**COMPLETED** SNAIL-Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge: Season 1 Champion: Rob BrownFinished 

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TomMang_68 of NGT Motorsport has reported off for Event #10. @Bologna_Duc is our 1st Reserve confirmed available and will be filling in with the No. 23 NGT Motorsport Porsche. Good luck and see you on the grid.:cheers:


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Event #10

April 17th, 2020
at Fuji F Speedway
Driver's Briefing

It is Race Day fellas!!
All drivers tagged below have confirmed and are expected to race tonight giving us a full 16 car grid for the second event in a row. As many of you who stay up on the thread already know, there has been some more driver turnover since our last race at Suzuka. @GTP_Guido, a staple within the series has retired due to the strain of such a late European race starting time...he will be greatly missed on the grid. @Noob01_lmdead has accepted the vacant NGT Motorsport slot driving the bright yellow No. 27 Porsche. @USERID_77a23 requested transfer from the primary list to the Reserve roster so we may still see him on the grid again. @PrivateSmiles stepped up and accepted the seat in the No. 52 Kelly-Moss Porsche, but will be using the bright orange livery in place of User's purple car. Welcome to those 2 drivers onto the primary roster, and good luck on your continued effort in the series. Also, we have picked up a new driver entry @MBarry on the Reserve roster to join us when available and needed. Welcome, and good luck on any events you are able to race.:cheers:
TomMang_68 has reported absent and will not be attending Event #10, therefore, we will have @Bologna_Duc filling in driving the No. 23 NGT Motorsport Porsche.
One primary driver has yet to confirm his race entry for tonight. If not confirmed by 5pm est, @MBarry will be joining us for his inaugural race of the series. Be on stand by and ready.

@Rob Brown has been promoted to the Platinum driver Class and with @TEX36 and @DesertPenguin will continue to try and maintain their team points lead, with Flying Lizard Motorsports and ACI Motorsports making moves to close in. The team and driver standings, which are close among the top 3 are heating up as expected, and should only get more interesting as the series draws to a finish over the next 3 events. The Championship could very well come down to the very end. Good luck to all teams and drivers:cheers:

Fuji F is expected to induce some very intense racing tonight. With it's long straight away, corners that offer multiple lines and approaches, and that final corner that can win or lose a race, it should be an great event tonight. I expect there will be battles all over the grid as has become the norm all season long among this competitive group of drivers.

Drivers are reminded to be patient in the opening laps, especially at turn 1, observe their lines, and continue the amazing racecraft that has been showcased within this series.

Race Room opens for entry and warmup at 9pm est. Please verify you are on the correct tires and in the correct livery. All entries must be in before qualifying which is set to start at 9:15pm est.
(Primary Party Chat will be opened just before the room creation)

**Please be reminded that the grid will be set manually after qualifying to allow drivers to return to the lobby to perform the "NO ABS Bug" work around. See below:
1.) After qualifying, exit track to lobby, but do not cancel your entry (green check mark must stay selected)
2.) Go to your "Options" icon, change/verify your desired settings
3.) Go to "Members List" at top of the screen to verify everything is right.
4.) Wait for race to start.
This sequence must be done before race 2 as well, so repeat the steps above between races. (No need to cancel entry)**

GRID for EVENT #10 at Fuji F Speedway

@Rob Brown
@Kevin Barrett
@MBarry (2nd Reserve)

Event #10 Race Details and Confirmation Post

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Its official, @gulfvet67 of Kelly-Moss R&R has not confirmed attendance for tonight's event.

@MBarry, it's your grid spot for tonight. Outfit your car with the Platinum No.73 Kelly-Moss R&R livery (Black number plates), and have the Race Hard tires mounted.

Race room opens at 9pm est for warmup/practice until qualifying starts. Hood luck and see you on the grid.


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Can't wait for the race reviews and photos!

I was laughing all the way through Turn 1 that first race, I couldn't believe so many people got collected in that as I cautiously breeze into first place. And then I have two lapses in concentration and go down a few places. Johnny got a nice redemption for Race 2 though, as we had a nice battle towards the end with him coming out ahead due to those crazy last few turns. Now to watch all the pros and streamers race on YouTube/Twitch.

Formula E is having its first event, The Race is doing something with pros at noon EST, and I'm sure there's gonna be more later today and tomorrow. The circumstances are unfortunate but it seems there's more racing to watch now than ever, albeit virtual.
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Event #10 at
Fuji F Speedway

Congratulations to @Roman_GT23 on the overall and hard fought win at Fuji for Event #10. :cheers: Great job.

Fuji, as expected, delivered some very intense and very challenging racing. Reviewing the replays, there were many amazing passes, defensive strategies, and just tough battling. Myself, I spent most of my night racing and battling @Roman_GT23...taking positions and losing positions, with @Noob01_lmdead or @MBarry stalking my rear number.
Battles were plenty across the field, and for the most part clean. That's not to say perfect, as there were plenty of victims to the long braking zones and challenging corners of Fuji. Some missed braking points, and blown lines in corners can be found in the replays, but overall looked to be racing incidents. With that said, if any drivers feel like an incident needs a review, please submit your IR per the instructions in the first post. I ask that drivers please view the incident(s) from multiple views and from multiple driver vantage points. Sometimes what we thought was an incident during the race is proven to just be incidental contact and nothing more. Use your judgement and submit if you feel it is necessary for review. Drivers have until 8pm est Monday to submit an IR.

Below is the scoring for Event #10. Lap times and pace overall across the field was pretty close, and the driver and team standings are beginning to take shape. The final 2 events will likely decide our Season Winners.

First batch of Event #10 Photos from Fuji by @GCimprezaFTW. Nice Job:cheers:

Lastly, our next event on the schedule is: Event #11 at Kyoto Driving Park-Yamagiwa+Mayabi on Friday, May15th, 2020, 9pm est

Drivers are welcome to confirm their status for this event at any time, and the Event Details Post and formal Confirmation Reminder Post will be out be out in the coming weeks.

See everyone on the grid at Kyoto.:cheers:
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@Fudman420 of JDX Racing has retired from the series. @MBarry has accepted the seat as a primary driver in the No. 3 JDX Racing Porsche.

Also, @gulfvet67 was a no report/no show for Event #10 and will be placed on the Reserve roster. The open primary spot has been accepted by @Bologna_Duc who will take over the Kelly-Moss R&R No. 61 Porsche seat.

Good luck to both of you, and see you at our next event.
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Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge

Event #11, Friday
May 15th, 2020
at Kyoto Driving Park

Race Event Settings and Details

Track: Kyoto Driving Park-Yamagiwa+Mayabi
Time of Day: 11:30
Conditions: Fine Weather
Race1 Laps: (17 laps/40+min), Fastest First
Race 2 Laps: (17 laps/40+min), Reverse Grid

'16 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Tuning Permitted

Target lap time spread: 2:22.5-2:24.5

Linked for Reference
SNAIL- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Qualifying Procedure

-Above are all the Event #11 details for anyone who would like to get an early jump on some practice/lapping sessions.
-Confirmation to Attend Post/Reminder will be posted to the thread by Friday, May 8th. Please look in on this thread and reply here or via psn.
(Any Drivers who wish to confirm attendance early may do so at any time).
Reminder: Reserve driver priority is based on date and time availability was confirmed.

See some of you for the other scheduled Friday night Cup events, and the rest if you on Race night.