**COMPLETED** SNAIL-Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge: Season 1 Champion: Rob BrownFinished 

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Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge
Special Event #2
at LeMans
Results and Photos
Alright gentlemen, great racing to everyone who made it on the grid last night. Alot of good racing, along with a good mix of strategy made it a successful and fun race event:cheers:. Sorry to see @Herimopp89 lose connection...certain he would have been in contention toward the end.

To all of our guest drivers for the night,


Was great having you all join us for the event last night.:cheers: You all are welcome on the grid for special events anytime. With that said, the season series is only 3 races in with 7 of 10 races left to go. The 6 top scores are kept for the standings. The season series could use a few more Reserve drivers. Any of you who would like to be put on the Reserve list to be eligible to race on season race nights, please post here in the thread. I will pm you with a welcome message and instructions regarding Reserve driver processes. Hope to have you fellas join us for more action.

Here is the Scoresheet for the LeMans event:

And Pictures:

Next Series Season Event #4 is at Spa on Friday, November 15th at 9pm. Confirmation post will be out this Wednesday. Looking forward to racing with everyone then.
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@Roman_GT23 has been added to the Reserve Driver roster. Please see the November Reserve Driver Newfeed pm that was sent to you to review the process, and be ready to reply availability when the Confirmation post is out this Wednesday or you are welcome to confirm your availability for the next event early at any time. You will be a Platinum Class driver for the series when you race. Please add and save all Platinum Class (black number plate) liveries to your collection to have ready when needed. Looking forward to racing with you again.
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For some reason I cannot add you to the Reserve driver PM. Do you have an updated gtplanet I'd, or need to update profile setting to allow pm's. Let me know. I will try to forward as much info as I can via psn to keep you up to date if you are still interested in racing with us as a Reserve. Let me know.
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I don't know if you did or not but don't forget to put me on the reserve list also.
Awesome, I'll get you on there tonight. Will you be available if needed on the 15th for Event #4. If so, I'll note you as 2nd Reserve for this Event. Let me know, and glad to have you.


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Awesome, I'll get you on there tonight. Will you be available if needed on the 15th for Event #4. If so, I'll note you as 2nd Reserve for this Event. Let me know, and glad to have you.

Yes I will be. So far there is nothing scheduled as far as work goes for that night. If something does come up I will let you know immediately.
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Season Event #4
y, November 15th, 2019
at 9:00pm est
Confirmation Post
To all Drivers tagged in this post, please confirm your status by posting here in the thread or via PSN message that you "will" or "will not" be racing by 5pm Friday (race night) to secure your grid spot and/or to adhere to the absentee policy.
Below are links for easy reference for policies, procedures, and series information for anyone who needs them.

Confirmation and Absentee Policy

Reserve Driver Process and Information

Qualifying Procedure

1st/Main Porsche Cup Challenge Post-All.necessary info is here

A reminder to the Reserve Drivers: open/available grid spot priority on race night is given to the Reserve drivers who confirm their attendance first. Whether you confirmed early, or after the Confirmation Post is posted, your confirmation of availability date and time will be referenced for priority on race night.

Anyone with a 👍 has been confirmed and noted to be present on Friday November 15th. Everyone else, please confirm, here in the thread or via PSN message, that you "will" or "will not" make it no later than 5pm est Friday November 15th. *Please reply either way*

Looking forward to our next race at: November 15th, 2019, Event #4 at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
<<(Link has all Race Night Information to set up for practice.) See you all on track.:cheers:

👍= will be present
(X)= notified of absence
(?)= Questionable

Primary Driver List
👍 @llNovall
(X) @thracerviewr
👍 @Rob Brown
👍 @TEX36
👍 @Raw10_2u
👍 @basswerks1
(X) @vsfit Retired from series
👍 @nmcp1
👍 @Fudman420
👍 @pags
👍 @CPT_RowdyGiff
👍 @Phlano099
👍 @Drummer79
👍 @Moby45

👍 @DesertPenguin
👍 @SlvrOnyx

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