B is around 670 so far (too small examples for now to assume for Pikes Peak, of which Audi quattro S1 is one), Group C is around 870-880 so far (based on C9), LMP is around 890-930.

For overall racecar category, Super GT, or the LM groups like GT1, Group C, and LMP's PP are raised compared to other race cars. Newer Super GT's PP also now surpass GT3's, by some margin too, opposite to GT6 ones. There's also the difference between CLK or F1 GTR with cars like GT LM Spec II. For the open wheel cars, there's the talk below.

That'd mean supercars that would beat race cars now in PP are similar to the ones that'd beat Veyron above, which'd mean only few newer bigger power (700+hp) ones. And that's for lower level of race cars like DTM. For the rest like GT3, only LaFerrari the supercar that touched their range, and barely at around 738.46. The track day cars like Zonda R or FXX-K seem to have similar increase to race cars here though based on Zonda R's previous GT6 PP (630). Between the tuners at "Other sport JDMs", the track day cars, and all the race cars, seems PP now takes greater significance over track performance (and Racing Soft Tyre is the tuning part that gave biggest increase in PP), and the higher level to unlock race cars in GT5 seem to make more sense here, albeit the PP scale for car types here are different.

I guess despite that all race cars PP are greatly increased, there are some lowered PP for older classics again. Supra GT500 '97 was one of the higher GT500 cars in PP before (582), beating all the GT-R GT500 '08's PP (577). Now the older GT500 cars are seem to be clearly on lower level than the newer cars, the former being around 720 and the latter being around 800. As well as the LMP cars (890-930) compared to Group C (870-890).

The turbocharged Super GT cars surpass even the GT1s like CLK and F1 GTR. Super GT car's PP for one generation are now closer too compared to the ones at GT5/6 (NSX GT500 had low PP compared to its rivals there, now it's only few number difference; 803-804 for 2008 and 852-855 for 2016). Newer Super GT300 cars also has surpassed the older GT500 cars too, and on GT3 level, expected considering the GT300 grid, well BRZ GT300's power is 478hp so it'd be close on Supra GT500 and GT-R GT500 '99 had.

Now the test version of GT LM Spec II (black) wins over the actual race version (white) of it instead. F1 GTR's PP is also bumped up to surpass CLK and closer to the Group C cars.

So far I'm confused between the PP of the available open wheel cars currently, F1500T-A had 909.02 PP, which puts it at LMP level. While Super Formula cars had 976.09 PP, which IS higher than the LMPs including 919 Hybrid. Which I guess, would be also an older classic case of its PP being lowered for F1500T-A? (like it being the Supra GT500 '97 to Super Formula's GT-R GT500 '08 among GT500) Overall if Super Formula's PP represents the F1 car's PP in GT5/GT6, then it means F1-like car PPs are still the highest among race cars, but some race cars have the PP raised to be closer to it like LMP (older F1 cars being enough to be surpassed by it).

Other than the 3 "unicorns", if those cars I mentioned as Super Prototype are really all in the same category (CMIIW), then it's the most random and varying racecar type here. Chaparral 2J had much bigger power (694hp) and a PP close to C9 (though it was a bit lower to Group C in GT6 too before). And 917K also had bigger power (598hp) and +50 difference in PP to the 3 "unicorns". 330 P4 is also actually higher compared to the other 2 at 732. And for one another thing, Cobra Daytona is a huge outlier here that it's not only had its PP reduced, but also doesn't get even increased PP like other race cars (barely higher than GT6's PP, which'd mean it's the only one drastically lowered).

PP range:
  • GT6:
    • Super GT500: 560-580.
    • GT3 (and other touring cars): 590-610.
    • Group C: 670-690.
    • GT1: 630-650.
    • LM: 610-620.
    • LMP: 610-670.
    • 3 unicorns: 580-590.
    • DTM: 520 (until 560 in GT6).
    • Group B: 530-540.
    • Open wheel: 870-890.
  • GT7:
    • Super GT500: 720-800.
    • Super GT500 (turbocharged): around 850.
    • Super GT300 (newer), GT3, and other touring cars: 720-750.
    • Group C: 870-890.
    • GT1: 830-840.
    • LM: 750-760.
    • LMP: 890-930.
    • 3 unicorns: 700-750.
    • GT4: around 640.
    • DTM: (so far) 630-670.
    • Group B: (so far) around 670.
    • Open wheel: 970, lowest at 900.
NOTE: All race cars have drastically increased PP (also increased to get closer to F1 cars), so the following's talking about the increased/decreased ones compared to the other race cars.

Cars with increased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • Audi R18 TDI 2011: 626 → 898.75.
  • (slight) BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car 1997: 630 → 840.76.
  • (slight) BMW Z4 GT3 2011: 592 → 723.46.
  • BMW M3 GT 2011: 567 → 725.22.
  • (slight) Chaparral 2J 1970: 663 → 874.74.
  • Ferrari 330 P4 1967: 591 → 732.33.
  • (slight) Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car: 614 → 760.06.
  • Honda NSX GT500 2008: 564 → 804.29.
  • (slight) Jaguar XJR-9 1988: 680 → 894.72.
  • Lexus SC430 GT500 2008: 571 → 803.08.
  • Nissan GT-R GT500 2008: 577 → 804.22.
  • Nissan GT-R LM NISMO 2015: 655 → 904.53.
  • Peugeot 908 HDI FAP 2010: 676 → 926.87.
  • Toyota TS030 Hybrid 2012: 615 → 917.65.
Cars with decreased PP (speculation, GT6 scale → GT7 scale):
  • Nissan GT-R GT500 1999: 571 → 727.55.
  • Shelby Cobra Daytona 1964: 535 → 539.64.
  • Toyota Supra GT500 1997: 582 → 729.42.

Cars which info (like PP) hasn't been found yet (at least by me) is left blank temporarily, but the ones that has none (like PP for cars not in GT6) is given '-'. All current cars in GT7 has been collected here, but this'd be continued for newly added cars in the game.

1/4/2022 (not an April Fools):
  • Added PP for:
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs): Renault Clio V6 24V 2000.
    • "Other Sport JDMs": Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) 1983.
    • "Supercars" (entry level): Lamborghini Miura P400 Bertone Prototype CN.0706 1967.
  • New cars added:
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs): De Tomaso Mangusta 1969.
    • "Supercars" (entry level): Dodge Challenger R/T 1970.
    • "Supercars" (newcomers): Ferrari GTO 1984.
    • "Supercars" (ultralight): Honda Project 2&4 powered by RC213V 2015.
  • Changed PP for:
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs): Ferrari Testarossa 1991.
  • Moved cars:
    • Radical SR3 SL 2011: "Supercars" (ultralight) → "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs)
  • Added/changed some of the Evaluation for the new changes.

  • Added PP for:
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement": Subaru Impreza Coupe 22B-STi Version 1998.
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement": Toyota MR2 GT-S 1997.
    • "Other Sport JDMs": Nissan Fairlady Z (S30) 240ZG 1971.
    • "Other Sport JDMs" (newcomers): Nissan Fairlady Z 432 1969.
    • "Supercars": Shelby Cobra 427 1966.
    • "Supercars" (entry level): TVR Tuscan Speed Six 2000.
    • "Race cars": BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car 1997.
    • "Race cars": Mercedes-AMG CLK LM 1998.
  • Removed cars:
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs): BMW M3 1989 (212hp).
  • Added/changed some of the Evaluation for the new changes.

  • Added PP for:
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement": Mazda RX500 1970.
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs): Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept 1959.
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs): Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C3) 1969.
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement" (non-JDMs): Dodge Super Bee 1970.
    • "Other Sport JDMs": Nissan Sileighty 1998.
    • "Other Sport JDMs": Toyota 2000GT 1967.
    • "Other Sport JDMs": Toyota Sprinter Trueno Shuichi Shigeno Edition.
    • "Supercars" (entry level): Lamborghini Countach LP400 1974.
    • "Race cars": Nissan GT-R GT500 1999.
    • "Race cars": Jaguar XJR-9 1988.
    • "Race cars": Mazda 787B 1991.
    • "Race cars": Nissan R92CP 1992.
    • "Race cars": Porsche 962 C 1988.
    • "Race cars": McLaren F1 GTR - BMW 1995.
    • "Race cars": Alpine A220 1968.
  • New cars added:
    • "Japanese's Gentleman Agreement": Subaru BRZ S 2021.
    • "Race cars": Subaru BRZ GT300 2021.
  • Changed PP for:
    • "Supercars": Ferrari Enzo 2002.
  • Added/changed some of the Evaluation for the new changes.
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For some new cars that have appeared recently, the first edits for this post have been made.


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I think a huge question is what tires are used to generate the PP for a car. I think this could explain the jump for many cars. for instance, what if GT6 used the tires that came stock on the car and GT7 uses the best tire available? Not sure that is the case but it might explain some of the change.
Setubal, Portugal
Previous GT games only took into account aerodynamics, power and weight.

GT7 takes into account everything from tyres (one of the components that impacts PP the most), to suspension settings, to LCD settings, brakes...

The only things it doesn't is Hybrid Power and NOS.
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Another update for some new cars. And damn Tuscan Speed 6's PP really skyrocketed...
I think a huge question is what tires are used to generate the PP for a car. I think this could explain the jump for many cars. for instance, what if GT6 used the tires that came stock on the car and GT7 uses the best tire available? Not sure that is the case but it might explain some of the change.
Admittedly, it's true that among the tuning parts, Racing Soft Tyres is the part that gives the biggest PP boost, but like, not as big to bump it from 600 to 800 for instance. To compare with a supercar..... even giving an engine-swapped RX-7 that has 707 PP (989hp, so it's a bit higher than Veneno) the Racing Soft Tyres won't have its PP surpass 2008 Super GT500 (and 707 PP would be significantly higher to GT500's PP on GT6 which is a bit lower than MP4-12C that has 621 in GT7):


I guess it'd be far more than just tyres, though it can be tried to equip less performance tyres on the race cars.
Previous GT games only took into account aerodynamics, power and weight.

GT7 takes into account everything from tyres (one of the components that impacts PP the most), to suspension settings, to LCD settings, brakes...

The only things it doesn't is Hybrid Power and NOS.
There are more changes that I talk about here other than road car vs race cars, like for example the classic cars which tend to get lowered PP, especially the muscle cars, or some supercars that were kinda overrated in PP before like SLR, or NSX becoming the highest among JDM like GT1, etc. And even among the race cars like Super GT now surpassing a good number of other race cars like GT3.
Now all current cars in the game have been added here.

There seems to be changed PP for Enzo (even higher...), lemme know if there are other updated PPs for the cars listed here.